Give me Love

continuation of the unforgettable summer. Aly and Harry are working on their long distance relationship. That means late night phone calls, not seeing eachother for months and dealing with rumors the press starts. This seems all too much to handle, but can they work through it?


11. Breathing in snowflakes

“Take my hand, I'll teach you to dance I'll spin you around won't let you fall down” Alys alarm went off. She struggled to reach over to turn it off because Harry’s arms were wrapped around her. She stretched finally turning it off, while harry still slept peacefully. Aly tried to slowly lift his arm up to try not to disturb him.

“No” he said groggily, his eyes still shut and a smile grew across his face as he tightened his grip around her.

“I have to, Lou and Eleanor are coming to pick me up remember?” she said sweetly as she gently ran her hair through his curls.

“Stay here with me” He said still groggy, his eyes still shut as he smiled

“Babe, I already told them I’d go” Aly chuckled

Harry opened his eyes, smiling “we can lock all of the doors and windows and you can ignore all of their calls and texts” he said putting his head on her shoulder

Aly laughed “oh yeah and then what about tomorrow when they’re mad at me for ditching them?”

“Oh well” he chuckled

Aly laughed and her phone went off, but harry tightened his grip so she couldn’t answer it

“Don’t answer it” he laughed holding her

Aly laughed as she tried to wiggle free “harry!” she laughed “I have to answer it” then her phone stopped ringing

“Operation stay home with me is ago” he chuckled and started tickling her.

“Are you going to tickle me every morning” she asked as she laughed

“Basically” he laughed as her phone went off again, Aly quick jumped up before harry could grab her and answered her phone.

“Hello” she said with a laugh as harry tightened his grip on her once again

“Good morning, love, I called to make sure you’re up” Lou said with a laugh from the other end

“I’m up” Aly said with a laugh

“Good, I’ll pick Eleanor up first then we’ll come pick you up, so be ready in about an hour or so” she said as lux squealed in the background

“Well I would get up to start getting ready if Harry would let go of me” Aly said with a laugh as she put Lou on speaker

“Harry, let her go, we’re borrowing her today, yeah?” Lou chuckled

“No!” Harry said tightening his grip

“Now harry she’s ours for the day, now let go” Lou teased

“No she’s mine” he chuckled as he let her go

“I’m free” Aly said with a smile as she quickly hopped out of bed before he grabbed her again

“She still mine though” he screamed to Lou

“Alright, alright you’re sharing her for the day then” Lou shouted

Aly got the quickest shower she ever took, threw on a pair of jeans, a long sleeve shirt, harrys sweater and her tan uggs and quick blow dried her hair. She walked back into the bedroom where she found harry still in bed. She climbed next to him from the back and hugged him.

“I’ll see you later” she smiled

He quick grabbed her and pulled her around to face him and he began smothering her with kisses as he smiled. Aly started laughing. “I’m not going home, harry I’m just going out with the girls”

“I know” he said stopping and looking at her “but I’ll miss you” he said with a cheeky grin

“I’ll miss you too” she leaned up and kissed him, putting her arms around his neck and pulling him down to her level.  She loved the way he kissed her and how he would put his hands on her cheeks so gently. Suddenly her phone went off and she quick grabbed it, it was a text from Lou

“We’re here, tell harry to let go of you” she wrote

Aly laughed “they’re here”

Harry rolled over “of course they are” he said with a grin

“Bye babe” Aly leaned over and gave a long gentle kiss then quickly jumped up and ran down the hall

“Have fun” Harry shouted

“You too” she shouted back as she ran down the stairs to put on her short navy blue military coat and red scarf and matching gloves

“I love you” he shouted

Aly smiled “I love you too” she shouted back then head out the door to the car.

Aly opened the back door and sat in the back with Lux, who greeted her with a big smile. Lux was wearing black wool leggings and a white wool sweater with pink hearts on it, black little uggs, and her hair done in pigtails.

“Good morning, baby girl” Aly said giving lux a kiss

“Hello, love” Eleanor said turning around in the passenger seat as Lou pulled down the driveway

“Lou told me about Harry not wanting to let you go earlier” Eleanor said with a laugh

Lou laughed “yeah I was arguing with him over the phone like I was talking to a five year old”

Aly laughed “yeah he wanted me to stay with him today”

“Oh come on after yesterday, I think we all need a girls day” Lou said “right lux?” she said

Lux smiled and was reaching for Aly. Aly leaned next to her car seat, took her phone out and took a picture of her and Lux. Lux had her hand out reaching for Alys phone with a big smile on her face. She sent it to Harry, Abby and Lucas.

When they stopped at a red light Eleanor quick pulled out her phone “quick picture of our girl’s day” Lou quick leaned in and aly moved her head around Eleanor’s seat and smiled for the picture.

“Oh this is a brilliant picture, even lux is smiling” Eleanor said as the light changed back to green and Lou continued to drive.

“Can you send it to me?” Aly asked

“Me too” Lou smiled

They pulled into a parking lot and parked.

“Where are we anyway?” Aly asked as she unbuckled her seat belt

“Oh it’s this village full of shops, there’s a jack wills here as well” Eleanor said turning around to face her

“Alright, ready to get this girls day started” Lou turned around and asked with a big smile

“Let do it” Aly said unbuckling lux and opening the door and took lux out.

 Lou opened the trunk and pulled out a big pink stroller.

 “I figured we’d need the big stroller for all of our bags” Lou laughed as she pulled the stroller together while Aly held Lux. After Lou pulled the stroller together Aly strapped lux in and they began to walk the shops.

“So Aly what are you getting harry for Christmas?” Lou asked

“So glad you asked! I have no idea, I need help” Aly said putting her hands in her coat pockets

“Get him something sentimental” Lou smiled “harry likes gift that require thought ya know?”

“Hey want to go in there?” Eleanor asked as she pointed to this Christmas shop

“Sure” Lou and Aly said with a smile

The store looked like a log cabin in it with wooden logs as walls and Christmas decorations all over. There was a big Christmas tree on a table in the middle of the store, covered in ornaments. Aly walked over to the tree, Lou following her as she pushed Lux while Eleanor walked to the back of the store excitedly. She and Aly looked at all of the ornaments on the tree, when Aly spotted an ornament in the shape of a seagull

“What about this?” Aly asked showing Lou the seagull

“Oh that’s lovely” Lou said

“And you can get it engraved too, I could put the day we met on it “Aly said smiling

“That’s a brilliant idea” Lou said

“You think he’ll like it?” Aly asked

“Oh he’ll love it” Lou smiled

“Hey Eleanor come look at what I’m getting harry” Aly called

Eleanor came over smiling “that’s lovely” she smiled

Aly went to the register and told the man what to engrave on it and paid. Aly Lou and Eleanor waited in the store for the ornament to be engraved. Aly checked her phone there was a text from Harry.

“I miss you already  ):” he wrote

“I miss you too, babe, tell the guys to come over, I feel bad your there by yourself ):” she wrote back

“Here you are, love” the man said with a smile handing Aly a small bag

“Thank you” Aly smiled and they walked out of the store.

After hours of shopping the girls stopped for a coffee and sat down at the table talking about all of the things they got.

“I got Louis a bunch of things from jack wills” Eleanor laughed

“I know it took forever for them to ring you up” Aly laughed

“Well since his birthdays the eve of Christmas I had to get him presents for both” Eleanor asked

“ I wish my birthday was the eve of Christmas” Lou laughed as Lux reached her arms out for Aly.

“I know me too, do you think he’ll like the two shirts I got him for his birthday” Aly said lifting lux out of the stroller

“Yeah, he’ll like them” Eleanor smiled then took a sip of her coffee

“I just got him those trousers he likes, the sweat pants ones” Lou said taking a sip of her coffee too

“And I got harry and me hoodies” Aly smiled

“I saw that, they’re cute” Lou smiled putting her coffee down

“A red and green one for Christmas colors” Aly smiled

“Which color is yours” Eleanor asked

“Red, I think harry looks cute in green” She said with a smile

“I love Louis in blue” Eleanor smiled

“Well actually I think Harrys cute in any color” Aly smiled as she put her head down

“You’re so cheesy, but in a cute way” Lou teased making them all crack up.

“We should probably head back to see what trouble the guys have gotten into” Eleanor laughed starting to stand up

“Oh gosh, I can only imagine” Lou said standing up

“I know all of them in one house together” Aly laughed and she stood up holding Lux

Aly put her bags in lux’s seat and carried Lux, and as she Eleanor and Lou laughed to the car it started to snow. Aly and Lux looked up as snowflakes slowly fell on their faces both of them giggling as the snowflakes fell.

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