Give me Love

continuation of the unforgettable summer. Aly and Harry are working on their long distance relationship. That means late night phone calls, not seeing eachother for months and dealing with rumors the press starts. This seems all too much to handle, but can they work through it?


4. you're the only thing i see, baby please come home to me

“So Harry, I feel awkward asking this” Alys cousin, Marisa started asking “but are you Harry as in Harry from one direction?” she asked calmly

“Yes I am” Harry chuckled

Marisa laughed

“What did you think he just looked like Harry from one direction and his name just so happened to be harry, but he’s not the same person?” Krysta teased with a laugh

“I didn’t want to be like oh well he has an accent, he has curly hair and his name is harry so he must be harry styles” Marisa joked back

“Oh you’re in a band?” Alys Uncle Adam asked

“Yes sir” Harry said politely

“oh that’s cool, good luck with that, it’s hard getting big these days with a band, I used to be in a small band when I was younger, we played at a bar once, so keep trying” Her uncle said politely

“dad, He’s from one direction, as in one of the most popular bands right now” Marisa said “ and popular meaning they won 3 vmas”  Marisa explained

“Oh wow, I feel stupid” uncle Adam chuckled embarrassed

“No, no it’s fine” Harry laughed

“So, Christian how’s your mom” Aunt Lisa asked

“She’s good, I think she’s stopping over later” Christian said wiping his mouth with a napkin

“Oh I didn’t know that” Alys mom said

“Ding ding” Alys phone went off; it was a text from Harry. Aly held her phone under her lap, under the table to avoid giving her mom a reason to yell at her

“Hey cutie, come here often (; “he wrote

Aly looked at him and laughed and wrote back “sorry I already have a boyfriend (; “she joked

Harry held his phone under the table and texted back “really? That’s too bad, well I at least want to know if he’s hot.”  He chuckled as he wrote

Aly smiled “yeah, he has the cutest curls and these cute lil dimples, and the hottest smile” she smiled as she wrote

Harry read it with a smile and playfully nudged her “oh stop” he joked

Alys phone went off again

“Are you really texting Harry while he’s sitting right next to you?” her sister wrote

Aly turned and looked at krysta “yup, he started it though” she laughed

Dinner was over and everyone helped clear the table for desert.

“I’m going out for a smoke before desert” Christian said

“We’ll come with you” Aly said and Harry followed her out

“You still smoke?” Aly asked as she stood under the tree

“No” Christian said sarcastically as he lit his cigarette “these are candy cigarettes” he teased

“shut up’ Aly said as she pushed him playfully

“Greg seems to be a swell guy” Chris said sarcastically as he puffed smoke out

“Ugh don’t get me started” Aly said “I don’t see how he could act like he’s annoyed you guys came, he not even a part of this family” Aly said annoyed

“Yeah that tree is more part of the family then him” Christian said chucking his cigarette “remember we used to climb that tree all the time?” Christian said walking back inside while Aly and Harry stayed outside.

“I almost forgot about that” Aly smiled “we used to climb this tree all the time”

“Come on” Harry said putting his foot on one of the branches and started climbing

Aly laughed and followed him up the tree and they leaned against a strong branch just staring at each other.  “I wish you didn’t have to go tomorrow” Aly said scraping her foot against the tree

“I know, but I’ll see you soon” Harry said pushing the hair out of her face and kissed her

“Aly is that you in the tree!” she heard from a distance and looked around to see who it was

“Yah yah!” she screamed with excitement and jumped down from the tree. She saw her aunt and Tristan walking down the street.

“Tristan!” Aly yelled

“Aly!” the little boy yelled and ran towards her and hugged her

“I missed you bud!” she said and gave him a kiss on his cheek

“I missed you too” he smiled

“Guess who I brought with me?” Aly smiled

“Who?” he asked excitedly

“Look over there” Aly pointed to Harry who had just jumped down from the tree

“Harry!” Tristan yelled and ran for him

“Hi Aly” her aunt said as she hugged her

“Hi yah yah” she said as they her Tristan and harry laughing in the background

“So that’s harry?” her aunt smiled as she looked over at harry

“Yeah that’s him” Aly said as she turned around to see harry spinning Tristan around as they laughed

“Chris told me about him, he’s a keeper” her aunt smiled

“I know” Aly smiled as they watched Harry and Tristan play.

They walked back in the house, Tristan hanging from harrys back.

Everyone sat down for dessert, the table was covered in different pies, cookies, and cakes.

“what do you want babe?” Aly asked handing him a plate

“I don’t know, doesn’t look like theres a lot of choices” he joked

“want some cake?” Aly smiled as she scrapped some icing off the cake and wiped it on harrys cheek

Harry chuckled and wiped it off with his finger and ate it “mm yeah ill have that”

After dessert everyone sat at the table talking, Tristan sitting on Alys lap while she, Tristan and harry joked around laughing.

Aly checked her phone. We should probably head to my house now. Aly said

“okay” Harry smiled and they stood up, Aly holding Tristan.

“I don’t want you to go” He said sadly

“ill see you soon bud’ She said as she hugged him

Aly and Harry said goodbye to her relatives and Christian walked out with them, Tristan holding his hand.

“Well harry you survived meeting her family, if you survived that you can handle anything” Christian joke “then again you are dating Aly so you’re set” he teased

Aly laughed and hugged chris “I’m glad you’re back, bud” she said

“me too, be careful” Christian said

“bye t,” harry said as he bent down to hug him

“bye, harry. Tell zayn I said hi okay and that I still wear the hat he gave me, I just wasn’t allowed to wear it today” he smiled

‘I will buddy” he said as he opened the car door for Aly.

Aly waved at Tristan as harry hopped in the car and pulled away

“well that was fun” Harry smiled

 “sorry” Aly smiled with her head down

“no really it was fun, I like your family” he said as he grabbed her hand

“I think they like you too” she smiled as they drove to her house. 

Aly and Harry sat with her family and laughed like they had the first night harry stayed over, and it was less drama then at her mom moms, thankfully. 

“hey dad, would you mind driving me to the airport tomorrow morning to say goodbye to harry” Aly asked

“sure, you have to leave tomorrow harry” her dad asked

“yeah, back to London” he said

“well come back any time” Her dad said as he started clearing the table, leaving Aly and harry and the table by themselves. “really, anytime” Aly smiled

“I will, babe” he said and kissed her, smiling “ I should get going though, I have to pack some and you should get some sleep” he smiled

“okay” aly put her head down sadly

‘hey dad im going to walk harry out” she called into the kitchen

“bye harry! Nice having you” he called

“thank you for having me” he called as he and aly walked out the door, hand in hand to the car.

Aly turned and gave him a long hug.

“ill see you tomorrow morning” he said kissing her.

“okay” she smiled sadly.

She watched Harry get into his car and pull away, as she waved until he was no longer in sight.

The next morning aly woke to her alarm, it was 6am. She got up and put her hair up in a slopping bun and put on a pair of navy sweatpants and a white hoodie.

“you ready aly?” her dad called down

“yeah ill be up in a minute” she said checking her phone

“morning, babe ill see you soon! (: “ harry wrote

She smile, but at the same time a lump formed in her throat. She hated saying bye to him.

Aly and her dad drove in silence to the airport as the rain poured down. Aly walked into the practically empty airport and spotted harry leaning against one of the colums, his hands in his pockets as he looked at the ground. Aly walked over “morning handsome”  she smiled

“I’m sorry , Im waiting for my girlfriend’ he smiled and hugged her, a tear rolling down her face as she hugged him. He pulled away, tears coming down his face.

“ill see you soon okay?” he said through the tears

“skype date tonight?” Aly smiled as tears poured down her face

“ill be there” he smiled as he hugged aly, and kissed her cheek.

“now you call me, anytime and if I don’t answer leave cute little messages like you did before” Harry smiled

“I will” she smiled

“and whenever you miss me, just call okay” he said moving a piece of hair out of her face.

“okay” she said as she gave him one hug and kiss goodbye.

He looked at her and smiled “I love you”  he said as he started walking away

“I love you too” she smiled as he walked backwards and then turned around, walking away. She watched him until she could barely tell it was him and she took out her phone

“hello” he said

“ I miss you” she smiled

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