Give me Love

continuation of the unforgettable summer. Aly and Harry are working on their long distance relationship. That means late night phone calls, not seeing eachother for months and dealing with rumors the press starts. This seems all too much to handle, but can they work through it?


9. We're looking for something dumb to do

“Babe, it’s time to get up” Harry whispered as he kissed alys cheek.

Aly rolled over “not yet” she said in her groggy voice

“Yes now” he chuckled

“No” she said with a chuckle

“Yes” he said gently rolling her over to face him making aly laugh

“Good morning” she said as he gave her a cheeky grin

“Good morning” he said and kissed her and began tickling her making her laugh

“Stop” aly said laughing, but he continued laughing along with her

“Please stop” she said laughing

“Well since you said please” he said lying next to her

“So what time do we have to go to that shoot thing, today?” she asked still smiling

“Around 2 or so, which means we have 3 hours until then” he said checking his watch

“What shall we do till then?” she smiled

“Well I really should work out, at least a little, it brings out my muscles in pictures when I exercise before a shoot” he said flexing his muscles, making aly giggle “but I don’t wanna get out of bed” he said putting his face in the pillow

“But you just made me get up” she chuckled “come on ill help you” she said climbing out of bed

“How are you going to help me?” he said sitting up in bed

“Well what do?” she smiled standing at the edge of the bed

“Basically I just do sit ups and pull ups on the bar hanging for the door” he said pointing to the bar hanging from the door way

“Okay well hold on let me go brush my teeth then I’ll help you” she smiled heading into the bathroom. After she came out harry was finally sitting on the edge of the bed

“well it’s a start to you getting out of bed” she smiled “come on we’re doing sit up” she smiled and rubbed his hair as she walked by him and sat on the floor and harry got up and sat on the floor across from her

“Okay now what?” he asked cheekily

“Okay make the front of our legs touch” she smiled and moved in front of harry so that their legs were touching

“Wait music first” he said quickly getting up then resuming where they left off “marry you’ by Bruno mars coming on shuffle

“okay now lay on your back and we just do normal sit ups” she said laying down then lifting up her and Harrys faces just inches from each other

“I like this game” he smiled giving her a kiss then laying back down then lifting back up for another kiss, doing this for the next 20 times, smiling each time they rose up to see each other. On the last one harry put his hands gently around her face and kissed her as he smiled

“Okay pull ups now” she said and harry stood up the grabbed her hands and pulled her up

“Okay is this as good as the sit ups?” he chuckled grabbing the bar

‘Maybe” she smiled standing at the bottom “okay now pull up” and he pulled himself up then back down. When he came back down aly stood on her toes and kissed him for the next 20 times he came down

“Okay your turn” harry chuckled

“Look at these arms” she smiled showing hi her arms “I have no muscle” she laughed

“Here” he said holding out his hands “stand on my hands” he smiled cheekily “now grab the bar” Aly grabbed the bar and harry began lifting her up and down

“I don’t think these counts” Aly laughed

“I won’t tell” he laughed and kept lifting her until she did 20 pull ups.

Harry gently put aly on the floor  “now I owe you 20 kisses since I lifting you” he said putting his hands on her head and began kissing her all over her cheeks, her forehead and she laughed as he kissed her furiously. Suddenly “old time rock and roll” by bob Segar came on shuffle

“I love this song, I never could do the thing when you slide on the floor though” she laughed

“Come on!” he said taking her hand “okay stand here” he said when they got to the edge of the bed

“Okay” she giggled then harry ran out into the hallway.

“Ready?” he called from the hallway with a laugh

“Yup” she chuckled. Harry suddenly came running in, sliding on the hardwood floor

Aly leaned over from laughing so hard

“Okay your turn” he said pulling her hand into the hallway

“Okay” now just run and stop.

Aly run into the room and stopped, sliding on the floor

“You did it!” harry said excitedly

“I did!” aly said and began to dance to the song and harry came in to join her. Harry started doing the sprinkler and aly bent over again from laughing as the song ended

“Just think, you’re stuck with me like this for 2 more weeks” he smiled

“I know” she smiled as harry phone went off

He walked over to the night stand “oh hey Louis, okay, okay we’ll be ready” he said then hung up

“The van is coming to pick us up with the guys” he smiled

“Well we should probably get ready then shouldn’t we?” aly asked

“That would probably be a smart thing” he smiled

Aly got a shower first then blow dried her hair while harry showered, she put on a hot pink and black plaid shirt, black leggings and her black uggs

Harry quickly got dressed wearing his ivory colored sweater and jeans; fixed his hair and they headed down the stairs just as there was a honk outside. They headed out the door to the van and harry opened the door to the van with the boys inside

“Aly!” they all yelled excitedly

“Hey guys!” she said smiling as she climbed into the van

Niall, zayn and Liam sitting in the row of seat behind them, then Louis and Eleanor sitting behind them

Aly gave Niall, zayn and Liam a hug “hi im Aly” she waved to Eleanor “oh so sorry” Louis said

“Aly this is Eleanor, Eleanor this is Aly” Louis said

“Nice to meet you, love” Eleanor waved and smiled politely “nice to have another girl in the car for once” she smiled

“Everyone buckled up” the driver asked

“Yes” they all said then drove off to the photo shoot, talking and laughing at random things. Finally they pulled into a gated parking lot and they all piled out

“We have to wait a few minutes, were a little early, they are finishing another photo shoot.

“Alright” Zayn said then walked over and picked up a snowball, throwing it at Niall

“It’s because im Irish, isn’t it?” niall chuckled then ran to grab snow

Louis and Eleanor walked over and gave Aly a hug “since we couldn’t give you one in the car” Louis chuckled

“Oh I love your jacket, where did you get it?” Eleanor asked

“Oh, thanks, I got it from American eagle” Aly smiled

“I love that store, I always shop there, have you ever been to jack wills?” She asked

“No I haven’t “Aly smiled

“We should go shopping one day, I’ll take you to all the shops around here, and they have really cute things” she smiled

“Sounds good, just tell me what day” Aly smiled

“Maybe tomorrow? We could go Christmas shopping togetha?” she asked politely

“Perfect” Aly smiled

“Great! I’ve been looking for a girl to shop with, Louis just doesn’t cut it sometimes” she said as she pushed Louis playfully

“Is this your first time at one of these photo shoots” Eleanor asked politely as Louis walked away to join in on the guys snow ball fight

“Why is everyone aiming for me” harry shouted to the guys

“Yeah, I have to admit im a little nervous, meeting all these people and all” Aly said looking at the ground

“oh don’t be nervous, love, everyone is so nice, Lou Teasdale is so nice and little lux is with her too” Eleanor smiled “I was nervous too, but that feeling goes by quickly, you can stick with me while the boys are getting their pictures taken, but you’ll love it” Eleanor said which took away some of the nervous feeling in her stomach

“Okay boys they’re ready for you” a guy announced sticking his head out of the door

The boys walked in and Eleanor walked over to Louis and took his hand as they walked in together. Harry walked over and put his arm around aly

“Ready, babe?” harry asked with a smile

“Yup” she smiled and they walked in, Harrys arm still around her.

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