The start of a horrible life

Avalon, Cameron and Hugo Maplewood's parents died and abandoned them. They don't have a good life. When they go to a new guardian's house, their life starts over until Cameron disappears, and they find out a very interesting secret about their life.


2. chapter 1

The Maplewood children were just about the most unique children you will ever find. Each one had a quality that suited them perfectly.

Avalon, age 13 and the only girl child, loved sports, especially basketball. She had a basketball pillow and a basketball net in her part of the bedroom. Although she enjoyed basketball, Avalon's favourite hobby was decoding secret messages.

 Hugo was the middle child. He was 16. He loved cheeseburgers and soccer but most of all, he loved to create maps. He was also amazing at reading them.

Finally, Cameron Maplewood, age 19 and the oldest of his siblings. Cameron's favourite thing to do was to invent new gadgets and doodads.

Mr.Maplewood died in a car accident when the teenagers were little and their mom had ran. The maplewoods moved to live with a distant relatives that all mysteriously disappears. The teenagers could have lived by themselves, but Mrs.maplewood left a note before running away saying they have to stay with a realtive until cameron reached the age of 25. In this story they are going to visit a new relative.

"Where are we going?" asked Avalon.

"To your fifth cousin nine times removed's house." reploed Mr.Jones. Mr.Jones was the children's neighbor and he was driving them to their new guardians.

"Where does he live?" hugo asked.

"It's a SHE and she lives in Calgary, Alberta."explained Mr.jones. as hugo and avalon asked question after question, cameron sat and stared out the window and watched Alberta fly by as they drew closer and closer to the worst time of the Maplwood's life. Cameron kept watching until the car took a sharp turn and all three children wre jolted back.

"I'm sorry kids, but we almost hit a cat so i had to turn hard. Also i almost forgot we actually had to turn there."said Mr.Jones. Avalon sighed in relief and looked out the window as the car drove into a very ugly house in an ugly part of the city.

"Calgary is so is so big and weve been driving in it for so long!" Hugo complained.

"It's only been 40 minutes and we are here." Mr.jones pulled into a big house just infront of a huge mountain.

"Woah" said Avalon.

"Woah is right." Agreed Cameron, finally speaking.

"I'm glad u like it." said a chunky but nice looking lady. "hi, Mr.jones." she said.

"hello mrs.jeroll." replied mr.jones.

"Hi mrs.jeroll." said the teenagers in unison.

"Oh kids," mrs jeroll said "dont be silly, call me bonnie." Now let me get you a snack while mr jones brings in your bags."  she said, giving Mr. jones a sharp look. Bonnie took the teenagers into her mansion.

"We're not kids."whispered Hugo to his sister.

"I know but we can't be rude on our first day. Thats a second week thing." said avalon. "Wow, this is a really nice house Mrs- I mean Bonnie."

"Why thank you." she replied. and Avalon sure was right. along the walls were portriats of Bonnie and a man that the teenagers guessed was her husband. Each room was bigger and fancier than the last, and flowers were everywhere. There was only one thing in the house that made the teenager's jaw drop and that was the dead body of the man in the photos hanging in bonnie's living room.

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