Give me Love

continuation of the unforgettable summer. Aly and Harry are working on their long distance relationship. That means late night phone calls, not seeing eachother for months and dealing with rumors the press starts. This seems all too much to handle, but can they work through it?


3. days of our lives, thanksgiving special

“Ding! Ding!” Alys phone went off. She rolled over and checked it; it was a text from her mom.

“Mom mom told me you were bringing your friend today, wish you would have told me first.”

Alys mom had always been slightly dramatic, simple things made her mom mad or upset, especially since her parents separated her mom always complained to Aly that she felt like Aly chose her dad over her, but the truth is her mom had done the same to her, her mom always chose her boyfriend over Aly , her sister and brother, In fact her mom never even told her about her boyfriend, Aly saw the pictures of her and him on Facebook, still aly was working on having a good relationship with her mom, even though aly hated her mom’s boyfriend, it was either have a relationship with her and hate him or have no relationship with her at all.

“Hi mom, happy thanksgiving to you too (: “Aly sarcastically wrote back

“Ding” her phone went off again

“Happy thanksgiving, Aly, why am I the last to know this?” her mom wrote back

“you’re not the last to know, mom mom and pop pop are the only ones who know because I figured I’d be polite and ask if they were okay with him coming over” Aly wrote back.

Aly lay in bed for a few minutes wondering if she should just get up now or sleep for another hour.

“Ding ding”

“Are you trying to say he’s not polite” her mother wrote

“If you’re referring to him as in your boyfriend, no I wasn’t even talking about him; you always assume I’m talking about him. I’ll see you at mom moms at 2” Aly wrote

Aly got out of bed and stretched as she walked across the room knowing she wouldn’t be able to sleep now that she was mad. Her mother always brought her boyfriend into everything and was always quick to defend him, even when he talked mean about Aly and her siblings, she chose him. “You don’t even know Greg how you can say that about him” she would always say.

“Sweet dis-po-sition” her phone went off and a big grin grew across alys face and she walked over to her phone

“Good morning” Aly said happily, she loved that no matter how mad or sad or angry she was, just seeing harry calling with the picture of them on her phone made her happy

“Well good morning, I thought I was going to be your wakeup call” Harry said cheekily on the other end as aly walked over to her bureau to pick her outfit out for the day.

“well I’ve been up for about two hours, for thanksgiving Americans get up early and buy their turkey and pick a fresh pumpkin so they can make a fresh pie and all” Aly teased

“Really?” Harry said surprised

“No, I’m kidding, I got up like 10 minutes ago” she laughed

“Ha Ha” Harry mocked

“Aly” Her dad called from the top of the steps “Are you up” he asked

“Yeah I’m up!”  She yelled back

“Good! Happy thanksgiving!” He yelled back

“Sorry, that was my dad” Aly said talking to Harry

“It’s alright, what time would you like me to be there, babe” He asked

“Well you can come over whenever you’re ready if you want” Aly said taking out a pair of black leggings and a pink and white striped oversized sweater.

“Okay, I’ll see you then” Aly smiled

“Oh, I need to tell you something…” Harry said sounding sad

“What’s wrong?” She asked

“Management called me this morning and said I need to fly back tomorrow morning, we have to do some kind of press release or something”

“Oh...”Aly said as a pit in her stomach fell

“I’m sorry, love, don’t let it run today though, okay? “ He said trying to cheer her up

“No, no it won’t” Aly said lying trying make him happy

“Good, I’ll see you soon, babe”

“Okay see you soon” She said still sad

“Oh and Aly? ….I love you” He said sweetly

Aly smiled “I love you too” she said and then he hung up.

Aly headed upstairs and hopped in the shower and put on the shower radio to some Nicki minaj song and sang to clear her head. After a long shower she dried off and got dressed and headed downstairs to her room and checked her phone.

“Happy thanksgiving!” Abby wrote

“Happy thanksgiving Abs! Tell everyone there I said happy thanksgiving! Oh and should I straighten or curl my hair today?”  Aly hit send then started blow drying her hair

“Curl so you and harry can match (:” Aly read as she laughed as she continued to blow dry her hair.

Aly turned on her curling iron and put some foundation on while her curling iron heated up.  It took Aly about an hour to put her make up on and curl her hair and then headed upstairs to the living room to find her grand mom walking in the house with grocery bags.

“Here let me help” Aly said taking the bags from her grandma

“Oh thank you, happy thanksgiving” she said happily

“Last minute shopping?” Aly joked

“Well you know we don’t eat until 6 so I figure I can beat the crowd. Oh and Harrys out front helping your dad” she said with a smile “don’t you have to be at your mom moms soon?” she asked

“Yeah we’ll be leaving soon” Aly smiled

“Hello” harry said walking into the house with bags of groceries

“Hi” Aly smiled as she walked over to help him

He gave her a kiss on the cheek “I’m not late am I?” he asked

“Nope I just got done getting ready” she smiled

“Hello, Aly you look nice” her dad said placing a pie on the kitchen table

“Thanks dad” she smiled “ready to leave?” she asked Harry

“Yeah sure” he smiled

“Okay bye dad” he hugged him

“We’ll be here by 6ish” she said as she hugged her grandma

Harry and Aly walked out the door and Harry opened the car door for her and then hopped in and started the car.

“Are you sure you’ll be able to handle my family?” Aly joked

“I think I’ll be okay” he smiled as he leaned in for a kiss.

She kissed him and smiled as she pulled away “good”

Aly put the radio up to Kellie picklers “day of your life” and rolled down the window, her hair flying in the wind

“So who’s going to be there?” Harry asked

“My mom, her boyfriend, my sister, brother, my 2 aunts, 2 uncles and cousins” she smiled “why are you getting nervous?” she asked

“Nope just curious” he smiled and started singing along

Alys phone started ringing, she checked her phone, and it was a blocked number. She turned down the radio and answered

“Hello?” she asked politely

“Heyyy sexual how you doing?” The voice said

“Who is this?” she asked curiously

“Wow, it hasn’t been that long since we talked and you already forgot about your best friend” the voice said

“Michael!” Aly said happily

“Happy thanksgiving, dork!”  He laughed

“Happy thanksgiving!” she said happily “so where are you going today” she asked

“Your aunt and uncles, my mom and sister are too, how about you?”

“Well me and Harry are on our way to my mom moms house, then I’ll go back to my house” she smiled

“Harrys there? “He asked surprised

“Yeah he surprised me “she smiled

“Well tell him I said hi!”

“Michael says hi” Aly smiled at harry

“Hello” Harry said

“Well hey Michael we have to go we just got to my mom moms, tells Aunt Carol and uncle john I said hi! I miss you!” Aly said

“Okay will do! Have fun!” he said then hung up

Aly put her phone in her pocket and turned and smiled at Harry

“Are you ready for this?” she asked

“Yeah” he smiled cheekily

“let’s go” she smiled as she got out of the car and waited for Harry, then took his hand and walked up to the house.

Aly could hear her aunts and uncles talking through the door.

“Let’s do this” she laughed and opened the door

“Hey guys” Aly said still holding Harrys hand

“Hi Aly” Her aunt Lisa said and walked over giving her a hug

“This is my boyfriend, Harry” Aly said

“Hello, nice to meet you” Harry said reaching out to shake her hand

“Oh I love you accent!” her aunt said

“Thank you’ he smiled cheekily

Aly introduced harry to her aunts, uncles and cousins and then walked over to her mom mom, who smiled in her wheel chair as she and harry walked over.

“Happy thanksgiving mom mom! This is harry” Aly said as she reached down to kiss and hug her

“Hi, Harry!” she said happily

“Hello” Harry said reaching down to hug her “nice to meet you” he smiled

“No wonder why Aly likes you so much” her mom mom smiled “you always did have a thing for guys with long hair too” she teased “and you’ve always loved accents”

Aly put her hand up to her face, embarrassed as she blushed. Harry put his arm around her and kissed her head “now you never told me that” he teased

“Hey spark!” Her pop pop said happily as he came out of the kitchen. Her pop pop had always called her sparkle, ever since she was little, he said it’s because the night she was born and he came out of the hospital that night, and the stars were really bright.

“Hey pop pop” she hugged him “this is my boyfriend Harry” smiled

“Hello sir” Harry said politely shaking his hand

“Oh you’re British aren’t you” he asked

“Yes sir I am” he smiled

“Perfect, I love soccer, well you call it football,” her pop pop said excitedly

“Pop pop!” she said embarrassed again

“Oh then you need to talk to our friend, Niall, he loves soccer, I like it, I’m just bad at it” Harry laughed

“Where are mom and krysta and bobby?” Aly asked

“Oh you know your mom, late as always” he said and suddenly the door opened and in walked her mom

“Happy thanksgiving everyone” her mom and Greg said walking over to Aly

“Hi, Aly” her mom said as she gave Aly a hug

“Hi, mom this is Harry”

“Hello, harry nice to meet you” she said reaching to hug him

“Nice to meet you too” he smiled

“This is my boyfriend, Greg” her mom said

“Hey how you doing, buddy” Greg said shaking Alys hand

Krysta walked over, her blonde air straight as could be “sup, Aly” she joked

“Nothing punk” Aly teased back “this is harry”

“Hi” harry smiled

“Hi, literally aly told me so much about you” She said

“okay let’s eat!” her pop pop announced as he out a giant turkey on the table and everyone sat down, as there was another knock at the door. Krysta got up and opened it.

“Hey everyone!” it was Christian. Aly quick got up and hugged him

“Hey bud! What are you doing here” she asked happily

“Well I’m in Philly for a while, I thought I’d swing by here for thanksgiving” he smiled

“Hey, Harry, good seeing you again, dude” he said patting Harrys backs as he walked and sat down at the empty seat next to harry.

“So how many of Alys friends are joining us for dinner?” Greg said cocky “sorry did you want to make a phone call to invite more of your friends?” he continued

“Actually, I will gladly call someone to take your place” she said angrily

“Aly, its thanksgiving” her mom said with an angry look

“Of course take his side as always” Aly said under her breath not wanting to cause a scene

“I hear that” krysta said

“What was that?” her mom said

“Nothing, can we eat now?” Aly said

Harry put his arm around aly knowing she was upset,

“See we didn’t even eat yet and you already got a soap opera” Aly smiled at him and kissed him on the cheek telling him she was fine.

“yeah but we’re the hot couple of the soap opera so were good” Harry whispered in her ear making Aly crack up, as her family looked at her wondering what she was laughing at.

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