Give me Love

continuation of the unforgettable summer. Aly and Harry are working on their long distance relationship. That means late night phone calls, not seeing eachother for months and dealing with rumors the press starts. This seems all too much to handle, but can they work through it?


21. up all night with you

Chapter 21.

“Hey harry, aly come here” niall said

Aly and harry followed him back to where they had dropped their duffle bags just a few moments ago. They walked into the room where they were bombarded with nerf darts from Louis, Liam and zayn.

“Let the war begin” Louis said with a cheeky smile

Aly, harry and niall grabbed dart guns from the duffle bag and grabbed handfuls of darts and shoved them into their pockets and began shooting each other, laughing. Aly and harry ran out the door and around the underground of the arena, laughing as they kept shooting. Aly ran ahead of harry who was being shot by his band mates, when she reached the door they started at she saw lux standing there smiling with excitement, aly picked her up from behind and started running, lux squealing with excitement as she ran.

“Run” harry said with a laugh just a few feet behind her, the boys close behind him

“Wait!” aly said and turned around and put lux down to face the boys and handed her her dart gun

“Here, lux, shoot” she smiled handing lux the toy gun and lux began shooting the boys with the gun

“Oh, no” zayn said and ran, Liam, Louis and niall following him with lux running slowly behind them laughing. Harry and aly ran next to her

“Get them, lux, get them” harry smiled making lux squeal

Lux hit zayn and zayn playfully fell to the ground “oh no you got me” he said with a laugh. Lux climbed on top of him and kept shooting him, laughing

“I surrender!” he laughed

“Lux why have gone and beat up uncle zayn for?” Lou laughed picking the toddler up “alright boys let’s get you ready for sound check” Lou said gesturing them into the dressing room

“Aly, could I bother you to watch lux?” Lou said with a smile

“Yeah of course” taking lux from Lou “come on lux lets go play in the area” aly smiled and grabbed lux’s ball off the ground

Aly walked on the floor of the arena and put lux down, handing her her ball. Lux threw it on the ground and rolled it, then quickly chased after it. Aly sat down on the floor and lux rolled her the ball with a giggle

“Ready?” aly smiled and rolled the ball back to her making lux clap

Lux rolled the ball back

“Yay” she said with excitement

“Good job” aly clapped

Lux stopped and danced to the music that played over the arena, Carried away by passion pit. Lux twirled and rocked back and forth stomping her feet

“You” lux said pointing to aly

“It would be mean if I made you dance alone wouldn’t it?” aly smiled standing up and danced next to the twirling toddler, aly sang along. Lux held her arms up for aly to pick her up.

“Come on” aly smiled and picked her up and continued dancing, lux bobbing her head to the beat making aly laugh.  As the song was ending aly slowly spun lux around, making her laugh when she saw harry leaning against the stage with his arms crossed and a big grin on his face

Aly smiled with embarrassment “how long have you been standing there?”

“Pretty much the whole song” he chuckled

“Lux and I are going to enter a dance competition” she teased “aren’t we lux?” lux shook her head yes

“You know we have been looking for back up dancers, I bet you and lux will fit in perfectly” he grinned “I’ll be right back” harry said happily and ran behind the stage

“Bye bye” lux said waving to harry

A slow song came on, one of alys favorites “angel” by augustana. harry popped out from behind stage and walked over to her, holding his hand out. Aly took his hand and he pulled her in close and they began to slow dance. Aly laid her head against his chest and lightly sang to the song.

“I’m going to miss being able to slow dance with you” harry said kissing her forehead

Her heart sunk remembering that she only 8 days left to spend with him. Harry must have been thinking the same thing because his grip got a little tighter.

Harry kissed her gently on the lips as the song ended.

“Yay” lux said and wrapped her arms around their legs

“Was that good” harry smiled and picked her up

“Yeah” she smiled

“there you are, let’s get you guys backstage, sound check is in 20 minutes and they open the doors in 5 minutes” Paul said

“Come on. Lux lets go get mummy” harry said carrying lux with one arm and wrapping his other arm around aly.

Sound check was loud, louder than aly had expected with limited people there. Aly had watched from the side of the stage as the boys joked with the fans in between songs. She laughed to herself and thought how just a year ago she and Abby would have killed to be in sound check to see the boys and now here she was standing from the side watching them. The boys ran off stage and quick got dressed and ready for the show. The boys all huddled together and got pumped up and ran onto the underground stage that was going to lift them up

“Wait!” harry said and ran back to aly giving her a quick kiss “wish me luck” he grinned

“Good luck” aly yelled and playfully smacked him on the butt as he ran back to the boys

The platform lifted them up and the crowd screamed and they began singing “up all night”

“Come on lets stand on the side” Lou said carrying lux who was wearing big pink head phones

They walked up a small set of stairs and stood to the side and she, Lou and lux danced to the song. Harry looked over and smiled at her as she danced and sang along.

Aly continued to dance and sing throughout the whole concert until little things began to play. She stood there and heard the crowd quiet down as they all lifter up their phones and slowly waved them back and forth. Aly sang along to the words, suddenly Harrys part came up and her heart started beating fast for reasons she was unaware of, harry looked over at her and sang to her, making her heart feel like it was about to burst out of her chest as he grinned happily at her and his verse ended, tears rolling down her cheeks

“I love you” she mouthed to him

He grinned cheekily “I love you more” he mouth back

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