Give me Love

continuation of the unforgettable summer. Aly and Harry are working on their long distance relationship. That means late night phone calls, not seeing eachother for months and dealing with rumors the press starts. This seems all too much to handle, but can they work through it?


15. I’m in love with you and all these little things

Aly squeezed Harrys hand and walked across the street as the snow slowly fell.  Harry opened the door to Louis and they walked in, surprisingly there were already about 20 people there.

“Hello there” Louis said with a smiling, walking out of the room to the right of them

“Happy birthday!” Aly said excitedly and give him a hug and kiss on the cheek

“Thank you” He smiled “you better have gotten me something good” he chuckled pointing at the bag aly was holding

“I guess you’ll have to wait” Aly smirked “where’s el?” she asked

“She’s upstairs, she’s been waiting for you” he smiled and pointed up the stairs

“I’ll be back” she smiled as she handed harry the bag and ran upstairs “el?’ she called

“Oh thank goodness you’re here” she smiled peeking her head out of one of the bedrooms

“I can’t decide what to wear” She said as aly walked into the bedroom with the bed covered in dresses

“I like the red one” Aly smiled

El quickly changed into the red dress “can you zipper me up?” She said lifting her hair up

“How are you, you alright?” She asked while aly zipped the back of her dress

“Yeah I’m fine” Aly chuckled as El turned around to face her

“You sure? I know you get nervous and well with Caroline coming and all” El said putting a necklace on in the mirror

“Well I wasn’t until now” Aly chuckled “I didn’t know she was going to be here, not that it matters” Aly smiled

“Oh I though Louis told me he told harry she was coming” She said turning around at Aly “I don’t know but don’t worry love, I’ll be here and Lou and the guys”

Aly smiled “I know”

Aly and El went downstairs to meet the guests, which there were more of since she went upstairs. Aly and El went to the kitchen, figuring they would find the guys there as el said hello to people as they walked. Sure enough they were right

“Wow, Eleanor you look lovely” Louis smiled as el walked over and hugged him

“Thank you, Aly picked it out” El smiled at Al as Aly hopped up on the bar stool. Niall came over and hopped on the stool next to her

“Hey, come here often?” he joked

“Sorry I have boyfriend, already” she teased

“Damn, its cause I’m Irish aint it” he smiled

Aly laughed “that doesn’t make sense, I’m Irish too”

Niall laughed “oh yeah I forgot, we have to be on a team, the Irish need to stick together ya know”

“Yeah definitely” she smiled and she and niall high fived

“Wait what just happened?” Harry said crossing his arms walking to stand next to Louis and el, facing Aly

“Well…basically Niall and I just made a team and only the Irish can be in it” Aly smiled “which means you can’t be in it” Aly teased and stuck her tongue out at him

“Fine then you can stay with Niall” Harry teased back sticking his tongue out too

“Fine” She turned to Niall “let’s go nialler”

“Alright” niall joked

“No!” Harry said wrapping his arms around her “she’s mine” he stuck his tongue out at niall

“You guys are really mature” Liam laughed

“Oh look Lou and tom are here” El said pointing into the living room

Louis and El walked out of the kitchen while the rest of them stayed in the kitchen for a few minutes.

“So what did you guys getting Louis for his birthday” Zayn said as he and niall ate from a bowl of popcorn that was on the counter

“I got him a cardboard cutout of me” niall chuckled putting popcorn in his mouth

“Me too” Liam laughed

“Same here” Zayn chuckled

“it’s actually kind of weird because I just order it online, like why is it so easy to buy a cardboard cutout of myself” Liam laughed making the others laugh

“Who else did you order as a cutout” niall chuckled

“Well, obviously I got you” Liam laughed and threw popcorn at Niall

“That’s so sweet” Aly joked

Harry hugged Aly from behind “I’ll get you a cardboard cutout of me alright” he chuckled

“Aww okay” Aly joked “that actually sounds creepy though like I have a cardboard cutout of my boyfriend” she laughed

Liam and Niall laughed and threw popcorn at Harry and Aly

“alright I can’t get popcorn in my hair” Aly smiled and got up and quickly threw popcorn at Liam and niall she smiled and walked out of the kitchen then popped her head back in “maybe later though” she smiled and walked over to el and Louis, harry walking with his arms still around her. EL and Louis were talking to Lou, tom and Caroline. Lux was standing there in little jeans and a white sweater with snowflakes on it, white uggs on her feet. Lux saw aly and Harry and a big smile grew on her face and she walked over. Aly bent down and she walked into Alys arms and Aly picked her up and gave her a hug “you’re getting better at the walking aren’t you” Aly smiled

Lux leaned in and put her head on Alys shoulder like she was giving her a hug then she quickly picked her head up and looked at harry and leaned over to him, stretching her lips to kiss him.

“Hello” Lou smiled and gave aly a hug “this is tom”

“Hi nice to meet you” Aly smiled and gave tom a hug

“Nice to meet you too, Harry and Lou told me a lot about you and I guess lux would be too if she could talk” Tom chuckle

“Hi harry” Caroline smiled and hugged harry

“Caroline, this is my girlfriend, Aly” Harry smiled putting his arm around aly who was still holding lux

“Oh harry, you didn’t tell me you had a girlfriend” Caroline said hitting harry playfully

“Well aren’t you pretty, dear” Caroline leaned in and hugged Aly politely

“Nice to meet you” Aly smiled

Aly looked over at Caroline and Harry “I’ll let you two catch up” Aly smiled

“Lou I have your daughter” Aly chuckled and walked into the kitchen with lux to see the rest of the guys

“Lux!” Liam smiled and walked over to lux who was just as excited to see him

“You lost harry already?” Zayn chuckled

“No he’s catching up with Caroline” Aly said grabbing some popcorn out of the bowl. Niall turned to Aly and gave her a dirty look for taking the food he was eating

“Share” Aly chuckled

“And you’re alright with that?”  Liam said holding Lux in the air

“Yeah why not” Aly smiled

“Most girls would get mad” Zayn said hopping up on the counter

“Well I told him to catch up with her and besides it’s not like they’re gonna just start making out” Aly laughed

Aly reached her hand out for more popcorn but niall playfully slapped it away

Aly laughed “Niall James Horan! Share!” she teased and threw a piece at him

“You did not just thrown popcorn at my face” Niall stood up jokingly acting tough and started throwing popcorn at Aly

“Really?” Harry smiled walking into the kitchen “I leave you alone for what 20 minutes and this is what happens?” Harry laughed

“He started it “Aly laughed pointing at Niall

“No way she did” Niall said pointing at her

“Actually yeah I did” Aly laughed as Lou and tom walked into the kitchen with El and Louis following behind them

“Looks like this is where the party’s at” Tom chuckled looking at the popcorn at the floor

“Pretty much” Aly laughed

“Basically” Harry laughed

Harry hopped up on the counter and Aly hopped up next to him and they talked for hours, laughing at each other and telling aly funny stories they all had together.

“we should get going” Lou said as she held a sleeping lux

“wait we have to get a picture of all of us” Harry chuckled “which looks a little difficult with all of us” he grinned

“I got this” Louis said grabbing El’s phone and stood up on the counter “alright now everyone gather around” he smiled and held the phone up “now we’re only doing this once” he chuckled

Everyone squeezed in and smiled “beautiful” he smiled and handed El her phone back

Aly and Harry were the last to leave, they helped El and Louis clean up.

“bye Louis happy birthday” Aly said hugging and kissing him on the cheek

“bye, love see you soon” he said

Aly hugged el “text you later” EL smiled and Harry shut the door behind them. Aly and Harry walked down the front step and stopped on the pavement, Admiring the fresh snow that cover the street and continued to come down. Harry turned to face aly and put his hand gently on her cheek

“Merry Christmas babe” he smiled and slowly leaned in to kiss her

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