love at first sight

when best friends each fall in love with the lads of one direction what will happen?


9. we dont kiss and tell.

zayn was the first to spin , he looked a little nervous. when it finally stopped spinning he looked up to see who it landed on. when he saw hannah he smiled.

they both leaned in and soon their lips touched.


i had to say that i was a bit nervous to spin first. when i spun the bottle it went around acouple times till it stopped i looked at hannah and she looked at me to we locked eyes for a second then i gulped and slowly leaned in and soon i felt her lips. they moved in sync til the 30 second were up .

when we pulled away i saw her blush and i smiled.

her lips felt warm and tasted good.



when we pulled away i felt my self blush.

zayne was a pretty good kisser. his lips were warm and plush.

i had to say i would have been a bit nervouse if he had to kiss anybody else.

but im glad it landed on me.


it was my turn next. i  amd really wishing that it will land on harry so we could finally have our first kiss.

i finally built up the courage to spin the bottle. it went around till it landed on harry . i smiled nad he slowly leaned in and i felt his lips on mine we moved in sync and he slowly slid his tongue into my mouth. it explored all over and i felt butterflies growing in my stomach.

i ran my hand through his hair and moaned silently.

i felt someone pull us apart. when they finally got us apart. i felt my self blush


her lips were warm and tasted good. i wish that i could just do it all over again

"love im not feeling well come help me?" i asked her she nodded and helped me to the room.

i layed down and she layed beside me.

she was playing with my curls.

i leaned up andd planted my lips on hers. i snaked my arms around her waist and flipped her over so she was under me .

i nibbled on her bottom lip and soon her lips parted and i took the chance to slip my tongue her mouth. she tasted good.

my hands had a mind of their own and i started to feel up and down her side.

soon she pulled away i started to leave kisses down her neck.

"harry" she moaned

"yes love" i said in between kisses.

she pushed me up so i was looking into her eyes.

"what are we?" she said nibbling on her bottom lip.

"what do mean" i said confused.

"well im not your girlfriend but we kiss and stuff so what are we" she said looking a bit worried.

"well i would want you to be my girlfriend" she smiled

"really" i nodded and and she smashed her lips into mine. soon we were in a full snog.

when i pulled away she had a big grin on her face.

"i take that as a yes" i chuckled and she nodded.

i was about to lean in and kiss her again until we heard some one shouting. i rolled off the bed and took her hand in mine and walked out to see what was happening.


i couldnt find niall so i went looking for him. i looked every where but my room.

when i found my room i opened the door to see niall snogging some girl.

"niall" i whispered frrling the tears buliding up

when he saw me he looked guilty

"its not what it looks like" he said

"its not what it looks like , then explain why it looked like u were snogging with faith"i said

"just let me explain "

i crossed my arms acrossed my chest

"you have fixe minutes "

"i came in here cause i wanted to just get away and then she came in and started talking with me. and then she grabbed my face and started to kiss me and then you walked in and how do you know her name?" he finished

he walked up to me and took my hands into his an dlooked at me

" i waited so long for you why would i ever want to loose you"

i shrugged but soon he kissed me softly on my lips.

i turned to faith who was know smirking

"faith what are you doing here"

"well i heard you were throwing a party so i came and i saw niall and i took a chance"

"well leave " i said

"i thought we were friends"

"well i thought we were to but then you just stop talking to me one day"

"i stopped talking to you cause you had the one thing i wanted and i worked my hardest to get it"

"and what did you want"

"i want niall all you cared about was you and him and i tried to be in your guys world but it was so hard to get int he bubble "

" well im sorry but you should have said soemthing but its to late i think you might want to leave"

she gave me a dirty look and walked out.

i hugged niall  and we were about to kiss when we heard someone shouting.

we walked out to find reese a very tipsy reese screaming and yelling


she was goingt o the dance floor

she started dancing and drinking from her full cup.

i walked over to her and she saw me and waved

"reese i think you should come with me"

she nodded and i led her room she normally slept in this room so i named it her room. after a while of her arguing  she finally got into bed i put a water bottle and a pill to get red of her headache tomorrow morning.

when i went out side i called liam and told him about reese and that she would stay over here.

i found niall and we sat on my couch talking. i looked at the clock and it read 1:00. i needed toget people out. i new that the boys and my friends were staying but the rest had to go.

when they were out we figured out where everyone was going to sleep.

i had 5 rooms in my place.  reese was in hers . jada and harry could have one. and then hannah and zayn could have another one. and then louis and Elanor in my other room.

i changed into a hoodie and some aritzia shorts and climbed into bed with niall.

soon i felt my eyelids getting heavier and soon they closed


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