Give me Love

continuation of the unforgettable summer. Aly and Harry are working on their long distance relationship. That means late night phone calls, not seeing eachother for months and dealing with rumors the press starts. This seems all too much to handle, but can they work through it?


6. gifts

That week of school went by so slow for Aly, all she could say was thank god its Friday when she woke that Friday morning. She got up and slowly stretched putting her iPod on shuffle, kiss me by new found glory came blasting through the speakers and she danced to the beat as she straightened her hair.

“Ding ding” her phone went off. She quick jumped up, assuming it was Harry, but she was wrong.

“Hey, want to go Christmas shopping after school? My mom can drive us” Abby wrote

“Sure (: “Aly wrote

Aly quick put on a pair of American eagle jeans, a navy blue sweater and her tan ugg boots.

“Okay I’ll be there in like 2 min “ Abby wrote back.

Guess I’ll take breakfast to go she thought as she ran upstairs to the kitchen to grab a cupcake and out the door she went just as Abby was walking down her street.

“Hey” Abby said with a smile pushing a piece of hair out of her face with her pink mittens.

“Mittens already, Abs?” Aly smiled as she started to walk, peeling the paper off of her cupcake

“Coming from the girl eating a cupcake for breakfast” Abby said and playfully nudged Aly.

“It’s the breakfast of champions” Aly smiled as she put her icing covered finger in her mouth

Aly took out her phone and took a picture of herself smiling with the cupcake in front of her face and sent it to harry say “breakfast of champions yay or nay? Haha miss you babe xx”

“Yeah I’m forever alone” Abby said with a chuckle

“Aw why abs?” Aly said putting her phone in her sweater pocket

“Well you have Harry and you guys are so cute, even though you live countries apart, you still make it work adorably and me? I have no one” Abby smiled

“You’ll find the perfect guy one day Abs, but until then you have me” Aly said with a smile as she gave Abby a big hug from the side

Abby laughed “oh really? And how does your boyfriend feel about this?”

“He accepts it” Aly laughed still hugging her best friend

Just as Aly and Abby got to their locker Alys phone went off

“So sorry I haven’t texted you today. Babe! Busy, busy day, haven’t had a minute to look at my phone until now. You’re probably just getting to school with Abby and probably smiling that beautiful smile as you read this, have a good day! Ill text you when I can. Love you (: xxxxxxxxx” He wrote “p.s cupcakes ARE the breakfast of champions, now I’m in the mood for a cupcake”

“Its okay (: and you know me way too well you got both of those guesses right! Have fun today! And sorry babe, I’ll save one for you, although they might be bad by the time you get to eat it”

Aly put her phone back into her pocket just as the bell rang to get to class and she quick grabbed her books and dashed to class. Aly sat down in her normal seat as her teacher walked in “okay everyone we have a new student with us today” she said as a guy with blonde hair, wearing a green element t-shirt and jeans on, walked in behind her. “Guys, this is Lucas, make him feel welcome! Lucas, you can take that empty seat over there” she pointed. Lucas walked down the aisle.

“Hey” he nodded he said straight faced to Aly and took the seat next to her.

“Hey” she said and put her head down.

Class went by slow as always, she couldn’t wait to get out of class, especially since the new kid kept bouncing his foot making noise, which annoyed Aly beyond belief.

“Since its Friday I’ll give you guys 5 minutes to talk before the bell rings” the teacher said as she sat at her desk.

Aly took the opportunity to take her phone out and say Harry had sent her a picture, she opened it and it was a picture of Harry and the guys holding cupcakes with icing on their faces. “This is what happens when we buy cupcakes, we throw icing on each other and now we have to go to an interview covered in icing” he wrote

Aly laughed “hahahaha I guess I’m partly to blame?” she

“Hey what’s your name?” Lucas asked looking over at Aly

“I’m Aly” she said politely, looking up from her phone

Then her phone went off again “basically, yeah (: “he wrote

“I don’t mean to bother you, but can you tell me where this room is?” Lucas asked passing her his class schedule.

Aly checked “oh that’s my next class too, you can just follow me if you want” she said nicely

“Thanks” he said putting his schedule in his book.

“Sure” Aly smiled as she checked her phone

“You should be paying attention in class! “ Harry joked

“I blame you for distracting me” She smiled as she wrote as the bell rang

She quick put her phone back and she and Lucas walked out into the hallway.

“So where are from?” Aly asked trying to start conversation

“North Carolina” he said putting his head down “Wilmington to be exact”

“Oh that’s cool” she said not knowing what else to say

“It’s okay, kinda boring. Have you lived here your whole life?” he asked

“Yup, born and raised” she smiled “so what made you move here?”

“I just had to get out of there yah know? Try something new I guess” he said pulling his schoolbag up on his shoulder

“By yourself?” she asked curiously

“No with my mom and nephew”

“Oh that’s nice” she said as they reached the class.  They got there a few minutes before class was going to start so she took her phone out again and saw two texts from harry.

“Yeah but with my amazing curls and sexy dimples, who wouldn’t be distracted by me? (;” she read making aly laugh the second text said

 “Oh and gangnam style is about to be stuck in your head. You’re welcome – love Louis”

“Which is exactly why I’m distracted all the time (; and no it won’t Louis!” she wrote as the bell rang. Aly sang gangnam style in her head the whole class, damn you Louis she thought. The bell rang, which meant the end of the day, finally she thought. She took her phone out to text harry, even though he hadn’t texted her back

“Curse you Louis Tomlinson, I had that song stuck in my head for the past hour” she wrote with a smile as she reached her locker to meet Abby.

“Hey Aly, ready to leave?” Abby smiled

“Bye, Aly” Lucas said with a smile as he walked by

“Ooo who’s that?” Abby asked

“He’s the new kid, Lucas, I showed him where his class was” Aly said putting books into her book bag.

“He’s fit” Abby laughed “speaking of fit, have you talked to harry, and I don’t mean fit as in i’m calling harry fit, i’m just saying it because it’s a word he uses” Abby laughed

“Yeah I was texting him earlier” Aly smiled putting a book in her bag “oh no I left my wallet at home”

“It’s okay; we can ask my mom to stop by your house before we head to the mall”

Aly and Abby head out into the parking lot and stopped by her house so she could run in and grab her wallet and saw a note on her bed.

“I stopped by earlier and there was a gift at the door, it’s in the kitchen! – love grandma”

Aly quick grabbed her wallet and ran up to the kitchen to see what it was. She went into the kitchen and saw a huge bouquet of red roses “These are to make you smile, babe XX love harry” Aly smiled as a tear fell from her eyes, a guy never bought her flowers before. She took her phone out again and texted Harry “I love the flowers, and you (:” she wrote and quick ran out to the car. Aly and Abby walked around the mall with Abby’s mom, looking for Christmas presents for a few hours, Aly managed to get krysta a cute pair of boots and she found an element hoodie for her brother. They stopped by the food court and got Starbucks and sat at a table to rest.

“So Aly, any ideas what you’re gonna get Harry for Christmas?” Abby asked

“No” Aly said sadly putting her head down “I mean what do you get a guy who has everything I can’t get him anything extravagant” she said taking a sip of her frappe

“Oh, Aly men don’t care about gifts unless they have meaning” Abby’s mom said

“Really?” Aly asked surprised

“Really, give him something that has meaning, like something that means something to both of you” her mom said as she took a sip of her coffee

“Come on, Aly you know harry loves you, it doesn’t matter what you get him” Abby said cheering her up

Aly felt her phone go off. “I know it’s just, like today when I ran into the house to grab my wallet, he sent a huge bouquet of roses and it’s just…..I feel bad because I can’t do that, I can’t send him cute little gifts, I don’t have the money to” Aly said disappointed

“Yeah, but Aly, he does that because he loves you, not because he expects a gift in return” Abby’s mom said with a smile

“I know” Aly said still disappointed then took out her phone to try shake her mind of her thoughts. There was a text from harry “I love you more (:” she read as she smiled staring at the message, reading it over and over again, with the picture of her and Harry lying on the leaves in the background.

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