Give me Love

continuation of the unforgettable summer. Aly and Harry are working on their long distance relationship. That means late night phone calls, not seeing eachother for months and dealing with rumors the press starts. This seems all too much to handle, but can they work through it?


7. snow fall

Weeks had passed and it was the last day of school and then her Christmas break officially started.  Aly woke up to her alarm playing ‘it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, she always loved Christmas time, the smell of pine (even though her room didn’t have a Christmas tree), the snow, being able to wear sweaters and mittens and boots. She turned her alarm off and saw it was snowing, which made her day even better. Aly curled her hair and put on her ivory colored over-sized sweater, American eagle jeans and her brown uggs.

“Ding ding!” Alys phone went off. Aly jumped to grab her phone

“Morning babe! It’s snowing here (:” he wrote and there he sent a picture of him smiling his cheeky smile in front of his window, the snow coming down behind him.

Aly quickly went out back and picked up a handful of snow and held it and posed as if she was blowing a kiss “someone looks adorable this morning like always (: and it’s snowing here too (:” hit send and went back into the warm house as her phone went off.

“Finally it’s our last day!” Abby wrote

Aly chuckled “I know! ((((:”

“I’ll be there soon, girly” Abby wrote back

Aly quick grabbed her blue knit hat and matching gloves and went outside to meet Abby.

‘I love the snow” Abby yelled, a few houses down the street.

“Me too” Aly smiled as they started walking to school.

“I brought us a coffee to share” Abby smiled handing Aly the cup for a sip.

Aly laughed with a little shiver from the cold “we’ll need it to survive our walk” she said as she handed Abby back the cup.

“You know what snow is good for?” Abby asked “cuddling and a good reason to drink hot chocolate” she said taking a sip of coffee

Aly bent down and scooped up a handful of snow while Abby

“You know what else it’s good for” Aly chuckled “snowball fights” and threw the snow at Abby

“Oh you’re dead” Abby laughed picking up snow and chucking it at aly as they laughed.

Aly and Abby walked up to the school laughing with snowflakes in their hair from their snowball fight. Aly checked her phone for a text from Harry and sure enough there was a text from him

“No as adorable as you look, love xx”

Aly smiled “impossible” she wrote back, she loved the cute little arguments they had of who’s more adorable and who loved the other more.

Aly and Abby reached their lockers where Lucas was waiting for them. Aly and Abby had been hanging out with Lucas after school for the past couple of weeks, in the beginning they felt bad that he didn’t have any friends, but now they were all friends.

“Did you guys have a snowball fight without me?” he laughed

“Yeah” Aly smiled as she opened her locker

“Without me? That’s not fair” he joked

“Maybe next time Luke” Abby said with a smile

“Maybe during break” he smiled as he put his head down “thank god it’s the last day “

“And it’s a half day too” Aly smiled just as the bell rang

“Bye abs!” Aly said

“Bye” she smiled as she headed down the hall

“See you in 7th period, Aly” Lucas said as they all parted ways

The first 6 classes went by fast thankfully and none of the teachers even taught in the classes which meant Aly could text harry the whole time.

“So what are you doing on your first day of break?” he asked

“Probably just hanging out with Abby and Lucas (: what are you doing today, babe”

“I’m not sure yet, were at a photo shoot right now, then I’ll probably just got to tom and lous to hang out with them and lux, wish you could come with me “

‘I do too! But have fun! And make sure you smile your big cheeky grin at the shoot” she smiled as she wrote as she walked in the hallway on her way to 7th period.

“Boo!” Lucas said grabbing her sides making her jump

“Luke! I hate you” she smiled as she playfully hit him

“If you weren’t too busy texting harry you would have seen me coming!” he teased.

Aly had told Lucas about her and harry, how they met, the whole long distance thing, she just didn’t tell him that he’s harry styles.

7th and 8th period aly talked with Lucas and texted harry and then the bell rang for the end of the day.

“See you after the holiday” the teacher shouted as the kids bolted out of the room and cheered in the hallways, hyper for the start of their Christmas break

“Woo!” Lucas cheered joining the commotion

Aly jumped on his back to join in “woo!” she shouted as they walked to the lockers to meet Abby

Abby laughed as she saw Luke and Aly coming down the hallway with aly on his back

“Joining in on the commotion I see” Abby said with a laugh

“Of course” Aly said grabbing her stuff and She, Abby and Luke walked out of school to walk to Starbucks.

“So what do you guys do for Christmas?” Lucas asked

“I usually go to my mom moms” Aly said as they walked

“I got to my grandparents too” Abby said “what about you?”

“I just stay home with my mom and nephew” Luke said looking at the ground

Abby stopped and picked up a handful of snow, while aly and Luke kept walking, not paying attention that Abby had stopped

“Hey, Lucas!” Abby shouted then threw a snowball at him

Lucas laughed “oh it’s on!” he said picking up snow and throwing it at Abby

“Don’t leave Aly out” Abby screamed

Abby and Lucas stopped and looked at Aly “oh we can’t forget Aly” Lucas said with a smirk and he and Abby threw snow balls at her. Aly laughed and ran until they reached Starbucks, out of breath from laughing and running.

“You guys are so mean” she said as they walked in. Aly order her frappe, while Abby and Lucas got hot chocolate. The Starbucks was packed so they sat on the patio outside in the back.

“So, Aly have you thought anymore about what you’re gonna get harry” Abby asked

“No” Aly said looking down “I won’t even be able to see him for Christmas...” she said sadly

“Why not” Luke asked before he took a sip of his hot chocolate

“Well he wants to see his family and then their doing a few shows near there after Christmas so” Aly said as she sipped her frappe

“Too bad you can’t go to London...’ Abby said sadly as she looked down

Aly sat there and thought about it for a few seconds, while Luke and Abby were quiet.

“Wait, why can’t I?” Aly said with a big smirk

Luke and Abby both looked up quickly at her
“really? Why can’t I?” Aly said excitedly. “Come on! Let’s go!” Aly said grabbing both of their hands and started running home.

“Where are we going” Abby laughed as they ran

“You know we can’t run to London right?” Lucas joked

“My dad’s home early today! I’m gonna go ask him, well beg him, most likely”

Aly and her friends reached alys house and she ran to the front door.

“Okay wait out here, my dad gets more mad when I beg him in front of my friends” Aly smiled

“Good luck” Luke and Abby said then sat on her front step

Aly walked in the house slowly and heard her dad in the kitchen; she nervously walked in to see him.

“Hey dad” Aly said pulling at her sleeve

“Hey, how was your day?” he asked with a smile

“Good” she said nervously looking at the ground

“What is it? What do you want? Her dad asked as he leaned on the counter.

Aly was in the kitchen for 20 minutes, telling her dad how much she wanted to go see harry and how much it would mean to her, and she walked out to see Abby and Lucas. She opened the door and they both jumped up, excited to hear her answer. Aly walked out with her head held down low

“Guys…”she said sounding sad

“IM GOING TO LONDON!!” she screamed

“Oh my god!!” Abby screamed and grabbed aly for a hug

“That’s awesome” Lucas said

“I have to call Louis! I have to make it a surprise for harry!” she said excitedly

Aly excitedly got her phone out and called Louis.

“Louis, don’t tell harry it’s me if your near him” Aly said

“Okay I’m not with him right now anyway, what’s up?” Louis asked in his amazing accent

“I want to surprise harry, I’m flying to London for Christmas” aly said excitedly

“No way when!?” he asked happily

“Today” aly smiled

“What time is it there?” Louis asked

“11are and my flight leaves in 2 hours” she said smiling at Luke and Abby

“Okay so that means you’d be here around 2am our time right”

“Yeah around there” she said biting her nail

“Alright well how about this, I’ll bring him to the airport and I’ll tell him we’re picking up Eleanor” Louis said happily

“Perfect!” she said

“I’ll see you then, love” Louis said then hung up

Aly put her phone in her pocket and squealed happily at Luke and Abby then rushed inside to pack and left for the airport with her dad, Luke and Abby.

“Aly you know your mother and I already planned on you going, you were going to leave the 23rd though” her dad said in the car

“Really?!” she asked excitedly

“Yeah, it was going to be your Christmas present, but I just sooner won’t hurt” he smiled and he hugged her when they got to the airport, then opened her door to help her with her bags. They all walked into the airport, Abby and Luke carrying a bag for her and helped her check her bags in.

“Okay we have to leave you here” her dad said when they reached security. “You are careful okay? Text me when you get on the plane, and when you get off and when you meet up with harry and when you get back to their place, pretty much just text me whenever you make a movement” her dad said with a smile and hugged her tightly.

“Have fun girly and text me every minute!” Abby said and hugged her tightly

“Have a good flight and have fun” Lucas said and hugged her.

Aly hugged her dad one last time “thank you daddy” she said and walked to the security line and waved to them as she walked to her gate. She waited for 20 minutes when her flight was called and she boarded the plane. She had to admit she was nervous; she was never on a plane by herself. The plane took off and she put on her iPod and quickly fell asleep. She woke up to the captain talking over the loud speaker “ladies and gentlemen we will be landing in about an hour, I hope your enjoying your flight” Aly put on her iPod and “it doesn’t get better than this” by Katy Fitzgerald came through the speakers as she looked out the window into the dark sky, smiling. She kept that song on repeat until the plane landed and quickly took her phone out to text Louis.

“My plane just landed (:” she texted excitedly, as the butterflies grew in her stomach

“We’re here (: what gate are you?” Louis wrote

“23” she wrote back

“okay were by the front doors of the airport cause obviously we can’t get past security but we’ll face the other way so in the middle of all the escalators so when you come down the escalators looks for our sexy bums (;” Aly laughed and hurried out of the gate towards the escalators, the airport was practically empty, which made it easier to run. She reached the escalators and headed down, not able to see harry and Louis yet, the butterflies in her stomach growing bigger and bigger as she could see more of the floor, and halfway down, there they were, their backs towards her. She finally got to the bottom; it doesn’t get better than this still stuck in her head

 “Hey babe!” she shouted

Harry and Louis whipped their heads around and a big grin grew on Harrys face when he saw her. Aly left her bag and ran as fast as she could and jumped in his arms and wrapped her legs around him, her hands running through his hair, tears of joy rolling down her cheeks as Harry tightly hugged her, his hand holding the back of her head

“It doesn’t get better than this” she whispered

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