Give me Love

continuation of the unforgettable summer. Aly and Harry are working on their long distance relationship. That means late night phone calls, not seeing eachother for months and dealing with rumors the press starts. This seems all too much to handle, but can they work through it?


16. baby love

Aly opened her eyes and stared out the door that led out onto the deck. It was bright out and the snow was coming down hard. She stared out at the snow coming down, Harrys arms wrapped around her and she smiled, she had always wanted a white Christmas.

“Good morning” Harry said groggily with a smile as he laid his head on her shoulder

Aly smiled and snuggled closer to Harry “merry Christmas” she whispered

“Merry Christmas” he said and kissed her cheek then quickly popped up “what did you get me” he said as he stood on the bed excitedly

Aly laughed and looked up at harry who had a cheeky grin on his face “come on lets go find out, maybe I got you something “ he said with a wink and jumped down next to her laughing

“Hmm maybe I won’t give you your present then” She teased and stuck her tongue out

“Oh really?” He grinned and gave her 3 quick kisses, smiling

Aly laughed and Harry picked her up out of bed “let’s go see what Santa brought us” he smiled and put her over his shoulder as Aly laughed “I hate being small” she giggled

“Maybe you should work out me” he winked as he put her down

“Like running?” she smiled and bolted down the hallway laughing as harry ran after laughing

“Maybe I shouldn’t be the one working out styles” she teased as harry ran to catch up to her.

“Maybe I’m letting you win” he laughed as they ran down the steps

“I don’t think so” Aly said running for the living room

“I think so” he laughed as he grabbed her around the waist as she stood in the entry way of the living room staring at the lit up Christmas tree and the fireplace lit in the background, presents all around the tree. She stood there and smiled as harry kissed her shoulder.

“You want to tear those presents open don’t you?” he chuckled

“I really do” she smiled “like you don’t”

“I do” he smiled and aly ran for the presents harry following behind her

Aly sat in front of the tree in her pink sparkly plaid pajamas and harry sat across from her with a smile

Aly handed Harry the wrapped present with his jack wills hoodie in it.  He opened it excitedly and smiled as he held it up “I love it thanks babe” he said and leaned in to give her a kiss

“You’re welcome” she smiled as she pulled away

“now I thought we could take the cheesy couple thing to the max” she giggled as she pulled the jack wills bag out from behind the tree and took out her hoodie “now we have matching hoodies” she smiled and put it on

“Perfect” he smiled putting his on “and now for the cheesy couple picture in their matching hoodies” he grinned and took his phone out. Aly moved over to Him, he grabbed her and put her on his lap. Aly laughed and Harry took the picture. “Beautiful” he said and looked at the picture

“Aw send that to me” she said and looked at him

“Maybe” he teased

Aly leaned back and kissed him gently on the lips “please send it” she said almost in a whisper

“I might need more convincing” he grinned as he leaned back to lay on the floor, gently pulling Aly on top of him as they giggled

“Really?” she smiled giving him a long gentle kiss. “We are going to be late for your moms, we didn’t even finish opening the presents” she pulled away leaning over him

“We can be a little late” he winked

Aly giggled “not when it’s my first time meeting her”

“Fine” he said cheekily and leaned up

Aly handed him the box with the seagull ornament. He opened it and smiled “you remembered the exact day we met?” he smiled

“Don’t you?” she smiled

“Of course I do, but I didn’t think you liked me that day” he grinned

Aly smiled and put her hands on his cheeks “how could I not like this face?” she kissed him quickly on the lips

“Well then it’s a good thing we think alike” he grinned and pulled out a little wrapped box from behind the tree, still grinning as he handed it to aly

“I wrapped it myself” he chuckled

Aly smiled as she unwrapped the box and slowly opening it. There was a heart necklace and on the back was engraved with the date they met - infinity symbol and under it it said “pinky promise” Aly felt tears forming in her eyes as she smiled. She looked up and him as a tear rolled down her cheek a smile still on her face. He held his pinky out “pinky promise” he grinned

“Pinky promise” she smiled as another tear rolled down her cheek as she made the pinky promise. He wiped away her tears with his thumb and she gave him a long hug, smiling the whole time.

“I love it” she smiled and kissed him

“Good” he grinned giving her another kiss “ready for your next present?” he smiled as he pulled away

“You didn’t have to get me anything else” she smiled as he stood up

“Well it’s sort of a gift for both of us” he said walking into the other room

“Should I be concerned” she asked with a laugh

“Well remember when we watched lux and I said you’d be a great mom one day and you said I’d be a good dad?” he said and she could hear him walking back to the living room

“Harry styles you better not have a baby with you” she chuckled hearing him stop near the entry way, still out of sight.

“For right now I have something better” he laughed

Aly stared at the entry way waiting to see what harry had. When suddenly a small English mastiff puppy with a red bow wrapped around its neck came slowly walking into the living room

“Oh my gosh!” Aly smiled, covering her mouth with one hand as the puppy walked over to her wagging its tail. Aly picked it up and it licked her face as harry popped into sight

“Merry Christmas!” he smiled

“Harry! I can’t believe you got us a puppy” she smiled as she hugged the puppy

“well It wasn’t an idea but when I went to pick up your necklace yesterday I passed the pet store and he was just there in the window” he grinned and pet the puppy

“But how are we going to take care of him when I go home and your away?” she smiled and kissed the puppy who was still wagging his tail

“I basically called my mom and begged her to take care of him when we’re away” he chuckled

Aly laughed “so we are just dumping him on your mom”

“Basically” Harry chuckled petting the puppies head “but she’s always wanted one of those little Pomeranians”

Aly leaned her head back and laughed “this is a major difference” she said still laughing “he going to be huge, babe like 20 Pomeranians put together”

“Maybe a little bit of a difference” he chuckled “what should we name him”

Aly and Harry sat there trying to think of a good name for him and after a few minutes aly thought of a good name “mick jagger we can call him mick, mickey, jagger, jags for short” she smiled happily

“love it” he smiled and leaned in for a kiss “what do you think jags” he smiled as the puppy jumped up to lick him, still wagging it tail

“merry Christmas, babe” he grinned and leaned in to kiss her again

“Merry Christmas” she smiled kissing him back, smiling as jagger jumped up at them

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