love at first sight

when best friends each fall in love with the lads of one direction what will happen?


17. home

Jada's P.O.V

finally im home! 

its felt like ive been in the hospital forever !

Reese told me that harry never left the hospital, only to go and take a shower and get some new clothes, hes the best! how did i get so lucky?

harry is it true you never left the hospital? i asked him

yes its true, when i got the phone call saying you were in a car accident i took the next plane to England  babe i was so worried about you. i love you and don't want to lose you he responded 

all i could do was kiss him, to thank him

we finally pulled away from each other and i looked him in the eye and said i love you too.

Harry's P.O.V

I love her, shes the best thing that has ever happened to me.

i wanted to do something for her, but i don't know what.

since she just got out of being a coma i asked management if i could have a couple weeks off to spend with her, well technically i didn't ask i just said im taking a few weeks off to help and spend with Jada

i was actually surprised with there answer and they said that was fine

i know all Jada wanted to do was just watch some movies and relax 

and for me i just wanted to spend every second Minute and day with her, before i have to go back on tour

Jada's P.O.V

Me and Harry went up to my bedroom and decided to watch a movie

he knew exactly what i wanted to do just relax

we put a movie in and decided to watch Dear John, its one of my favs

i rested my head on harrys chest and felt to safe in his arms, i was so glad he was apart of my life

i love you i said to him

i love you too he said and kissed me on the lips, it was perfect.



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