Give me Love

continuation of the unforgettable summer. Aly and Harry are working on their long distance relationship. That means late night phone calls, not seeing eachother for months and dealing with rumors the press starts. This seems all too much to handle, but can they work through it?


13. My beautiful girl

“Ahh” Lux squealed as she smiled and hit the bed. Aly opened her eyes to see lux looking her right in the eyes and squealed louder when she saw Aly awake.

“Good morning” Aly smiled and lifted lux onto the bed “you are just like your uncle harry aren’t you” she said and tickled lux’s tummy making her giggle “he likes waking me up too”

“Hally” lux smiled

“Good morning” Eleanor said with a smile as she sat at the foot of the bed

“Good morning” Aly said sitting up in the bed as lux sat in her lap playing with Alys phone.

Aly stretched with a yawn “where are the guys?”

“They had to go to an interview they left a few hours ago” She smiled “Lou did as well so we are watching lux until they get back” she smiled as lux walked over to her talking gibberish

Aly gasped excitedly at lux “are you hanging out with the girls again” making lux giggle, Eleanor and Aly smiling at lux

“Looks like Harry left you a little note” Eleanor smiled motioning her head toward the pillow

Aly leaned over and grabbed the note

“Good morning babe! (:

I was going to wake you but you looked so cute and peaceful sleeping.  Oh and Lou asked me if me and you could watch Lux tonight so they could go out and I said yes, guess that means I get to spend the evening with two of my favorite girls (: I miss you already see you soon

Love you lots xxx”

Aly smiled and read the note to Eleanor after she had read it to herself

“Why does your uncle have to be so cute, lux” aly said as lux bounced up and down in Eleanor’s arms.

Aly got up and put on one of Harrys sweaters and went downstairs to get breakfast with Eleanor and Lux. She made a bowl of cereal for herself and Eleanor while she shared with Lux.

“You’re going to be here for Christmas, yeah?” Eleanor said then put a spoonful of cereal in her mouth

“Yup, I’m here until the 3rd of January” Aly smiled and fed lux some cereal

“Oh that’s wonderful, are you nervous about meeting his family?” she asked

“A little, I know I shouldn’t be but I am” Aly said and put cereal in her mouth

“You’re right, you shouldn’t be his mum is going to love you, and so will his sister and the rest of his family”

“I know it’s just I have one chance to make a good first impression” Aly said giving lux another spoonful as her phone went off. It was from Abby.

“We miss you” she wrote and attached was a picture of her and Luke making a funny face

Aly laughed and showed Eleanor

‘That’s Abby and Luke” she smiled and began to text them back

“Well it’s only fair if we send them a funny picture back” Eleanor said hopping off the counter she was sitting on

“Lux, you wanna get a picture with us” Aly smiled and picked up lux

“Here I’ll take it” Eleanor said taking Alys phone, Aly and Eleanor stuck their tongue out while lux smiled

Aly looked at the picture and they both laughed at their faces. Aly sent the picture and wrote “I miss you guys too! Eleanor and Lux say hi! (:”

“So are Luke and Abby going together?” Eleanor asked

“No he’s just a friend of ours”

“Cause I hear niall has a thing for her, even though he won’t admit it though” she giggled

“He so does” Aly laughed

After breakfast Aly went upstairs and showered while Eleanor watched lux. When she came out she put on navy blue Victoria’s secret sweatpants and a and white t-shirt that had “pink” written in navy blue. She went back downstairs, letting her hair air dry. She found Eleanor sitting on the floor playing with lux and she went over to sit down with them. 

“I’m going to go get something to drink, want something?” Eleanor asked

“No thanks” Aly smiled and took lux from her

Lux stood up looking at Aly and bounced up and down as she giggled making aly laugh with her. Then the front door opened.

“Hello Babe” Harry said happily as the guys followed behind him

Aly turned around and smiled happily at him, no matter how many times she had seen him or how long he was gone for, he always gave her butterflies in her stomach “hi babe” she said as Harry walked over and sat next to her giving her a gentle kiss. He pulled away and smiled “how was your morning?” he said taking lux from her

“Good, we had fun didn’t we lux” Aly said tickling lux stomach as she laughed, making harry and aly laugh as the guys sat on the sofa talking.

“Where’s Lou?” Eleanor asked walking into the living room to give Louis a hug

“She went to go pick some stuff up for lux for tonight” Harry said as he and Aly continued playing with Lux.

About a half hour later Lou came over and quickly dropped a bag of things off for lux and the boys headed out the door with her.

“So I guess it’s just us” Harry grinned

“Yup” Aly smiled and looked at lux who had her fingers in her mouth “what now?”

“Well I could make dinner” Harry grinned and passed Lux to Aly

“You cook?” Aly chuckled

“Kind of” he smiled and looked to the floor

“Okay let’s see what you can do” she smiled and stood up with lux

Harry cooked spaghetti as she and Lux sat on the counter and watched him. Aly and harry laughing as she teased him. After dinner they cleaned up and washed lux’s face and hands that were covered in bits of noodles and sauce.

“Now for dessert” Harry grinned

“You’re making dessert too?” Aly smiled wiping lux’s face

“now I’m good, but I’m not that good” he grinned taking out the chocolate ice cream out of the freezer and they all sat on the counter, she and harry sharing ice cream with lux. Harry got up and turned the radio on “the girl” by city and colour came on the radio. Aly hopped of the corner and stood lux up on the floor and she and harry slow danced during the slow part in the beginning. Then quickly bending down to lux to dance with her as she danced during the fast part, as they smiled and laughed the whole time. After dancing in the kitchen for a while she and Harry headed upstairs and Lux and Aly lay on the bed while Harry showered. Aly stood lux up on her stomach as she made faces at lux making her laugh. Harry came out of the shower, his hair still wet with sweatpants and a t-shirt and crawled onto the bed and took lux and she lay in between them.

“Wait I have to get a picture of this” he smiled and grabbed his phone from the nightstand

Aly leaned closed as lux laid on both of them. Harry took the picture and smiled

“See two of my favorite girls” he smiled

Aly gently kissed him and smiled. “Why are you so adorable?” she smiled and kissed him again and lux let out a big squeal and smiled. Aly and Harry looked at her

“What was that” Aly said in a baby voice as Harry lifted lux above them and they smiled at her smiling back at them. Harry laid lux back down on both of them and she soon fell asleep as Aly laid her head on harrys shoulder, looking up at the dark ceiling.

“you know you’re going to make a great mum one day” he said and kissed the top of her head

Aly smiled “And you’re going to make an awesome dad”

And they both fell asleep, Harrys arms wrapped around her and Lux.

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