love at first sight

when best friends each fall in love with the lads of one direction what will happen?


5. breakfast

Jada's P.O.V

I woke up in a bed, but it wasn't my bed. Then i sat up and looked at the couch near the window where harry was lightly snoring.

i walked up to the bed a kneeled down beside his head and lightly shook him. he woke up a bit startled but when he turned to face me he had the most amazing smile on his face.

he said hello love,how did you sleep.

i replied saying good,why did you sleep on the couch?

harry chuckled a bit and said cause it just wouldnt felt right if sleeped with you on the first night

i had a slight frown on my face when he said that, he noticed and said because i feel that your very special and i dont wana ruin things i wana take it slow.

i felt my cheeks burn red and smiled and said same here

Harry's P.O.V

I then told her to get dressed. after we decided to go to a nice little cafe down the street for breakfast.

we decided to walk because it wasnt to far, and it was really nice outside for a winter morning.

we walked into the small cafe and the usual waitress greeted us, her boobs were basically out of her shirt and winked at me but then she noticed i was holding Jada's hand and gave her a death glare

i said table for two and she walked us to a table near the window

she threw are menus on the table and said someone else would be serving us and stormed off

Jada said nice service here sarcastically

i replied saying shes usally really nice i dont know what her issue is today, shes probally just jelous im with the most beautiful girl in england.

Jada laughed a bit and blushed

aww when she blushes it makes my heart melt

i broke the comfortable silence saying are you excited going to meet the lads and seeing your friends?

she replied saying yes!! expessially Hannah i havnt seen her in forever

i smiled seeing her so happy.

the waiter came and said hi what would you like to order, he then took a double take at her and said Jada? she replied yes Devon?

Jada'S P.O.V


he replied yess!! how are you, i replied im good what about yourself good.

Harry coughed and then devon asked what we wanted to eat i order the yorgurt with granola and fruit and harry orderd pancakes

devon then left to take the orders to the chef

Harry spoke up and said how do you know him?

i repliled awkwardly saying oh he's my ex from forever ago.

he replied oh thats cool. i sensed he was jealous, and that blew my mind i mean harry styles, jealous of me?

Devon comes back with our food and spills my yogurt all harrys shirt! then devon dumps the pancakes on top of harry's beautiful curls!

i  cannot believe you just did that i screamed.

next thing i knew harry was on his feet. what are you doing i asked just as harrys fist hit devons face. devon then fell backwards onto a table.

then harry grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the resturant. i really wish we had driven now Harry said.




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