love at first sight

when best friends each fall in love with the lads of one direction what will happen?


7. party night


i was really excited for the party but i new i would feel a bit out of place cause they all had boyfriends except for me .

it was almost time for me to get ready for the party so i hoped into the shower.

when i came out i put on my dress which was white with lace  and did my hair and makeup .

i grabbed my shoes which were my micheal kors flats and phone plus my purse and went out .

when i was finished i went to go call a taxi.

once i was in the taxi it was  only a 15 minute drive  from my flat to where the party was.



i heard a knock on the door and anjelika went to go answer it. when she opened the door there stood the most beautiful girl i have ever seen.

when she walked in i smiled at her and she gave me a small smile back.

she came to sit beside me on the couch.

"hi" i said trying to break the silence.

"hello my names hannah" she said softly.

"hi my names zayn " i said.

"so have you known anjelika for a while" i said trying to make conversation

she answered saying "i have known her since year 7"

"how do you know niall" she asked i was suprised we were everywhere how could she not.

"um we  are in the band one direction" i said calmly

"oh how did you guys become a band." she said

" well we were on xfactor and we auditioned as solo artist but then we were put in a croup. eventually we came in third but then simon signed us to a record albel and now here we are."

we heard another  nock on the door and i went to go get it . when i opened the door i saw harry and a really sick girl

i invited them in and they walked in. then i saw Hannah get up and start running towards the girl.

then the girl let go of Harry's hand and gave Hannah the biggest hug.

eventually they both let go and Hannah waved me over and introduced me to the girl which i found out her name was Jada and i introduced Hannah to harry.

then hannah and jada went to go talk leaving me and harry alone.

me and harry started talking ,soon harry started opening up about jada. and soon i was talking about hannah even though i only met her.

after harry and i finished talking we walked over to jad and hannah .they looked like they were in a deep conversation but when they noticed we were there they stopped talking and greeted us.

harry kissed jada.


i was a little nervouse to meet the other lads girlfriends.

i was in louis car and he looked over at me and i think he new i was a bit nervouse. so he took his hand off the stirring wheel and squeezed my hand in his.

we pulled up to nialls girlfriend flat and got out of the car. louis grabbed my hand and we walked  up to the door.

we were standing out side of the door and we nocked. louis hand in mine soon the door opened and harry answered the door and said hi to me and gave louis a hug and pat on the back.

soon someone came up behind harry and i assumed that was the girl harry was seeing.

she had long brunette hair with brown hazal eyes. she was short i would say about5'5 but that was because she was wearing heals.
 she looked very styalish she was wearing a short dress that was coloured creme it fittied her upper body but flowed out. her blazer was navy blue.

she introduced herself saying "hi im jada" harry soon snaked his arm around her waist and smiled.

i replied back " hi im eleanor louis girlfriend."


i heard my phone ringing and i looked at the caller I.D which said jada.

i answered and she said "where are you anjelika is about to be back with niall"

"um sorry we dont think we will make it cause me adn liam are running late" i siad feeling a bit gui;ty.

"well hurry up cause niall and anjelika will be here in 15 minutes so just come after"  she said,

i agreed  and she hanged up.

i hungup as well and liam asked who it was .

i answered " it was jada she said hurry up and come after them just incase you bumo into them."

"im so sorry we have to be late but managment needed something" he said

" its alright" i siad giving him a hug


i heard a knock on the door and i opened it and saw that it was anjelika

She stood there looking beautiful in a black sparkly dress I gave her a peck on the lips then asked why she was all dresses up all she said was I have a surprise so go dress into something nice Why these rant good enough for you I joked pointing to my sweatpants and t-shirt she giggled and said its not fancy enough for this I quickly ran upstairs and dressed into a red polo and chinois I went back downstairs to see Anjelika on her phone Ready I asked her Yep she stated JADA'S P.O.V everyone hide Anjelika just texted me saying she just got into the elevator Everyone started panaking and ran to a hiding spot I then turned off the lights and crouched pounder them so when the door opened to could turn them on Soon enough the door opened to reveal Niall and Anjelika In sync we all yelled replied ! Niall looked abut startled and everyone started to chuckle! Niall finally spoke up and said a surprise party for me it's not even my birthday! Anjelika laughed a bit and said Niall it a goodbye party Nialls lips formed into and 'o' shape and then thanked his girlfriend LIAM'S P.O.V I felt really bad being late but I had to see management they just wanted to settle and make sure one of us was on track for the tour We finally arrived outside Anjelikas flat and I knocked on the door A happy looking Niall answered the door and said your late joking around though I said I know I'm so sorry but it was with management O that's okay mate Niall said and who's this pretty young lady O Niall this is my girlfriend Reese. Reset his is Niall the bothe smiled at each other saying hi We walked in and everyone greeted us asking where we were we soon explained to them and they so o well ur here And Niall being Niall said let the party begin!!
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