Give me Love

continuation of the unforgettable summer. Aly and Harry are working on their long distance relationship. That means late night phone calls, not seeing eachother for months and dealing with rumors the press starts. This seems all too much to handle, but can they work through it?


8. Tell me everyday I get to wake up to that smile

Chapter 8

“Babe, what are you doing here?”  Harry asked putting Aly down gently with tears in his eyes.

“I wanted to surprise you” aly said with a choke as she wiped her eyes

Harry put his hands around alys head and looked at her with a smiled then pulled her in for another hug “I’m glad you did” he said with a smile and pulled her away for a kiss.

“Nice to see you Aly” Louis interrupted

Aly chuckled “hey Louis” she said going over to hug him

“We should go get your luggage before it disappears” Louis laughed and walked over to the bag aly left at the escalators then walked toward the luggage belt.

Harry wrapped his arm around her shoulder and they followed after Louis.

“I’m glad you’re here” he smiled then kissed the side of her head as they continued to walk

“Me too” she said giving him a hug from the side, she missed the way his arms felt around her and the way he smelled and how she felt safe around him.

“Let’s go!” Louis shouted ahead of them swinging her bag around and started jogging in place

Harry and Aly laughed “okay!” Aly yelled and started running after Louis, harry running behind her. Louis ran really fast, they laughed as they ran through the empty airport to the luggage belt.

“There’s my bag” Aly pointed to her luggage bag and harry politely picked it up.

“You picked that up good harry, I guess that working out helped your weak little arms” Louis teased showing off his arms

“Awe leave him alone” Aly said giving harry a hug

“Come on my cars out here” Louis said walking out, still holding alys one bag, while harry rolled out her other two bags.

“Geez how much did you pack” Louis asked as he and harry put her bags into the car

“I never asked, how long are you here for?” harry asked excitedly

“2 weeks, if that’s okay with you?” Aly smiled

“That’s perfect” he smiled and kissed her on the forehead then opened the door for her. She and harry hopped in the back while Louis drove.  They pulled out of the airport parking lot and started driving through London. Aly couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. She looked out the window, admiring the beautiful buildings and lights, it was like a dream.

“It’s so beautiful” she said taking her phone out to send a picture to her mom, dad, Abby and Luke. Now one with the best view of London, harry said as he pulled her next to him and she took a picture of them, they both look tired but it was still and good picture. She sent that to them too.

“Glad you got there okay! Have fun! Love you text me tomorrow” her dad wrote

“Love you too, daddy xoxo thank you” she wrote back smiling

“Oh my gosh” Aly said in awe as she looked out the window and the big ben clock tower “it’s beautiful!”

Aly took pictures of it, it was amazing. A few minutes later Louis pulled into a driveway and harry put in a code that opened a big gate, and they drove up to a huge house.

“Home sweet home” Harry smiled and looked at Aly

“This is your house?” Aly said surprised. She thought the shore house harry stayed at was huge but this was twice the size of that.

“One of them” Louis said opening the back and taking Alys luggage out.

Aly got out of the car and harry took her hand and up to the house they went, Louis following behind them with Alys luggage. Harry opened the door. Aly was in amazement, there was a grand staircase and to the left, right and straight ahead were hallways that looked never ending.

“Are you house sitting for the queen” Aly joked

“Yeah, she lets me house sit time to time” Harry joked back

“I should be going, have to get rested for tomorrow” Louis said

“Thank you for everything, Louis” Aly said giving him a big hug

“No problem, glad you’re here” Louis said “and I’ll see you tomorrow” Louis said shutting the door behind him.

“So what should we do now” harry winked then put his hands around her hips

“Well……” Aly teased “I am hungry” she smiled

“I knew you’d say that” he smiled ‘this way” he said grabbing her hand and walking down a hallway leading into a huge kitchen.

“What would you like?” he asked hopping up on the counter

“Hmm…” she thought “surprise me” she smiled

“Okay” he smirked then opened the freezer and took out a carton of chocolate ice cream and grabbed two spoons

“oooo good choice, babe” she said as harry gave her a spoon harry turned on the radio in his kitchen on low as they ate ice cream

“So what’s tomorrow?” Aly asked with a smile as she put a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth

“Well it’s like a photo shoot but a short one; it’s for these poster things to go into store, so it won’t take as long. You’ll get to see the guys and ill introduce you to a bunch of people, Lou, she’s the one who make me look sexy’ he winked  “Paul and a bunch of other people” he said putting the spoon in his mouth. Then a song came faintly through the radio “I wouldn’t mind it” by he is we

“I love this song” Aly smiled

Harry quickly put their spoons in the sink and the ice cream back in the freezer and held his hand out to Aly “come on” he smiled

“What” she smiled

“Come on” he smiled as she put her hand in his and they began to slow dance in the middle of his kitchen “forever is a long time but I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side” Aly sang as harry gently leaned her back, making her laugh. He then lifted her up gently as Aly yawned

“Come on” He said picking her up

“What?” she said giggling?

“You’re tired and we need to sleep anyway” he laughed

“But doesn’t everyone slow dance in that kitchen at 5 in the morning” she giggled, harry still carrying her

Harry laughed and carried her up the steps to his room.  Harry climbed into bed and Aly went into the bathroom to change and brush her teeth. When she came out harry was already fast asleep. She slowly and quietly climbed into bed trying not to wake him. She laid down and Harry wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close and kissed her head “good night babe, I love you” he said almost in a whisper.

“Good night, Harry, I love you too” Aly turned around to kiss his forehead and cuddled against his chest, smiling, knowing shed be able to go to sleep like this for the next two weeks.

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