love at first sight

when best friends each fall in love with the lads of one direction what will happen?


8. let the games begin


i introduced reese to the lasds . after that we went to go sit on the couch and i sat beside harry and this girl.

i noticed that reese was chatting with the girl. then i started to talk to harry and found outthat the girls name was jada .

" do you want a drink love" i asked reese and she nodded.

when i went to the bar i asked them for a coke. when the girl handed me the drinks i headed back to reese who was sitting on the couch with jada and harry.

i handed it to her and she took a sip but spit it out soon after. she handed it back to me.

"liam this doesnt taste like coke try it" she siad .

i took a sip and indeed it tasted like achocal.

"what is this " i past it to harry cause he was good with drinks but he didnt now what it was . then he passed it to jada who didnt know either.

then everyone tasted a bit till louis took a sip and shputed that it was " GUIES ITS RUM."

jada soon stood up and ran to louis when she got to him she yanked the drink out of his hand and chugged the rest i saw harry's eyes widen when she saw jada chugging the rest so he just went to the bar and got a drink for himself.

soon i heard harry shout "EVERY ONE THE NEXT ROUND IS ON ME" he said with excit meent.

soon they were getting tipsy and reese was running towards the wash room and i new that i needed to help her. when i walked into the washroom i saw reese on her knees.

"love would you like some help" i asked even though she couldnt answer i went to go hold her hair

. when she finally stopped throwing up i carried her out.

i saw anjelika and she walked towards me

"hey liam " i smiled

"hey im going to head to my flat reese isnt feeling that well."

"ok tell her to call me tomorrow" she said

when i got to the car i put reese in the passenger seat and drove home.


after liam and reese left i walked up to niall who was in the kitchen of corse.

"hey niall" i said while hoping on the counter top.

"hi i cant belive that you did all this" he said.

" its not a big deal " i said.

he cam and stood between my legs and wrapped his arms around my waist.

he slowly leaned in and planted his lips on mine.

we moved in sync and soon he slipped his tongue into my  mouth and his tongue exsplored all around it.

i wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in even more.

we finally pulled away " you know i love you" he whisper

" i love you to" i whispered back .

i pecked his lips and jumped of the counter..

i grabbed nialls hand and walked into the living room where everyone was. they were in a circle and there was a bottle in the middle.

"whay you guys playing" i asked

" were playing spin the bottle" harry replied.

i nodded and sat in the circle beside niall .



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