An old friend

As a kid Harry had always been there for Lacie. He was the only one she ever told about her life: how her parents were struggling to meet ends meet, her sisters eating disorder and her abusive boyfriend. He was her shoulder to cry on. That all changed the day he left for the X factor and never looked back, leaving Lacie alone to deal with everything alone. So when she runs into Harry at a local bar she wants nothing to do with him. But Harry's determined to win her friendship... and her heart.


2. its to late

5 faces stared curiously at me, I recognized them all from the posters. "You know eachother?" asked one of them, Louis I think was his name. Harry didn't answer he just countinued to stare at me. We hadn't seen eachother in years and now he was here right in front of me. All the memories came back to me. I remebered coming to his house after school crying when I found out my sister had been sent to the hospital after passing out in gym. That was the day her eating disorder had become real. My entire family had noticed her massive loss of weight, but whenever we brought the topic up she would wave it away saying she's just been working out a lot. I blamed myself for how bad she got. I knew she wasn't ok, but I never bothered to do anything, too concerned with my own problems. Harry was there for me, he was there to listen to me and when I got to choked up to speak anymore he was my shoulder to cry on.

I felt a lump forming in my throat and I knew my ears must be turning pink, as they do whenever I'm nervous. I finally managed to say something " Can I get you guys any appetizers?" There was a short awkward pause. "Um, I think we'll split the buffalo wing basket." Niall, the blonde one finally said, staring at me warily. Harry opened his mouth to speak, but I was already heading towards the kitchen. I gave the order to one of the cooks and then rushed to the bathroom. My hands gripped the edge of the sink. I felt my eyes filling with hot tears, I blinked them back refusing to let anyone see me cry. I waited there until there was no trace of sorrow left on my face. 

 The basket of buffalo wings swiftly slid across the metal counter, I quickly grabbed them and brought them to the boys. "Thanks love" Niall said eagerly reaching for a wing. I gave a small smile and began to walk away when Harry caught my wrist. "Lacie we need to talk." he looked up pleadingly at me. At that moment all the sorrow that had filled me was drained from my body and filled to the brim with anger. " I have to work" I whispered in a harsh voice. "Then after your done with work. Please" I stared into his eyes and every muscle in my body told me to say yes, but I couldn't  "Oh, now you want to talk. Sorry, but that opportunity went down the drain 3 years ago." I spat. The words tasted like vile in my mouth and the hurt expression on Harrys face made my heart ache. I yanked my wrist from his grasp and quickly turned on my heel. I couldn't be here anymore. Atleast not while Harry was here. I soon found myself pushing through the exit, the chilly evening wind lashing at my long bare legs.

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