love at first sight

when best friends each fall in love with the lads of one direction what will happen?


2. meeting daddy direction


it was a friday night and i was walking home from work when it started to pour down.

i started to run and after awhil a car pulled up beside me and it rolled down the window.

"would you like a ride love?" said the guy with the brown hair he kind looked like liam payne from one direction.

i looked around to see if there was anything else i could do but i made the disicion to get in.

it could have been a big mistake but it was either stand in the rain or get into the car with a popstar.

when i got in he smiled at me and i smiled back.

"thanks for this" i said .

he smiled and nodded we sat and silence and then the car stopped

"why are we stopping we arnt even close to my flat" i asked i think he noticed the concern in my voice.

"dont worry love my car just broke down we will have to call someone to help" he said nicely

i smiled and we both got out of the car


i felt so stupid my car breaking down in the middle of the road ,she must think im a loser.

i walked up to the side of the car she was on.

"so why are you in London?" i asked trying to break the silence

she put up her beautiful blonde hair into a high ponytail "im just visiting my friends " she said

i nodded "oh thats nice" she looked at me and thne looked at the car

"so are we gonna check out whats wrong or what?r" she asked

"oh yeah right i forgot about that" i turned around to get my phone from the car and i called  someone to come. i looked at the car and it looked like the engine was broken.

it was freezing so we went into the car to warm up.

i looked over at her and she was shivering.

"are you cold?" i asked knowing the answer.

"y-es" she shuttered.

"here love let me help.

i pulled her onto my lap and i put my arms around around her.

she put her arms around my neck and laid her head in the crook of my neck.

"so i never got your name" she said

"its reese whats yours" she smiled at me

"its liam.liam payne im from onedirection"

"cool " she said blankly

our faces were so close i just want to kiss her.

slowly i leaned in and planted my lips on hers.

she eventually kissed back



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