Give me Love

continuation of the unforgettable summer. Aly and Harry are working on their long distance relationship. That means late night phone calls, not seeing eachother for months and dealing with rumors the press starts. This seems all too much to handle, but can they work through it?


1. i wanna be there

Harry pulled across the street from Alys house, parked the car and turned to Aly with a cheeky grin on his face.

“I can’t believe you’re really here” Aly said smiling as she looked into Harrys eyes, the eyes she missed and hadn’t seen in person since the day she left her great aunt and uncles house and watched harry disappear into the rear view mirror.

“I can’t believe it either” Harry said still smiling as he pushed a piece of hair out of Alys face.

“Oh just kiss already” Abby said from the back seat. They had almost forgotten that Abby was still in the backseat.

“Speaking of which Niall says hi, Abby” Harry said with a chuckle

“Did he?” Abby said blushing looking and the floor

“Yeah” Harry said cheekily as he and Aly climbed out the car

“Wait how did he say it?” Abby asked from the back seat “like was it a polite hi or like hey how you doin” abby continued as she climbed out of the car

“He said it like “tell abby I said hi” Harry said with a wink and chuckle

“oo yeah abby!” Aly teased as they walked across the street, harry putting his arm her and gently kissing the side of her head

“Well tell him I said hey” Abby said with a wink as they walked up the steps to Alys front door. Aly lived in a row home just like most of the houses in Philadelphia were, she liked it, and then again it’s the only city she ever lived in. Aly opened the door and walked into the living room and her and Aly threw their school bags on the couch. She could hear Jake barking as he ran up the steps to greet them.

“Hey jakie!” Aly greeted him as he ran towards her

“Hey buddy” Harry said as Jake ran for him and barked excitedly

Aly and Abby walked into the kitchen and opened the cabinets looking for something to eat just as they did every day when they came home from school.  Harry walked over and jumped onto the counter next to the cabinet where Aly was looking.

“So is this what you do every day” Harry asked smiling

“Yup” Aly said smiling

“Pretty much” Abby laughed as she checked the other cabinet.

Aly grabbed the nutella out of the cabinet and grabbed a spoon, while Abby kept looking

“I want ice cream” Abby said as she put one hand on her hip

“It’s down stairs in the freezer” aly struggled to say with a spoonful of nutella in her mouth

“That is so attractive, Aly” Abby said jokingly

“It is isn’t it?” Aly laugh as she turned to harry

Abby walked out of the kitchen to go get ice cream and Aly turned to Harry and smiled

“See what you missed” Aly teased

“I did miss your silliness” Harry said wiping Nutella off of the corner of her mouth and pulled her in and leaned his head against hers “and I missed seeing your smile and kissing you” he said in a whisper and kissed her gently on the lips.

“Whoa I came back at the wrong time” Abby said as she walked into the kitchen

“Well at least it was you that came in and not her dad” Harry said with a laugh

“He’s at work” Aly smiled “it’s always just me and Abby after school”

“Do you live here” Harry asked Abby

“Pretty much, well until my parents decide they want me back, which is usually like 6ish” she said with a chuckle

“Want some “Aly asked Harry as she held a spoonful of nutella to him, he shook his head as Aly fed him the spoon. Harry put his arms around Aly as he continued sitting on the counter with her back to him and she continued to feed him, lifting the spoon above her head and he would eat it.

“That’s so cute” Abby said with a smile

“What is” Harry asked

“That you haven’t physically seen each other in months and you act like you just saw each other yesterday, like nothing changed” she said smirking

“Why would it change” Aly said smiling

“I don’t know” Abby said still smiling

“Come on lets go to my room” Aly said closing up the nutella and putting it in the cabinet

Harry hopped off the counter and wrapped his arms around her again. They headed to the basement door and walked downstairs.

“you live in the basement” Harry asked surprised and he looked at the light blue carpeted room with big pictures hung on the walls, a picture of Paris, new York city and London,  were the biggest pictures. There were picture frames of collages with pictures of Aly and her friends. Next to her bed was a collage with pictures of Aly, abby and Chris. And then he saw the pictures of them that they took during the summer, the ones of them in front of the Ferris wheel, the one of her on Harrys back the day of the paint fight and they were covered in blue, the one of the last night together. The one of Harrys blue lips as he made the kissy face the day he sat outside her window when she was grounded. He looked at them and smiled, remembering those days.

“That’s my favorite one” Aly said with a chuckle from behind him “I can’t believe you sat outside my window for hours that day” and they chuckled

Abby lay down on the couch in Alys room and let out a sigh “thankfully this is the start of our holiday break, I’m so tired” Abby said

“Oh my gosh I didn’t even ask you how long you’re here for” Aly said looking at Harry “Are you going to be here for thanksgiving” Aly asked excitedly

“If you want me to be” Harry leaned into her with a smile

“Of course I do, which means you have to meet the rest of my crazy family” Aly said leaning her head against his

“Well if they’re like you, I think I can handle it’ he said as he kissed her forehead.

Just then Harrys phone went off and Harry looked at it. “sorry, its Niall” harry said and Abby shot him a look which made him chuckled “hello Niall” Harry said cheekily “yes im in the u.s I told you I left today, remember you told me to tell abby you said hi” Harry took his phone and put it on speaker “well did you tell her?” Niall asked happily “I did, but now you can tell her, youre on speaker” and suddenly Niall got quiet “am I really” niall asked embarrassed making Harry, Aly and Abby laugh “hello Niall” Abby said with a laugh. “oh hello Abby, how are you doing? Are you okay?” Niall asked sounding shy “ I’m doing good” Abby said politely “how are you?” she asked “good…well I have to go liam is hitting me” “bye niall” Aly, harry and abby said “bye” niall said and hung up.

“he gets shy” Harry said chuckling

Aly lay down on her bed and Harry laid next to her and she put her head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around her.  Abby got up to get a blanket and looked over at them “aw look how cute you guys look” in a baby voice. Aly picked up a pillow and jokingly threw it at her and stuck her tongue out. Abby laid back down on the couch and bundled up and fell asleep.  Harry stroked Alys hairs as she laid there and she slowly felt him stop and his breathing start to slow. She lifted her head and saw he fell asleep. She looked at him for a few seconds and couldn’t believe he was really here, she was so used to seeing him on a computer screen on skype. She gently pushed some curls away from his cheek and gently kissed him and laid her head back on his chest, falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

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