Give me Love

continuation of the unforgettable summer. Aly and Harry are working on their long distance relationship. That means late night phone calls, not seeing eachother for months and dealing with rumors the press starts. This seems all too much to handle, but can they work through it?


12. So come outside and we can watch the sky

Lou pulled up to Harry’s driveway and they piled out and up to the house. When they got to the door they could hear the boys from outside

“That doesn’t sound good” Aly chuckled

“Actually, it’s normal for them, if it was quiet we should be concerned” Lou smiled holding lux

“Yeah when it’s quiet that’s when we should probably check on them” Eleanor laughed as Aly opened the door and they walked in on the boys have a nerf gun fight in the living room to the left. Aly saw niall and Liam standing behind the sofa as they shot darts at Louis and Harry who flipped the dining table on its side and were ducking behind it as Zayn hid behind the Christmas tree shooting at both sides.

“Niall, you’re cheating!” Harry shouted

“How is he cheating” Liam said with a chuckle

“We don’t know but he’s not running out of darts!” Louis shouted

Clearly the guys hadn’t noticed the girls walk in

“Really?” Aly shouted with a smile as she put her bags down “you’re grown men and you flip tables and mess the house up for a dart war, you could have done anything today, but instead you have a dart war?”

Harry popped up from the table and looked at

“Uh oh, harry you’re in trouble” Niall said

Harry walked over to Aly with his head down “basically….yeah…are you really that mad?” he asked

“I’m only mad I wasn’t invited” Aly said with a big grin

“That’s my girl” he said giving her a peck on the cheek “I’ll get you a gun” he said and ran to the kitchen

“I want one too” Eleanor shouted

“Perfect! We’ll be on teams!” Louis shouted “Alys on my team, Eleanor you’re on Harrys”

“You don’t me, your girlfriend on your team?”  Eleanor said offended

“I want to shoot at you” Louis said giving her a big smile

“Harry gets me a gun too, I’ll put lux down for a nap in the next room” Lou shouted as she went to the other room

Harry walked out of the kitchen with three gun full of darts and gave one to Eleanor, Lou and walked over to Aly and handed her a gun “you’re going down, babe” he said giving her a cheeky grin

“I don’t think so styles” she smiled

Louis shot a dart at Eleanor

“Let this war begin!” she shouted

Aly ran behind the sofa and shot at Harry and Eleanor who had run behind the dining table.  Lou ran behind the other sofa with Liam and Niall while Zayn stayed behind the Christmas tree.  Aly turned around to shoot Zayn who shot her in the back with an evil laugh.

“Ahh we’re getting ambushed” Louis shouted with a laugh

“To the kitchen” Aly said popping up and running to the kitchen laughing harry quick jumped up and chased her into the kitchen. Aly ran behind the island counter and stared at harry who was on the other side of the island.  They stared at each other smiling

“So it’s come to this” Harry grinned

“I won’t shoot if you won’t” Aly said with a smile

“Alright” Harry grinned then Aly shot for him but missed and they both ducked behind opposite sides of the island

“Aly!” Harry yelled with a laugh “I can’t believe you just shot at me” he chuckled

“Never trust the enemy, styles” She laughed as she slowly crawled around the other side to sneak attack him she turned her head around the corner and screamed, Harrys face was just inches from hers. They both cracked up as Harry grabbed her and pushed her to the ground.  He grinned cheekily as he hovered over her as Aly laughed

“Okay I surrender” Aly laughed

“That means I win” Harry grinned “you know what else that means”

“What” She laughed

“Victory kiss” He grinned

“well if I must” She teased and Harry leaned down and kissed her gently, his hand on her cheek, with his other hand he grabbed the gun and shot her in the stomach, making aly jump.

“Babe!” Aly laughed as harry laid his head down on her shoulder from laughing so hard

“I’m sorry, it’s for shooting at me earlier” He laughed “here ill kiss it” he said and kissed her stomach then started smothering her face with kisses making aly laugh

“Do you forgive me” he said as he continued kissing her as she laughed

“Yes!”  She laughed “I forgive you” she said laughing hysterically

“Good” he said almost in a whisper and gently leaned in kiss her on the lips. Aly reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck as she continued to kiss his soft lips.

“Snogging the enemy” Louis shouted “Aly you are no longer on my team” he laughed

Harry quick sat up and Aly looked over at everyone standing in the kitchen

Suddenly everyone aimed their guns at Harry and Aly and started shooting them, darts flying everywhere. Harry quick jumped up and grabbed Alys hand and they ran out the back door to the back yard, as the snow fell down.  Harry and Aly laughed as everyone piled out of the house chasing after them, laughing too. They ran and hid behind the tree a little out of breath from the cold, their backs on the tree. Harry turned and look at her with snowflakes in his hair “you ready, babe” he grinned

“Yup” Aly smiled with snowflakes on her eye lashes and in her hair too. Aly and harry quick turned around and started shooting as they laughed.  Then kept laughing and shooting until it started getting dark and they could barely see each other.

“We should make a fire” Liam said

“And roast marshmallows” niall said

“That’s a brilliant idea” Louis said with his arm around Eleanor

“Alright” Harry said and walked over to get the fire wood and put it on the bon fire pit in the yard. Niall went inside and grabbed stuff for smores while Eleanor, Aly and Lou grabbed blankets for outside.

They put the patio set around the fire and Aly snuggled under the blanket with harry while Eleanor and Louis did the same. Harry made Alys smore for her so she wouldn’t have to take her hands out from under the blanket.

“Here” he said handing her the smore and leaning back in the chair and wrapping his arms around her to keep her warm as they shared the smore.

“We’re crazy” Niall said with his mouth full of marshmallow

“You’re just noticing this” Zayn said squeezing the marshmallow in between the gram cracker

“No” niall said chewing “but look at us, we’re outside in the freezing cold as it snows eating smores” he laughed

Aly leaned her head on Harrys chest and he put his head on hers “yeah but it’s worth it” Aly said with a smile

“Yeah” Louis smiled “like even though we could get a cold, which we probably will, it still worth being around a fire with your best friends” he said as he snuggled with Eleanor

“Agreed” Harry said and kissed the top of Alys head

“Agreed” Aly said lying snuggled in Harrys arm, as they all looked up at the stars.

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