love at first sight

when best friends each fall in love with the lads of one direction what will happen?


10. couples

the next morning i woke up finding my self in nialls arms just where i want to be.

when i finally unfolded frome his grasp i went to take a shower.

when i got out i looked through my closet for something to

day me and reese were going out for breakfast i hope she remembers.

i finally found a black tank top with a big cardigan. i paired it with black aritzia tights.

i applied some mascara and lip balm. i did my hair in a bun and looked at my self in the mirror.

i grabbed my phone and wallet .

i went to wake up reese but she was already on her phone.

"hey good morning how you feeling" i cooed

"like shit" she said flatly she drank some water and i told her to take the pill to.

she went to get ready.

after about 20 minutes she came  out in a pair of grey tights and a cute sweater top.

i pulled on my toms and we walked out the door.

when we got to nandos the waiter led us to our table and we looked through our menus.

when the waiter came back she aske dus what we would like.

"um ill get my usual and she will have one to"

she nodded and soon brought back our food

i was starving so i digged in.

"do you remember what happened last night" i asked her and she shook her head no.

"well you first got sick and left with liam but then you came back yelling that you wanted to party then i took you to your room to go to bed cause you were kinda crazy" i siad laughing at the memopry

she did a face palm "omg that is so embarassing." she said.

"its ok the others were pretty drunk so i dont think they remember much either"

she smiled and we finished eating.

"so you wanna go get starbucks and go to the shops" i siad

she nodded and we paid for our food.

when we were at starbucks we were waiting in line till faith walked in she was not the person i really wanted to see .

when she spotted me she smirked

i was so happy when our drinks came the silence was killing me.

when we were out of starbucks i felt reese burning wholes in my face.

"what ?" i said

"what happened back there"

"yesterday at the party i found niall and her kissing"

"niall wouldnt do that " she said sounding suprised

"i know but i didnt like the idea" she nodded and changed the subject

when we got home from shopping we sat on the couch we were so tired.

i looked at the clock and it was almost 4:00

jada and harry came out of their room

"hey love birds " i said placing a grin on my fave.

they smiled their faces off and jada went red

"where are the others

"um well louis had to drop eleanor off and zayn and hannah went out to eat. and nialls taking a shower " harry finished

i nodded and went to go look for niall.

when i found him he was just walking out of the shower

" hi love' he siad with his strong accent.

i smiled and ran up to him and planted a kiss on his lips

"hi i missed you" i said he smiled and we pulled apart.

when every body was finished getting ready we sat around watching a movie.

niall was playing with my hands and once and a while he would  kiss me i looked over at harry and jada that were now snogging .

earliar liam came and now reese and him were cuddiling togeather

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