Give me Love

continuation of the unforgettable summer. Aly and Harry are working on their long distance relationship. That means late night phone calls, not seeing eachother for months and dealing with rumors the press starts. This seems all too much to handle, but can they work through it?


19. let the tour begin

Chapter 19

“GET UP!!”

Aly woke up to see Zayn, Louis, niall and Liam standing in the room

“Why did I ever give you guys a key?!” harry groaned pulling the covers over him and aly.

“Let’s go!” they shouted excitedly as jagger barked playfully

“Shhh” aly said grumpily

“alright, lads, let’s do it” Louis said and without warning the boys quickly pulled the blanket off of them and jumped onto the bed to make them up

“Up! Up! Up!” they said as they jumped. Aly couldn’t help but laugh

“Is it going to be like this every day?” aly chuckled

“No!” harry said grumpily with his eyes still closed “because we are not giving you our room key”

“You said you were going to wake them up, nicely, not wake them up to an earthquake” Eleanor said as she walked in with a chuckle

“They lied” aly laughed as they continued to jump “okay guys, go! We have to get ready” she smiled

“You’re going to back to sleep” niall smiled as they all climbed off the bed

“Go!” harry smiled

“Alright, alright…but you better be up or we’re coming back” Louis smiled cheekily as they left the room

“And im taking jagger with us” zayn smiled as he left the room with jagger in his arms, biting zayns finger

Harry chuckled and grabbed aly, rolling her on top of him “you still sure you can handle it?” he smiled cheekily

Aly smiled and shook her head “good morning” she whispered

“Good morning” he said and gave her a gentle his in the lips

“Guess what” aly whispered

“What” he grinned?

“I get first dips on the bathroom!” she shouted and quick jumped up off the bed

“No!” harry quick jumped up and chased after her, laughing

She ran into the bathroom and quick shut the door and laughed

“That’s not fair, babe, you had me when I was tired” he laughed as he leaned against the door way

Aly opened the door a crack and gave him a quick kiss on the lips “sorry babe” she smiled making him grin

“Fine im going back to sleep” he said and went back to the bed “even though they took the blanket….”

“Here’s a towel” Aly laughed and threw it at him

“Thanks” he chuckled and put the towel on him as a blanket

Aly went back into the bathroom and put “spinning” by jack’s mannequin on and hopped into the shower


She changed into her blue victorias secret sweatpants and a t shirt and walked into the bed room as she towel dried her long brown hair. Harry was sleeping on the bed , the towel covering him. She walked over and moved the curls from his foehead

“babe, get up” she said softly

He smirked, his eyes still closed and stretched “I like you waking me up better than them” he said as he opened his eyes

Aly chuckled and could hear the boys downstairs cheering as jagger barked

“you shower, ill go downstairs to make sure they didn’t break anything” she chuckled

“up” she smiled as she walked away

Harry playfully towel snapped her behind

Aly turned around and smiled “up, styles” she said before leaving the room


Harry walked downstairs to find all in the kitchen. Aly sitting on the counter bar stool, Eleanor sitting on the bar stool beside her and the boys sitting on the counter across from them as they all laughed

“what are you laughing at” he asked with a smile as he opened the fridge to get a bottle of water

“we were tell aly and el some of the stories from the last tour” liam said with a chuckle

“oh god” harry laughed and leaned his back to the fridge

“like when we got lost in Spain” niall laughed

“we were lost for hours!” harry said laughing

“and there were barely any people around” Louis explained

“or the people we did find didn’t speak English, so we were just walking around” zayn smiled

“yeah and Louis kept stopping to buy random things” harry chuckled

“oh yeah, I forgot about that” making everyone laugh

They sat there telling stories for a few hours, laughing

“what kind of adventures do you think we’ll get into this time?” liam asked

“I don’t even want to know” zayn chuckled

“what time do we have to leave again?” harry asked

“I think like 5 or so we have meet at the bus” liam answer checking his phone for the time “and its 1 now”

 “aww cant we bring him?” zayn whined as he looked down at jagger who was looking up at him wagging his tail

“I want to bring him too” harry said taking jagger from zayn

“we should gosoon, we have to get our stuff” Louis said looking at Eleanor

“well we’ll meet you at the bus later” they smiled and the rest of the boys followed them out

After they left harry, aly and jagger went upstairs to pack

“at least I didn’t unpack much” aly smiled putting a few things into her bag

“well it doesn’t take long to pack when you are packing your whole wardrobe” harry smiled as he took his whole drawer and put  it all into his huge duffle bag

“I should have done that” she smiled


Harry carried their bags out to the car while aly quick looked to make sure they had everything. She walked to the front door and looked at the house, remembering when her and harry had just danced in the kitchen that night and smiled, she was only there for a few days but she would miss it.

“Ready babe?” harry asked from behind

“yeah” she smiled sweetly and picked up jagger and shut the door behind her

When they got to the bus they could see the boys and their families saying their goodbyes

They got out of the car and the driver took their bags to the bus and harry and aly walked to harrys family

“my baby Is leaving again” Anne said as tears formed in her eyes as she smiled

“ill miss you mum” harry said hugging her

“Ill miss you too” she closed her eyes as she hugged him, teas rolling down her face

Harrys mom turned to aly and smiled “ill miss you too” she smiled and hugged her

Aly smiled and handed jagger to her as tears formed in alys eyes

“ill take care of him, don’t worry” anne smiled as tears still came out of her eyes “ill take care of your baby, just take care of mine” she chuckled

“I will” aly smiled as tears rolled down her cheeks

“alright everyone we have to be on the road in ten minutes” the driver announced

The boys gave their families one last hug

“alright everyone time for the picture” Louis said

“come on, babe” harry said taking her hand and giving his and alys phone to his mom to take the picture. they all stood in front of the bus harrys arms around aly as the boys stood next to them, Eleanor with Louis and lou holding lux.

“everyone smile!” the moms said with tears still in their eyes and they snapped the picture.

“now lets get this tour started!” they cheered as they all piled onto the bus and waved out the window at the families.



so sorrry it took so long for me to update!!! you caan follow me on instagram @harrygottstyles and remind me for the next chapter hahaha

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