Give me Love

continuation of the unforgettable summer. Aly and Harry are working on their long distance relationship. That means late night phone calls, not seeing eachother for months and dealing with rumors the press starts. This seems all too much to handle, but can they work through it?


17. cause nobody compares to you

“Babe are you almost done” Harry asked laying on the bed as jagger playfully but him while aly curled her hair in the bathroom

She looked out and him and smiled “babe, I’m meeting your family for the first time first impressions are lasting”

Harry chuckled and looked at her “I wasn’t nervous about meeting your family for the first time”

Aly chuckled “you mean you weren’t nervous about meeting my family on thanksgiving” she said putting her hand on her hip with a grin knowing he was lying

“No I meant your aunt carol and uncle john, I thought I was gonna throw up on thanksgiving I was so nervous” he chuckled

“Weren’t you hiding in my room the first time you met aunt carol?” aly laughed rolling the curling iron in her hair

Harry laughed “yeah then I jumped out the window and knocked on the door” he and aly started laughing hysterically

“Yeah I remember that” she laughed as jagger walked into the bathroom and grabbed alys boot and started running into the bed room.

“Jagger no!” aly said quickly trying to quickly to get the curling iron out of her hair “babe get him” aly chuckled. Harry got up and went after the little puppy who thought harry was playing and started running out into the hallway. Aly quick ran after him, following harry, she couldn’t help but chuckle

“Jagger, bad” Harry said with a chuckle as they chased him. They puppy stopped in the corner of the hallway, knowing he was trapped.

Harry grabbed the boot out of his mouth and handed it to aly with a smile “it’s really slobbery” he chuckled

“aw how could I be mad at that face though” Aly said looking at jagger, who was sitting in the corner giving the puppy dog face “you’re just so cute aren’t you” aly said picking him up who kissed her excitedly as he wagged his tail

“You are gonna spoil him” harry smiled as he started walking back to the room

“But look at this face” Aly said holding Jagger out

“He is cute but he gave me the same face at the pet store and now he’s a bad little puppy” harry said cutely leaning his face in to jagger as the pup kissed him

“But he’s our bad little puppy” Aly said in Harrys accent as harry put jagger down


“Are you slagging my accent?” Harry chuckled

“Me? No I would never do that” she said in his accent as she smiled

“You are I can’t believe you’d do that” He chuckled as aly walked back in the room

“Babe, I am not” still mocking him as she laughed

Harry wrapped his arms around her waist and quickly and playfully but her ear

“Ow! Okay I’m sorry” aly said laughing

“You should be” he chuckled

Aly quickly finished doing her hair and put on her white sweater dress and black leggings, with her dark brown high heeled boots

“We’ll see how these boots work out” she chuckled walking downstairs to harry

“You look amazing babe, can I bet how many times you’re gonna fall in those though?” He chuckled

Aly playfully hit him “you’re mean, but yes you can, I bet at least 10” she chuckled

“I say at least 15” he chuckled

“5 bucks?” aly laughed

“Deal” he said leaning in for a kiss

She quick kissed him and opened up her box with the necklace harry gave her “can you put this on?”

“I’d love to’ he smiled as she turned around and he fastened it around her neck “beautiful” he said and kissed the side of her neck

“Ding ding” her phone went off

“Eleanor and Louis say merry Christmas” Aly smiled as she saved the picture of all of them from the night before

Aly sent her the picture of her and harry in their jack wills hoodies from that morning

“Tell me love, what did he get you!!??” Eleanor wrote back

“Ready to go?” Harry asked putting Jaggers leash on

“Jagger is coming?” Aly said excitedly

“Yeah after I asked my mum to watch him she wants to see him” he smiled as he stood up

“Yay” she smiled “and yes I’m ready to go”

Harry walked out holding Jaggers leash as the puppy playfully bit it, aly walked out and shut the door behind her and took out her phone to text Eleanor back

“oh my gosh el, you won’t believe what har- Then suddenly fell over flat on her butt Harry quickly turned around and she and him started laughing hysterically

“Are you alright?” Harry asked and he began to tear up from laughing so hard

Tears from laughing rolled down Alys face “yeah” she continued laughing

Harry walked over still laughing hysterically and held his hand out to help her up. Harry put his arm around her waist and walked her to the car as they continued laughing he opened the door for her and handed her jagger. He walked around the car and got in.

“You haven’t even been wearing them for ten minutes and you’ve already fallen once” he said laughing

“You might win this bet” she laughed as harry began pulling out of the driveway

Aly took her phone out and took a picture of her and Jagger and held out her necklace and sent it to Eleanor “looks what he got me!”

Aly sent it and looked out the window as they drove, she thought about how this was the first year not spending Christmas with her family and how her family was an 8 hour plane ride away, in fact they weren’t awake yet. 

“You miss your family and Abby don’t you?” Harry asked almost like he read her mind

“Yeah, but I’m happy I’m here” she smiled as he took her hand

Aly took her phone and texted her family a “merry Christmas (: I miss you guys so much” and attached the picture of her and everyone from last night, she wanted to wait to show them the picture of Jagger

Harry parked in front of his house; no envy no fear by Joshua Radin playing on the radio “are you ready” he grinned

“Yeah” Aly said nervously with a smile

Aly and harry got out of the car and aly put Jagger on the ground, Harry put his arm around her waist “just in case you go to fall ill catch you” he chuckled

“Thanks” she smiled as they walked up to the house just as his mom opened the door

“Hello” his mom said happily and gave aly a big hug “I’m Anne, you must be aly” she smile

“It’s nice to meet you” Aly smiled

“Oh Harrys told me so much about you, love” she smiled as Jagger happily jumped up at her

Harry gave Anne a hug “this is Jagger, mum”

“Aww he’s adorable” she smiled “come in, come in, it’s cold out” she said as they walked into the house

Aly met Harry’s sister and step dad and they all sat down to dinner, Anne held out her wine glass

“I’d like to toast to the family for being able to be together this holiday and to Jagger and Aly, the new members of our family” Anne smiled at Aly as Harry rubbed alys hand

“To family” they toasted with a smile


hey everyone! sorry for taking forever to post! ive been so busy and stressed about school! hope everyone is doing good and happy thanksgiving if you celebrate it! oh and this is exactly how i pictured Jagger :)


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