love at first sight

when best friends each fall in love with the lads of one direction what will happen?


14. hurt



 its been 2 weeks since the boys left for tour and i miss them so much espiacially harry . he tries to skype, call and text me as much as he can but ik he is busy.

 i woke up and got ready cause today the girls and i are going to the mall.

when i was ready i went straight to my car. i am going to pick up hannahfirst cause she lived the closest. i headed to her flat and honked the horn. i saw her scramble out still putting on her jacket. i chuckled at her clumsy ness.

when she got in i started to the car and headed for anjeliks place.

i heard my phone buzz and i went to look at it.

hey love i miss you have a good day <3 -h

i soon texted back

hey, i miss you too have fun at your concert good luck <3-j

 once i was done replieing i slipped my phone back in my bag and turned on some music . the first thing that came on to the radio was what makes you beautiful and as soon as i heard it my face turned into the biggest grin.

 i looked at hannah and new she was thinking the same thing.

 the while time we screamed and belted the words. when the song ended we pulled up to anjelikas place.

 we honked a couple time and she soon came out with reese following behind her. they got in and we got to tlaking.


 i ws skyping with niall when i heard a car honk it was probably jada i didnt want to say good bye to niall but he insisted i go.

i missed him so much.

"REESE LETS GOO"   i shouted waiting for her.

 she soon came out and we headed to jadas car.

" hey guys " i said they said hi back we talked about a whole bunch of stuff.

(reeses outfit:

anjelika's oufit:

jada's oufit:

hannahs outfit:

we drove for a while and soon stopped at a red light. it sonned turned green and she stepped on the gas. we drove but soon a big truck decided to run a red light and soon it hit us.

i felt everything go black.

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