An old friend

As a kid Harry had always been there for Lacie. He was the only one she ever told about her life: how her parents were struggling to meet ends meet, her sisters eating disorder and her abusive boyfriend. He was her shoulder to cry on. That all changed the day he left for the X factor and never looked back, leaving Lacie alone to deal with everything alone. So when she runs into Harry at a local bar she wants nothing to do with him. But Harry's determined to win her friendship... and her heart.


5. milkshake city!

Sunlight pours into my room, warming my up turned cheek. I slowly open my eyes, squinting against the bright rays. I sit my self up, hugging my knee's to my chest. Last night plays through my mind like an old movie film, each scene quickly clicking by. I smile to myself letting a small giggle escape my lips. A knock rapps at my door. "Come in" I yawn. I see my sister emerge from the hall way. Her figure was small and frail, her bony hip leaned against the the door frame. Just looking at her makes me want to cry, it is so hard to see her this way. Even though she's attending a thearapy group for her eating disorder she hasn't gained much weight. The first week of her therapy, she was so mad at all of us she refused to talk. At meals she would only poke and push at her food making it look like she had eaten some of it when she really hadn't. After a couple of weeks she began to eat more, but there seemed to always be a pain in her eyes as she swallowed each bite. "Can I borrow your blue sweater?" she asks. "Yea sure" She makes her way to my closet. Her thin fingers skimm through my clothes until she finally comes across my sweater. "Thanks" she smiles, I nod in response. Hear my phone buzz on my dreaser. I push myself out of bed and make my way over to it, tripping over one of the many things scattered across my floor. Text sent from Harry "Up for a milkshake??"    Lacie-"Now? It's 9 in the morning!"    Harry- "Yes now:) I have a lot of catching up to do"     Lacie-"Hahaha ok meet you at milkshake city in 20 min"     Harry-"sounds gooood" A wide smile spreads across my face. I scurry over to my closet to find something to wear. I decide on my black northface jacket, skinny jeans and boots. I walk over to my dresser to grap a brush, but find myself stearing at the blue checkered cloth which covers my mirror. I gritt my teeth together and feel a lump rise in my throat. Ever since that night I couldn't bear to look at myself. Just looking at my reflection brought back the pain and memories from that night. I force myself to turn away, pushing the thought from my head.

"Gahhh! Brain Freeze!" Harry exclaims massaging a a finger over his temple. "Thats what you get for chugging it" I laugh, contently sipping my chocalate shake. "Well you dared me to" he said pointing a finger at me like a little kid. "And if I dared you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?" I nag. He frowns tossing the cup into an old trash can which seemed to serve as an exhibit for chewed gum. We sit ourselves down on a nearby bench. Harry eyes my shake before quickly grabbing it and taking a sip. "Hey!" I squeal reaching for my milkshake, my hand knocks the cup out of his hand and onto the ground where it leaks on the rocky side walk. "You owe me a milkshake!" I gasp. He throws his head back laughing. "This is not a laughing matter, milkshakes are some serious shit" I exclaime, playfully punching his shoulder. "Ok ok I owe you a milkshake" he smiles picking up the cup from the ground and throwing it away. "Pinky swear?" I ask holding out my pinky. "Pinky swear" he agrees. We sit there for a minute taking in the day. The sky is a pale blue not yet at its fullest color as it was still morning. A couple of kids chase each other around slide at a park across the side walk. "Now, down to buisness. What all did I miss while I was gone?" Harry questions holding an invisible microphone to my mouth. His expression changes when he see's my face. He furrows his eyebrows together "What is it Lacie?" All the memories come flooding back. My stomach twists into a knot and I my throat runs dry. "A lot happened while you were away."

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