Give me Love

continuation of the unforgettable summer. Aly and Harry are working on their long distance relationship. That means late night phone calls, not seeing eachother for months and dealing with rumors the press starts. This seems all too much to handle, but can they work through it?


2. shes like cold coffee in the mornin


“Sweet dis-po-sition” Aly woke up to the sound of her phone going off, it was the ringtone she set for Harry.

“Hello?” she answered, her voice still groggy

“Good morning” He said happily

“What time is it” she asked not opening her eyes to check the clock herself

“Its 9am, babe get up” he said

Aly smiled, she loved it when he called her babe. “I am, I’m getting up right now” she lied with a smile

“No you’re not, I can tell you’re lying, I can even tell over the phone” He chuckled

“You know me to well” she smiled, her eyes still closed

“You know what the best part at THIS phone call is that’s different from all the other mornings when I call you” he asked cheekily

“What” she asked still smiling

“It’s that we’re in the same time zone and I can be at your house in ten minutes”

“This is a good phone call” she said smiling “are you really gonna be here in ten minutes?” she smiled

“It’s a surprise” he chuckled

“That means you will be” she smiled as she opened her eyes

“Okay you caught me that time” he chuckled “I’ll see you soon” he said and hung up

She got up and made her bed and put her long brown hair up in a messy bun and a white oversized hoodie on and headed upstairs to wait for Harry. She walked into the kitchen and started putting away the dishes that were from last night’s dinner. Her dad sure was surprised to see Harry yesterday, especially since he walked down to them sleeping, but to her surprise he was actually kind of pleased to see him, in fact he invited Harry to stay for dinner which he gladly accepted.  Abby joined them for dinner, but then again she always did. Alys grandma was more than pleased to meet Harry “so you’re the Harry Alys been talking about, her Aunt Carol told me about you too, I can see why Alys very fond of you” her grandma kept telling him, making Aly involuntarily blush. Just as Aly finished putting the last dish away there was a knock at the door. She went into the living room and opened it to a grinning Harry, his hair push back into a gray beanie, wearing his signature black ray bans and a navy blue t-shirt and jeans, holding a brown paper bag and two plastic coffee cups from dunkin donuts.

“Good morning, love” he smiled and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“good morning” she smiled “ now if only every one of our morning phone calls ended like this” she said as he placed the bag and coffee on the kitchen table, taking his glasses off, showing his beautiful eyes.

“then every morning would be glorious” he said happily with a cheeky grin as he walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her, staring into his eyes, still grinning, and gently kissing her on the lips.

He pulled away smiling “I got you coffee”

“Well I guess this gives you an opportunity to make fun of me” she chuckled

“Why” his grin growing wider

“I have never had coffee in my life, never tried it…ever!” she said walking over to the coffee containers

“You’re lying” he said walking behind her

“Nope I not” she smiled smelling the fresh coffee “it smells good though”

“Try it” he said grinning “it’s pretty good”

“Pretty good?” she smiled “then why did you get yourself one?” she laughed

“This is tea” he smiled picking up his container and talking a sip

“Tea?” she smiled

“I’m British remember? The British drink tea” he chuckled taking another sip making aly laugh as her phone started going off.

“Hello, Abby” she said answering her phone still laughing

“I’m surprised you’re up…and happy” Abby said from the other end

Aly chuckled “I could say the same for you”

“Yeah except you forgot the fact that I have two little brothers that enjoy waking me up” she chuckled

“And you forgot that I have a…Harry who also enjoys waking me up” she laughed

“Good morning, Abby” Harry shouted

Aly put the phone on speaker “good morning, Harry” she chuckled

“So I don’t mean to crash your guys swag, but what are you guys doing today” she chuckled

“We don’t have any plans, probably just going to chill, why” Aly asked looking at harry

“Can I join? I don’t feel like being stuck with my siblings all day, its only first day of break and they’re driving me nuts”

“Sure” harry shouted

“Of course” Aly said

“Thanks, I’ll start walking” Abby said

“It’s freezing” Harry said “if Aly hurries and gets ready we’ll come pick you up”

“Aly move your butt!” Abby shouted “okay I’ll see you guys then, text me when you’re leaving, Aly”

“Ok, bye Abs” Aly said and hung up

Aly quick got a shower and put on a pair of black skinny jeans and an oversized white sweater and a pair of back ugg boots on and she blew dry her hair as Harry lay on her bed playing with her ipad.

“You have a lot of good music on here, and a lot of ed sheeran” she grinned

“Cause he’s awesome” she smiled looking at him. 

“I’ll let him know” he chuckled scrolling through her music

“I listen to him when I’m about to fall asleep, he’s ginger Jesus” she chuckled

“And one direction” Harry said grinning at her

“What?” she smiled getting up from her vanity

“You listen to one direction before you go to sleep too?” he asked grinning as she walked over

“One direction? Who are they” she teased as she lay next to him

“oh well they’re this band, they’re all British, except one, he’s Irish, but any way I hear the one guy in it is really hot, his names…henry? Hector?” he joked

“Harry?” she laughed

“That’s it! I hear Harrys pretty hot” he grinned

Aly laughed “really? I’ll have to check him out sometime” she said as she leaned down to kiss him, both of them smiling as they kissed. Her phone going off to Abby’s ringtone, to gangnam style.

“Really?” he asked laughed “gangnam style?”

Aly laughed “its Abby” she said taking her phone out of her back pocket

“Hello Abby, we’re leaving now” she said getting up

“Why is Abby’s ringtone gangnam style? He said laughing as he got off her bed and followed her upstairs.

“Her ringtone changes like every week” Aly laughed as they walked to the front door.

“What’s my ringtone” he laughed as he shut the front door behind him “it’s sexy and I know it, isn’t it?” he teased as they walked down the steps.

“Nope” she smiled as he put his arm around her as they crossed the street

“What is it then” he grinned as he opened the door for her

“Sweet disposition” she smiled as she climbed in

“That a good one” he said as he shut the door.

“So where does Abby leave” he grinned as he started the car.

They drove to Abby s and honked the horn and Abby came running out, her blonde curly hair blowing from a small breeze

“Hello” she said happily as she climbed in the car

“Hi” Aly and Harry said

“So what shall we do today” Abby asked

“I have an Idea, we passed it on the way here” Harry said pulling away from Abby’s house and they started driving.

“You know what we need? Music” Aly said turning the radio up a little just as pinks blow me one last kiss was ending and a familiar beat started coming through the radio

“Hey girl I’m waitin on ya, I’m waiting on ya” came through the speakers Harry reached his hand up and put it up high

“THIS IS THE BAND, ONE DIRECTION I WAS TELLING YOU ABOUT” Harry screamed over the loud music



“And never ever stop for anyone” they screamed in unison and they danced.

“AND GIRL! YOU AND I…WE’RE BOUT TO MAKE SOME MEMORIES TONIGHT” Harry pointed at Aly and danced at a red light

“Tonight let’s get some! And live while were young!” they scream as parked as the song ended

“They’re pretty good” Aly said and they all cracked up

They got out of the car; they were at an empty park. Harry took alys hand and they began walking through the park, Harry’s hand keeping Alys warm from the cold air.

“Wait, look at all of those leave” Harry said and ran over and laid on the ground and started making angels in the leaves

“What are you doing” Aly asked as she and Aly laughed

“Leaf angels” he said happily as he stood up to admire his leaf angel, Aly and Abby now standing next to him looking at the scatter leaves

“It’s not that good” Harry said

“Well you British folks may make leaf angels but we Americans have fights with them” Aly said bending down, grabbing a fistful of leaves and throwing them at Harry.

“The British happen to be very good at having leaf fights” he smiled as he bent down and threw leaves at Abby and Aly. They laughed as they threw leaves at each other, getting leaves stuck in their hair as they threw them. Harry charged at Aly carefully tackling her to the ground making her laugh. His arm wrapped around her back as he looked into her eyes, smiling as he leaned in to kiss her.

“I guess the British are good at kissing too” Abby laughed as Harry rolled over next to Aly.

“oh we are very good at that” Harry joked making Aly and Abby laugh as Abby walked over and laid next to aly.

“Okay stay like this I’m going to take a picture and send it to niall, to tease him” Harry chuckled as he took his phone out.

“Aww I’m gonna take a picture too, we probably look cute laying on these leaves, like all fally” Aly said

“fally? Is that even a word” Abby laughed

“no, but it should be” Aly laughed as she laid back down with her phone, Harry laying back down next to her.

“okay smile” harry said as he held his phone up and took a picture.

“okay my turn, smile” Aly said as she held her phone up and took a picture

“awe that’s a really good picture” Abby said looking at alys phone

“I know it looks like were on a leaf pile, you can’t even see the ground” Aly said with a laugh as she put her phone away and laid back down in between the guy she loved and her best friend as they looked at the clouds float by, laughing as they talked, and not having a care in the world.

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