An old friend

As a kid Harry had always been there for Lacie. He was the only one she ever told about her life: how her parents were struggling to meet ends meet, her sisters eating disorder and her abusive boyfriend. He was her shoulder to cry on. That all changed the day he left for the X factor and never looked back, leaving Lacie alone to deal with everything alone. So when she runs into Harry at a local bar she wants nothing to do with him. But Harry's determined to win her friendship... and her heart.


3. car ride

"Lacie! Lacie!" I heard Harry calling after me. I didn't want to talk to him, not now. To many emotions were inside of me, I felt embarrased and angry and hurt. How could he come back and just expect me to forgive him and want to talk to him?! I quickened my pace, I was almost at my car. "Lacie!" I heard him call again. He was only a few steps behind me. I finally came up to my car. My mouth dropped " Dammit!" I yelled. All the windows were broken. "Lacie! Woah what happened to your car?" Harry asked as he came up to me. "Well, obviously someone broke into it!" I shouted, annoyed with him. I swung open the door and immediatley began to look for my purse. "Did they take anything?" Harry questioned leaning in to look inside the car. I ran my hand over the floor trying to feel for the the purse, but I knew it wouldn't be there. My hand caught a shard of glass and a stinging sensation spread throughout my palm. "Shit." I mumbled clutching my hand to my chest. "Oh god your bleeding" Harry reached towards me, i pulled away. "Come on, let me just see how bad it is." I bit my lip and slowly opened my hand. He gingerly took it, and examined the damage. Even in the cold his hands were warm against mine. "It doesn't look deep, but you should probably wrap it up"  "thanks I'll keep that in mind" My words hung in the air for a few seconds. I gave him a nod and began to get in my car. "Wait!" Harry called. I turned towards him. He let out a sigh "You shouldn't be driving with your hand all cut up and I bet there's glass everywhere in your car."   "I'll manage" I mumbled through chattering teeth. "Please let me atleast drive you home." I didn't want to have to sit in a car with Harry for the next ten minutes, but my hand was really hurting. Plus I was freezing cold and my crappy excuse for a car takes forever to heat up. I nodded my head and he gave me the most adorable half smile that made by stomach flip.


"So, you work at Lulas?" Harry asked keeping his eyes on the road. "Yea" I sighed fiddling with a strand of my hair. Harry now directed his attention towards me. "Lacie this probably means nothing coming from me, but you are way better than that. You shouldn't have to be working at a place like that."   I suddenly became quite interested in the pattern on the floorboards. "Well, its not like I want to work there." I finally said. A few beads of rain splattered across the window. "Then why do you?" Harry questioned, his eyebrows furrowed. "Well not all of us can make a hit song and instantly become billionares" I snapped. He fell silent and an awkwardness filled the car. I leaned over and turned on the radio "Your insecure, don't know what for..." played out of the speakers. "Of course" I muttered. Harry laughed and I smiled. No Lacie, remeber your mad at him, i scolded myself. I quickly turned my head towards the window and tried to focus on the drops of rain racing down the glass. Harry began to sing along and started dancing in his seat. "Harry, stop your going to get us into a wreck!" I squealed. "Fine, then you sing" he challenged me  "No"  "Come on Lacie"  "Im not in the mood Harry" "Pretty please" he asked dragging o the e. I sighed and sang along to a few words, my voice cracking at a high pitched note. He cracked up and I couldn't help but laugh with him "Your a terrible singer" he managed to say inbetween laughs. "Shut up" I teased punching him in the arm. And just like that it felt like old times again, before Harry got all famous and left. I didn't mean to say anything but the question came blurting out  "Why didn't you ever text me"

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