love at first sight

when best friends each fall in love with the lads of one direction what will happen?


15. boyfriends and best friends


soon another figure came into the room and it was the one person that i had missed so much.

" Liam" i whispered 

he went straight to my bed and sat at the edge.

"Liam are you alright what happened" he looked at me with watery eyes

" you guys were hit by a big truck " he said barely talking.

" Liam it was an accident i don't think they meant to really as long as were alright right?" he nodded

" if anjelika is okay what about the others " i said asking worried

" well Jada hasn't woken up and Hannah is okay she just had to have a few stitches " he said calmly

" when did the doctor say i could leave " be fore he could answer i heard someone shout wiht happiness i looked over and found anjelika looking like a child in a candy store.


 when i opened my eyes i saw reese talking to liam finally shes awake i ran over and hugged her making sure i didnt hurt her

" i am so happy you are awake are you okay ? i asked feeling tears well up in my eyes.

she nodded her head .

" im going to see if jada and harry are okay ill leave you to togeather"

i siad then walked out. i walked down the hall to jada's room to see her hooked up to a bunch of wires with her eyes closed and a very depressed looking harry.

i wlaked into the room and harry looked up at me then looked back down

" harry i think you should go home then come back" i said calmly hoping he wouldnt fight but know him he did

" no i need to stay till she wakes up" he siad sounding drained

" harry it wont take you long you just need to - " before i could finish he snapped at me


" i-i m sor-ry i-i with that i walked ears welling in my  eyes i soon bumbed into something. i fell to the ground " im so sorry " i heard an irish accent say when i looked up i saw the one and only

Niall Horan .

i jumped up and hugged him

"i missed you so much " i siad into his ear

he chuckled

i let go and he looked at my face

"what?" i asked

" why were you crying " he siad sounding worried

" i wasnt " i siad being stubborn

" plaese anjelika i have known you long enough to know hwen you have been crying so tell me "

" i went to go tell harry that he should go home get some clothes and come back but then he got totally mad at me nad now i feel like its my fault " i siad whimpering.

when i looked at niall he was red and he looekd angry

" niall its fine im over it" i said trying to calm him down

" no he should know that your sensitive " he siad  what

" what is that supposed to mean " i siad

" that he should know since i told him about the thing" he didnt he said he wouldnt tell any body

" niall you told him " i siad sounding even more sad

he nodded he said thta he wanted to go out with you so i got mad and said that if he ever hurt you i would hurt him cause you have been through self harm and then yeah "

" fine what ever " i siad nad hugged him

2 weeks later


 we have been in and out of the hospital hoping that one day jada will wake up .

we are all so sad but harry is the most depressed

he hasnt left the hospital he only left when he took a shower and went back

i am fine my cast came off and today me and liam are going to hang out

iheard my phone ring and the caller ID was anjelika


hi whats up-a

nothing much whyd you call -r

well jada woke up and i was wondering you you want niall and i to go get you and liam -a

um yeah okay -r

okay we will be there in 20minutes-a

k byee -r


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