love at first sight

when best friends each fall in love with the lads of one direction what will happen?


12. Bonfire night

Liam P.O.V
I invited everyone over for a bonfire, so Reese and I went out to the store to buy the stuff

They were all coming over at 8

Around 9:30 we ran out of marshmallows so we all just lying outside on the grass. All the boys had there arms around there dates so I put mine around Reese.

Reese P.O.V

I was laying in Liam's arms staring at the stars.

"There beautiful, aren't they?" I asked Liam

Liam pointed to one star and said yes expessially that one.

I don't see how that one is prettier than any other. I said confused.

Well it is because its called the Reese star. Liam told me

I laughe
He then handed me a certificate for the star

Awe Liam that's sweet I said

He then kissed me and then someone screamed

Anjelika P.O.V

I screamed I was playing tag with Niall and I tripped into the fire pit and a pice of of my hair caught on fire so I ran a jumped into the pool

Niall was in shock and wasn't doing anything so Zayn and harry ran to help me

I got out of the pool and Niall got me a towel and said sorry babe I didn't mean for this to happen

I looked at Jada and she was laughing so hard with Reese and Hannah they both yelled we saw that one coming

Niall P.O.V

What the hell just happened !!

People told me Anjelika was clumsy but I didn't think she was that clumsy, but I think it's kinda cute but not when she gets hurt

I just decided to take her home I felt bad

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