Give me Love

continuation of the unforgettable summer. Aly and Harry are working on their long distance relationship. That means late night phone calls, not seeing eachother for months and dealing with rumors the press starts. This seems all too much to handle, but can they work through it?


10. i wont

Aly and harry walked down a hallway with doors on both sides, following the rest of the guys. The nervous butterflies growing bigger in her stomach. Harry is with these people all of the time, what if they don’t like her? She thought as they reached a big open room at the end of the hall full boxes, and different colored screens for the background and big lights.

“There are my favorite boys” a man shouted walking over to the guys.

“hello, rick” Liam said politely as the man shook his hand then shook the others guys hands as well, when he got to Eleanor he gave her a hug and politely gave her a hug and kissed both of her cheeks and she did the same. He’s really affectionate aly thought. Then rick got to her and harry and shook Harry’s hand

“Oh who is this?” he asked excitedly

“Rick, this is my girlfriend, Aly” harry smiled

“Hi” Aly said happily

“Hello, love” he said hugging her then kissing both of her cheeks just as he did with Eleanor. “Well don’t you have the prettiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen” he said smiling his hands on both of her shoulders

“Thank you” Aly smiled politely

“Alright time for hair and makeup” Rick said “harry you go to Lou first since you and your hair take the longest” Rick smiled “the rest of you we can alternate” rick said walking away

“Ready to meet Lou and lux?” Harry said grinning, grabbing her hand

“Yeah” aly smiled then looked at the ground as they walked down the hallway they came in from

“don’t be nervous” he said squeezing her hand “they’ll love you” harry said then stopped in front of one of the door and kissed her on the forehead and smiled at her “ready?” he asked

“Yup” Aly said and took a deep breath as harry opened the door

The room was about the size of her bedroom in the basement, there was a chair, like the ones they have at the hair salon to the left and the left wall was on huge mirror and there was a counter that took up the whole wall under the mirror, full of hair products and make up. To the right there was a maroon leather covered couch.

“Hello, harry” Lou said getting up from the chair. Lou was beautiful Aly thought, she loved her hair. Little lux was standing up at the couch when she saw aly and a big grin grew on her face and she began to squeal happily “hally” she called and stumbled to walk over to him. Harry kneeled down and picked her up to give her a hug.

“Lou, this is Aly” Harry smiled as lux grabbed Harry’s hair

“Hello, love harry has told me a lot about you” Lou said giving her a big hug

“Nice to meet you too” Aly said happily

“And this is lux” harry said smiling as he looked at lux “lux say hi to Aly” he smiled

“Hi lux” Aly said smiling as she gently touched lux’s back. Aly loved babies, and since Tristan was 5 she hadn’t been around a baby in a while, she missed it. Lux smiled happily and leaned over to Aly, puckering her lips. Harry chuckled “she wants to give you a kiss” he smiled Aly leaned in and lux gave her a kiss, lux still smiling.

“Alright, styles let me fix that hair of yours” Lou said motioning him to sit in the chair

Harry smiled and leaned over to Aly passing lux to her.

“Come on lux” Aly smiled happily “let’s go play” Aly said walking over to the couch and sat down on the floor in front of it, holding lux as lux stood in front of her. Lux put her hand on Alys cheek and smiled.

Lou put on the radio and inxs “beautiful girl” came on as she started to fix Harrys hair.

“I like this song” Lou smiled putting gel in Harry’s hair

“This song was on in the waiting room when I was born” Aly said holding lux as lux bounced up and down excitedly

“Really?” Lou’s asked smiling over at aly

“Yeah, well that’s what my mom mom told me anyway, my mom mom says this is my song” Aly smiled looking back at lux “beautiful girl” Aly sang as she picked up lux as if lux was flying, lux laughing as she looked down at aly.

“Stay with me” Lou and Harry sang as Lou continued fixing Harrys hair.

“You’re really good with babies, Aly” Lou said as she started doing Harrys make up.

“I have a couple little cousins that I’ve watched since they were babies” Aly smiled as she gently put lux back on the ground

“Well I guess I’ve found a babysitter” Lou laughed as she brushed Harrys face with make up

Aly gasped happily at lux “do you want me to babysit you lux” lux laughed happily

“I bet you miss your little cousins” Lou asked

“Yeah I do” Aly smiled

“So how do you like London so far?” Lou asked as harry looked in the mirror at Aly

“I think I like it so far” Aly smiled at harry in the mirror as he smiled back

Lou finished Harrys Hair and makeup and quickly did the rest of the boys while harry and Aly played on the floor with lux and Louis, Eleanor, Niall and Liam sat on the couch above them while Zayn got his makeup done.

“Hey, Aly show Lou the tattoo I gave you” zayn chuckled through the mirror

“No, you let him give you a tattoo” Lou stopped and smiled at Aly

Aly chuckled as she stood up “why is that bad?”

“I wouldn’t have let him do it to me” she laughed then aly lifted her shirt up to show Lou her tattoo

“I designed it too” Zayn said proudly

“What’s it a seagull?” Lou said leaning down to look at it “I like it” she said

“With an “h” in it” Zayn smiled

“What, I didn’t see that” Lou said and leaned back down to look at it

“I didn’t look the whole time zayn did it, I told him to be creative” Aly said as Lou leaned back up looking at Aly

“Have you seen Zayns tattoos, love? And you let him design one for you” Lou teased

“Alright, boys are you ready?” Rick said as he opened the door

“Yup” they all said then got up, Eleanor, Lou and Aly followed them out, Aly carrying lux.

“Next time you want a tattoo, go with me” Lou teased as she put her arm around Aly

“Okay” Aly laughed as they walked back out into the big room. Lou, Eleanor and Aly sat down on one of the big metal bins, Aly handed lux to Lou and they watched the boys.

“Smile!” they teased the guys

“Show those muscles” Aly teased and harry smirked at her

“Louis, turn and show your bum” Eleanor said and Aly and Lou looked down at her and laughed, Louis laughing as well.

After they were done taking pictures the boys had to each look through all of the individual pictures of them and pick their favorite, While Niall and Liam were looking through the pictures, Louis was messing around with zayn, hitting each other, while Eleanor and Aly played with lux, Aly smiling as she was holding lux’s hands and lux slowly stumbled walking. Harry walked over and sat next to Lou on the metal bin, watching the girls.

“You two seem really happy” Lou smiled over at Harry

“Yeah” harry looked down smiling, rubbing his hands together

“That’s good” Lou smiled as she nudged Harry playfully

“Yeah, it’s basically like she’s not just my girlfriend, she’s like one of my best friends as well, you know?” Harry smiled

“those are the best kind of relationships, the ones where you’re dating one of your best friends” Lou smiled as she and harry watched Aly picking up lux, smiling and lux giggling “don’t let go of that one” Lou smiled putting her hand on Harrys shoulder. “I won’t” harry smiled

Aly walked over carrying lux “I think someone needs a diaper change” Aly smiled

“Uh oh” Lou smiled and reached her hands out for lux “who’s a stinky baby” she said in a baby voice as she walked away.

“You looked like you had fun out there” Aly said sitting down on Harrys lap. “You seem shy in the beginning though” Aly smiled

“It’s different when you’re standing in front of this big screen with lights down on you” Harry smiled

“aww” Aly teased

“come let’s go” harry smiled and stood up

“where are we going” Aly smiled

“You’re teasing me, so now you’re going to stand where I was” he laughed taking her hand and walked her in front of the screen

“this is it?” Aly smiled

“now start smiling and making poses” Harry smiled

Aly started smiling and making funny poses and laughed

Harry smiled and walked over and picked Aly up and swung her around “okay you show off” he smiled

Lou walked in and smiled at Harry and Aly. She walked over to rick who was with the two other photographers and said “take pictures of them” with a smile. Rick looked over at Harry and Aly, The both of them smiling and laughing at each other. Rick smiled and got up and started taking pictures of Aly and Harry, who didn’t even notice. Lou stood next to rick and smiled and laughed at how cute they were being. Harry put Aly on the ground, still not noticing their picture being taken, Aly started making funny faces at harry, as he laughed. Harry ran over to pick her up and aly ran to the side to avoid him, laughing the whole time as “Emily’s rain” by peter Bradley Adams played overhead. Harry quick ran behind Aly and picked her up and spun her around, both of them laughing and they suddenly stopped and noticed rick and Lou smiling at them “what?” Harry grinned at them

“nothing” they both said with a grin.

A few hours later, after the boys picked their pictures, they all walked out to the parking lot to say by to Lou and lux.

“oh Lou, Aly and I are having a shopping day tomorrow; you and lux should come” Eleanor smiled “like a girl’s day”

“oh that sounds lovely, I’ll pick you up tomorrow, give me your number, Aly” Aly and Lou exchanged numbers with Lou and Eleanor

“oh we see how it is; you’re too good for us” Louis joked making the girls laugh

Everyone gave Lou and lux a hug and piled into the van once again.

“since the girls are too good for us and are ditching us tomorrow, we should have a guy’s day, lads” Louis said from the back

“yeah that’s a good idea” Zayn said

“perfect” Liam said looking at his phone

“I’m in” Niall said

“see we can have our own day too” Harry stuck his tongue out at Aly jokingly

Aly stuck her tongue out at him and laughed

“you are so alike it’s weird” Zayn said with a laugh

“I wanted to say that too, but I didn’t want to be the first one” Liam smiled looking up from his phone.

“yeah, like Aly is the girl version of Harry” Niall laughed

“yeah now I see it” Louis smiled

“well it’s the same for you and Eleanor” Aly chuckle “she’s the girl version of you”

“ahh touché, Aly” Louis smiled.

The van pulled up in front of Harrys and He and Aly got out

“bye guys see you later” Aly said

“bye Aly” they shouted “I’ll see you tomorrow, Aly” Eleanor shouted

“bye” Aly smiled

“alright I’ll see you tomorrow guys” Harry said and shut the door

Harry and Aly walked into the house and Harry grinned at Aly

“im hungry” he smiled

“chocolate ice cream?” she asked with a smile

“I was hoping you’d say that” he smiled and picked her up bridal style and carried her into the kitchen.

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