Give me Love

continuation of the unforgettable summer. Aly and Harry are working on their long distance relationship. That means late night phone calls, not seeing eachother for months and dealing with rumors the press starts. This seems all too much to handle, but can they work through it?


20. only the first day

“pst, babe get up” harry whispered

Aly groggily rolled over and rubbed her eyes “what?”

“Come on, we’re at the hotel” he said, his voice matching her groggy tone

“Okay” she lightly smiled and sat up “what time is it?” she asked while he put shoes on

“1am” he smiled

“Lovely” she said sarcastically with a smile

Harry chuckled “grab a hoodie, its cold out”

Aly grabbed one of Harrys hoodies that was lying on the floor of the bus and threw it on, harry grabbed her hand and they walked out of the bus door where the rest of the boys were waiting, all looking equally tired.

“We’ve got the ok to go in, boys” Paul said

Aly looked at harry confused “why wouldn’t we be able to go in?”

“There were just some fans running around the hotel, didn’t want that to worry you” he smiled as he pulled the hood of the hoodie over her head

“Okay let’s head up” Paul said leading the way with security guards surrounding her and the boys

They all squeezed into the elevator and Paul pushed the button to floor 16. They all stood there quietly, thinking of hitting the bed and falling right to sleep when Louis perked his head up

“Do you hear that?” he said pointing to the ceiling, referring to the music coming through the speakers. The beat to “California” by phantom planet playing. Even though it was just the beat they all knew the words “CALIFORNIAAAAA! CALIFORNIAAAA! HERE WE COOOOOOOOMEEE” they all sang while Paul just stood there with a smile on his face shaking his head.

-------- Next morning-----

“Babe, time to get up!” harry said happily

Aly smiled and shushed him

“Come on” he smiled and hopped onto the bed and plopped down next to her

“Why are you so awake?” she smiled

“Because I got a shower before you” he chuckled “my mum texted me this morning”

She popped her head up “how’s jagger?”

Harry grabbed his phone and showed her the text from his mom; it was a picture of jagger chewing a pair of heels “he quite likes my shoes”

“aww I miss my bad puppy” she giggled

Harry leaned his head closer to her face, his curls brushing her in the face making her laugh “although it’s like I got a fuzzy puppy right here” she said brushing his curls back with her fingers before he gently kissed her “go get ready” he smiled, pecking her on the nose and hopping up”

“Fine” she smiled and headed for the bathroom. She put a pair of jeans and a black loose fitting sweater with white stars on it and left her hair to air dry.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and harry went to answer it

“Good morning” harry said happily as he picked up a happy lux and Lou pushed passed him and sat on the couch

“mornin” Lou smiled

 “Morning” aly smiled back as harry put lux down

“And good morning lux” she smiled as lux walked over to her and picked her up

“So what’s going on now” harry asked

“Were heading to the arena soon, even though no one is ready” Lou chuckled

“Why isn’t anyone ready?” harry laughed

“I’m pretty sure zayn is still asleep and Louis and Liam went to eat and we knocked on nialls door but I think he’s in the shower” Lou chuckled

“I guess we’ll be fashionably late, we’re always early anyway and end up just sitting there hours before sound check” harry shrugged

“Want to go eat at the restraunt downstairs?” Lou asked

“No!” harry shot back, Lou giving a weird look back

“I just don’t want to get something to eat then everyone be waiting on us” harry said packing his clothes from last night into his duffle bag as there was another knock on the door

“Come in” lux said with a smile

“Hey Louis and Liam are back” niall said peeking his head in

“Is zayn up?” Lou asked

“Yeah he’s ready” niall replied

“Ni ni” lux said and aly put her down

“See” harry smiled looking at Lou and aly

“Alright then, let’s head out” Lou said as she walked out of the room, niall carrying lux

Aly grabbed her bag off the bed “are you okay?” she asked harry

“Yeah I’m fine, babe” he smiled and kissed her forehead

Aly and harry walked out of the room and shut the door behind them meeting the rest of the boys in the hallway

“Okay, we’re gonna go out the back, there’s a small group of people out front and we’re the only security so we want to get everyone out safely without being seen” Paul said

They all hopped onto the bus without being seen and arrived at the stadium, carrying a few duffle bags into the back.

They went toward a big room and threw the bags onto the floor

“Let’s go check the stage out” Liam smiled and they ran to the stage. It was beyond huge. Aly walked into center stage and just looked around the stadium thinking of seats being filled and everyone screaming.

“Big huh?” harry asked wrapping his arms around her

“Just a little” she smiled

“Let’s get a picture” he said quickly releasing his grip

“Liam, can you take a picture for us?” he asked

“Yeah, sure” Liam smiled

“On my phone too?” aly asked handing him her phone

“Sure” Liam smiled

Harry and aly stood toward the front of the stage putting their thumbs up and sticking their tongues out

“Good one” Liam chuckled “okay now do a cute one” he smiled holding the phones up

Harry pulled all close and kissed her

“Aw now isn’t that sweet” Liam teased and handed their phones back

Aly looked at the pictures and smiled and quick texted it to Abby and Lucas “miss you guys xx” she wrote

Harry wrapped his arms around her again and they both looked at the picture and smiled “and that’s just day one” he said and kissed the side of her head




im so so so sorry for being so late with this! im in the process of moving and ive been so busy! ill post another chapter tomorrow I promise! <333

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