An old friend

As a kid Harry had always been there for Lacie. He was the only one she ever told about her life: how her parents were struggling to meet ends meet, her sisters eating disorder and her abusive boyfriend. He was her shoulder to cry on. That all changed the day he left for the X factor and never looked back, leaving Lacie alone to deal with everything alone. So when she runs into Harry at a local bar she wants nothing to do with him. But Harry's determined to win her friendship... and her heart.


4. talking

There was an awkward pause. I bit my lip. stupid stupid I though to myself. Why didn't you ever text me I sounded so pathetic. "I wanted to talk to you" He began looking into my eyes, then turning his attention back to the road. "but I was just so busy, everything was going by so fast; the band, the interviews it was all so much." "Yea yea, you were famous and I was just some nobody you used to know" I said "Me being famous has nothing to do with this!" Harry yelled. I felt hot tears rising in my eyes and my throat felt like it was closing up. I turned towards the window so he couldn't see my face. I heard him sigh. Then I felt the car swereve. We pulled over to the side of the road. Harry got out of the car. I could see his breath exhaling in small cloudy puffs, he placed his hands on the hood his head hanging down. I followed him out and walked up next to him. His shoulders were shaking slightly and I heard a a faint sniffle. He looked up at me and there were tears in his eyes "Every night away from home was a struggle. Not being able to see my family, friends, you... was so hard." his voice broke, he took a deep breath then countinued "I wanted, I really wanted to call you, every night and tell you everything that was happening, but at the end of the day I was just so tired all I could think about was sleeping. When the band got more fans and attention, management had all of ours numbers changed and didn't want us to contact anyone except family." I realized it was then my turn to say something, but I couldn't find the right words to say. A car zoomed by, causing my hair to dance wildly. The cold air stung my face making a shiver snake down my spine. Harry stared at me, his sparkling green eyes pleading me to say something. I walked closer towards him and wrapped my arms around him. He was shocked at first, probably expecting me to still be angry, but he soon wrapped his arms around me. Even in this cold he still felt warm. I burried my face in his jacket and a familiar light cologne scent filled my nose.

Harry POV : she stared at me for a awhile her eyes searching in mine. My heart beat fast waiting to hear what she had to say. She had every right to be angry with me. She then did something completely unexpected. She walked towards me and wrapped me into a hug. Relief flood through my body and I hugged her back. Her small body molded perfectly into mine and it was just like old times again. I smoothed a hand over her silky brown hair and closed my eyes not wanting thins moment to end. She soon pulled away and there I was staring into my best friends eyes. She shivered and I relalized we should probably get back on the road. I led her back to the car and we drove the rest of the way back to her house in silence, but it wasn't and awkward silence. It was good to be back

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