Give me Love

continuation of the unforgettable summer. Aly and Harry are working on their long distance relationship. That means late night phone calls, not seeing eachother for months and dealing with rumors the press starts. This seems all too much to handle, but can they work through it?


5. Every word you write or sing is so warm to me

Aly woke up and started to get ready for school. Why does a week break go by so fast, but a week of school go by so slow she thought as she put her iPod on shuffle. Aly put on a black lacy long sleeve button down shirt with a black tank top and a pair of denim jeans and her matching black ugg boots and quick scrunched her hair before Abby got to her house. Aly got done quicker and she thought and lay down on her bed to text Harry. She already had two texts from him.

“Good morning, Babe (: its 9am here which means its 4am there. Hope I didn’t wake you! Xx”

“We just got done an interview and we’re on our way to another one, I miss you” and he sent a picture of him with a frown face

She smiled “morning babe, just waiting for Abby to get here. I miss you! Xx” and she took a picture of her making a frown face and sent it him, just as there was a knock at her door.

Aly quick grabbed her blue, floral backpack and ran outside to meet Abby.

“Morning Aly” Abby smiled tiredly

“Hey abby” Aly said with a smiled

“Why does break go by so fast” she said grumpily

“I thought that today too” Aly smiled

“So did you Skype Harry last night?” Abby asked

“No, I haven’t since the night he left, he’s been busy” Aly said putting her head down

“I’m sorry” Abby said

“It’s fine, it’s not like I don’t talk to him” Aly looked up and smiled

“True, and besides you have me” Abby said squeezing her

Aly and Abby went to their lockers and then parted ways to get to class. Aly sat in Algebra, constantly checking the clock. “I’m pretty sure that clock is broke, it hasn’t moved” she thought then again maybe it was because it was the last class of the day.

“Ding ding” her phone went off making aly jump to quick turn the volume off.

“Aly, you know the cell phone policy” her teacher said angrily

“I’m so sorry, this phone just randomly turns on” she lied

“You only get one freebee, if it happens again it’s a detention” her teacher said as she turned to the board again. Aly checked her phone knowing who had texted her.

“My bum hurts” Harry wrote making aly chuckle

“Ha-ha why?” she smiled as she wrote

Aly looked up at the teacher to make sure she didn’t notice Aly texting in class. Her phone vibrated.

“Okay so basically... we had a photo shoot after the second interview and I was really tired and I told you about how we can’t fall asleep in the car because chances are you’ll get something shoved up your nostril, anyway a way we get each other to smile is we pinch each other’s bums and well my smile wasn’t very convincing so Louis kept pinching it really hard” he wrote, making aly crack up. Her teacher looked at her angrily

“Would you mind explaining what is so funny” she said angrily

“I’m sorry, I thought of something funny” Aly said making a failed attempt at not smiling

“Now we only have about ten more minutes left of class, do you think you can last ten minutes without another interruption?”  Her teacher asked

“I will try my best” Aly smiled

“Thank you” her teacher said facing the board again

“Hahahahahaha I literally just burst out laughing in the middle of class and now my teacher is mad at me (:” Aly wrote as she smiled

“Oooo you’re going to get into trouble!” Harry teased

“So how about a Skype date in an hour?” he texted again

Aly smiled excitedly “of course (: only ten more minutes of class then I have to wait for Abby then I’ll run home” she wrote back.

The school bell finally rang and Aly ran out of class to her locker, she saw Abby walking down the hallway. “Come on Abs move your butt!” Aly yelled down the hallway

“Why what’s the rush” Abby said as she opened her locker

“I have a Skype date in about….30 minutes” Aly said checking her phone with a smile

“Ooo okay well my mom is picking us up, I have a dentist appointment so you’ll be home faster “Abby smiled. Aly and Abby quickly walked to the parking lot to the car.

“Hello girls, how was school?” Abby mom asked as they climbed in

“Good” they both said in unison

“Come onnnnnn you take forever” Harry joked

“Sorry, I’m on my way home now” Aly wrote back

“Who are you texting, Aly, your boyfriend?” Abby’s little brother, jack, asked

“Maybe” Aly said sticking her tongue out at him

“Ooooooooo” Jack teased

They pulled in front of Alys house and aly quick jumped out “bye thanks for the ride! Text me Abs” Aly said before she shut the car door.  Aly ran up the front steps and threw her school bag on the couch like she always did and ran to her room to put her laptop on. She quick logged on Skype and called Harry.

She could hear him, but she couldn’t see him yet. “Hellooo babe!” he said as his iTunes played in the background “I can’t see you yet” then her screen popped up “never mind now I can!” he said

“Hi” she said happily

“Well don’t you look beautiful today” he smiled while chewing something

“Aww thanks, how was your day?” Aly asked

“It was alright, busy” he said

“What are you eating” she said with a chuckled

“Gummy bears” he smiled cheekily holding up a bag of gummies

“Are those haribo gummies?” Aly asked

“Yes” he said putting a handful into his mouth

“That’s my favorite kind” Aly smiled

“Mine too!” he said excitedly “what’s your favorite flavor?” he asked


“Mine too!” he smiled

Just then Cher Lloyds “want u back” came on and he started to dance.

“I want you back, want you back” he and Aly sang and danced.

“Really Harry” Zayn said in the background

“Hey zayn” Aly shouted still not able to see him.

“Is that Aly?” Zayn said suddenly coming into view

“Hey Aly, how are doing? You okay?” he asked with a smile

“I’m good how about you?” she asked with a smile

“Any more tattoos?” Zayn joked

Aly laughed “nope, not yet”

“Well you let me do your next one too, okay?”  He laughed

“You got it”

“Tell my little buddy, Tristan, I said hi, alright?” he smiled

“I will, he misses you!” Aly smiled

“I miss him too, we miss you too, I’ll see you later” zayn said waving as he left the screen

“Where’s he going?” Aly chuckled

“The guys are going out to go on an “adventure” “he put in air quotes

“Why the air quotes” aly chuckled

“Because they don’t really go on an adventure really the go get something to eat and come back” he laughed

Aly laid down on her bed with her laptop next to her.

“Are you tired too, babe?” Harry asked as he laid down too

“yeah” she smiled as she yawned

“isn’t she lovely” Harry started singing softly to her

“isn’t she wonderful” Aly sang with him as she closed her eyes. They both soon drifted off to sleep, laptops still on, almost as if they were sleeping next to each other.

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