love at first sight

when best friends each fall in love with the lads of one direction what will happen?


3. party time

its been acouple days since niall had told me about him going on tour so i decided to throw him a going away party.

i had a plan that since niall wanted me to spend the night at his place i was going to look through his phone to get the number of the other 4 boys.

i looked at the clock and i only had half an hour til niall came to pick me up.

so i went to take a shower.

once i got out i threw my curly  hair into a bun and warpped my body in a towel.

i walked into my bedroom and threw on some tights and a jumper.

i grabbed my over night bag with my phone and wallet.

the door bell rang and i ran down the staires to open the door.

and there stood a very sexy niall.

we hugged and kissed and he walked me to his car.

we drove and soon stopped at what seemed to be his flat.

i got out and he led me to the front door.

"im going to take a shower love ill be back make your self at home" i nodded and he left.

i saw his phone on the counter and and wrote down the numbers.

after a while niall came back in sweats and no shirt.

"hi" i smiled and waved.

"hi" he came up to me and puled me into his lap.

he sat down and pulled me onto his lap.

we cuddled for awhile just talking and hangout.

after a while niall said he was tired so he went off to bed i said i would be there in a sec.

that's when i texted all the lads that there was a surprise party for niall.

and minutes later they replied saying they were able to come.

after that i went off to bed and cuddled up ti niall.

i woke up to my phone buzzing so i dragged my self out of bed.

when i looked at  my phone i had gotten a text from harry saying.

"im in"  great so now all the lads are good so now i just have to ask my friends.

i called them up and reese, jada, hannah, were able to go .

i also told the lads they were able to invite their girlfriends.

i finally got ready and threw on a pair of jeans and a cami and black cardigan.

niall had gone to the studio so i grabbed my phone and wallet heading for the door and putting on my converse.

i called a taxi and headed to the shops.

for Niall's going away present i got a customized phone case with a picture of me and him.

next i went to the bakery and bought him a vanilla cake.

then i went to the grocery store and bought chips and a bunch of snacks. cause i new that niall ate like a pig.

after that i headed to Starbucks to meet a best friend Jada.

when i walked into starbucks i saw jada sitting at the table near the window at the corner.

i waved at her and she waved back.

i heard the door ding and we turned around and i saw harry we made eyecontact and he waved at me.when i looked back at jada her eyes were glued to him.

"whos he,he is so hot" she said

"oh thats harry nialls good friend" i said with a blank expression.

she stared at harry and soon he started to walk over with his starbucks.

when he reached the table he waved "hello love" he said and winked at her.

" ill be right back i have to go to the loo" i said trying to get them alone.

when i walked towards the bathroom i saw them talking.


"so whats your name love?" harry asked while adding a cheeky grin

i blushed at him calling me love and i answered "its jada whats yours"

"thats a beautiful name mine his harry .harry styles" he smirked again.

after awhile of getting to know each other anjelika came back from the washroom.

she sat down and soon harry asked her a question "do you mind if i take jada out for a while" he said and she just nodded.


we walked out of Starbucks and we intertwined our fingers together . she looked down and just smiled up at me.

we walked down oxford street hand in hand. soon it started to snow and it was so windy so the wind was blowing the snow into our faces.

since we were close to my  car i  gave me his jacket and we headed to my  car.

when we got into my car i turned on the engine and the heat started to blow.

i  still saw that she was cold so i pulled her into my lap.

i was holding onto her tight making sure that my body heat was warming her up.

after awhile she said she was warmed up . i felt a bit disappointed cause i didn't want to let her go.

"um... so your friend throwing a party ...and ...i just wanted to know if wanted to come with me" i said scratching the back of my neck.

she shuttered a bit with her words.

"um...sure i' to" she said.

after she agreed i showed her to my flat.





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