Give me Love

continuation of the unforgettable summer. Aly and Harry are working on their long distance relationship. That means late night phone calls, not seeing eachother for months and dealing with rumors the press starts. This seems all too much to handle, but can they work through it?


18. all i want for christmas is you

Aly and Harry walked into the house, Aly holding a sleeping jagger in her arms.

“That was fun” aly smiled putting jagger down gently to take her scarf off

“Yeah it was, my family really likes you” harry smiled as he hung his coat up

Aly smiled gently as she looked at the ground

“What’s wrong?” harry asked wrapping his arms around her from behind

“Nothing” aly lied with a smile

“You miss your family don’t you?”  Harry asked pecking her on the cheek

Aly turned around to face him “I’m really happy to be here, it’s just this is the first Christmas I’m not with my family “she said giving him a hug

Harry rubbed her back to comfort her “I know….which is my surprise for you”

She pulled away and looked at him “what?”

“Come on I’ll show you” harry smiled picking up jagger with one hand and grabbing alys hand and taking her to the bedroom.

“Close your eyes” he grinned and sat her on the bed

“My dad’s not hiding in the closet or something is he?” she chuckled

“No” he laughed “okay open”

Aly opened her eyes to her opened laptop “okay?” she smiled confused

“Give it a minute” he smiled then suddenly she was getting an oovoo video request from an unknown user. Aly looked at harry confused

“Answer it” he smiled

Aly hit accept and it opened up to a dark, blurry screen. And she could hear rustling in the back the suddenly her dad, abby, Lucas, Christian, Emma and Tristan came on the screen

“Hi aly!” they said in unison

Aly covered her mouth in excitement and tears surprisingly clouded her eyes

“Hi guys!” she choked happily

“Merry Christmas!!” they shouted

“Merry Christmas’ she smiled as a tear rolled down her face

Harry leaned over and wiped it away with his thumb

“I miss you!” Tristan shouted

“I miss you too! All of you!” she smiled

“What time is it there?” Christian asked

“11 what is it 6 there?” she asked

“Yeah just about there” her dad smiled

“So if you come here now then you'd have two Christmases!” Tristan shouted in excitement

Aly and harry laughed

“So what did Santa bring you?” abby asked excitedly with a smile

Aly smiled happily “want me to show you?”

“Yeah!” they all said happily

Aly grinned at harry and bent down to pick up jagger who was chewing on his toy and lifted him onto the bed in front of the camera

“No way” Lucas said

“Yup, guys this is jagger” Aly said giving jagger a hug and the puppy lifted up and kissed her

“Awww”Abby and Emma said in unison

“He’s cute” Tristan said

Aly told them the story of how harry surprised her with jagger as her family smiled and said how cute jagger was

“So wait what did you guys do? Just leave your family on Christmas to video chat me?”  Aly asked as jagger playfully but her finger

“Basically” Lucas smiled

“Yeah I bought Emma and Tristan over here” Christian said smiling

“I met up with Lucas then my mom drove us over for a few minutes, she’s waiting out front actually” Abby smiled

“And I was already here” her dad said with a chuckle

“Awww guys you’re going to make me cry” aly smiled

“We miss you too, Aly!” Abby and Lucas smiled “we have to go my mom’s is honking out front, Sorry!” abby said with a frown

“It’s okay! Go see your family!” Aly said blowing Abby and Luke a kiss and they waved until they were no longer in sight

“We’re going to head out too” Christian smiled “you know how my pop pop is if we are late” Christian smiled

“Yeah I know that” Aly smiled “bye Emma, bye Tristan” she waved “bye Chris I love you! Merry Christmas! Tell your mom merry Christmas too!” She smiled and they were soon out of sight

“I have to admit it is a little weird seeing you on a computer screen and not in our house” her dad said putting his head down

“I know” Aly said getting sad “I miss you, daddy” she said feeling the tears building up

“Well I’ll let you go okay, get some sleep, you leave tomorrow to start the tour don’t you?” he asked

“Yup tomorrow night” Aly said a tear rolling down her face

“Okay well be careful okay, Harry, you take care of her okay” her dad said sweetly

“Will do sir” he smiled and put his arm around her

“Goodnight, Aly, I miss you and love you” her dad said with a wave

“I love you too daddy, goodnight” she waved until the screen went dark

Aly turned and hugged Harry. He rubbed her back to comfort her

“Thank you” she smiled and gave him a gentle kiss

“You’re welcome” he smiled “I am the reason you are away from your family”

Aly looked at him feeling his guilt “hey, I’m here because I want to be with you, yeah of course I miss my family but I’d be missing you so much if I was home” she smiled with her hands on his cheeks

He smiled sweetly and kissed her. “I’m happy you’re here, with me” he smiled and kissed her again

“And I’m glad I’m here with you” she smiled as Jagger walked over and kissed both of them “and our baby” she smiled picking up Jagger and laughed

Harry wrapped his arms around her laid her on the bed and smiled “so I have to travel with you and the guys for ten days in a bus and travel hotel rooms?” aly smiled

“Yeah, Lou and lux will be there too, you think you can handle it?” he grinned

“Hmmmm I don’t know” she teased with a grin

 And Harry laughed and leaned down to kiss her gently on the lips.


sorry for taking so long its been a busy semester but good news is its over so ill be updating more often :)

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