love at first sight

when best friends each fall in love with the lads of one direction what will happen?


16. finally shes awake


we were know on our way to the hospital with anjelika and niall.

 i was really excited to see her Hannah was with us too.

when we arrived at the hospital we all jumped out of the car.

i was excited to see Jada just not harry. anjelika had told me what he had done and i was really mad that he would do something like that even though she was only trying to help.

the nurse at the front desk told us what room she was in and we walked down the hall looking for it. finally we came across it and we walked in finding Jada and harry talking.



harry had stayed with me and i was happy for that. i was feeling much better but i still was hurting. harry had told me that everyone was coming today.
 we were in a deep conversation before we heard some one come in and it was my friends

they came in with big grins one their faces. they all hugged me and then they went to hug harry except for niall he was shooting him glares.

what was happening?

being me i had to know the drama

"i need to speak to harry and niall alone for a sec guys" they all nodded and left the room

" so whats going on" i asked looking them dead in the eye



i haven't talked to harry since the indecent but i forgave him.

i don't know if niall has because he has been sending death glares at harry.

we talked till i heard Jada say something " i need to speak to harry and niall alone for a sec guys" we all nodded and exited.


they looked at each other then looked at me.

" harry yelled in Anjelika's face and she was upset and Jada u know about the whole problem that happened in year 7 and 8" niall said slowly

i sighed then harry spoke " i only got upset because she kept saying that i needed to go home even if i could come back and it just got me mad." i sighed again

" niall i know you want to protect her and your a great guy for that but if anjelika can forgive him you can forgive him and harry i want you  to apologize to anjelika " harry and niall nodded and soon we called everyone in.


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