An old friend

As a kid Harry had always been there for Lacie. He was the only one she ever told about her life: how her parents were struggling to meet ends meet, her sisters eating disorder and her abusive boyfriend. He was her shoulder to cry on. That all changed the day he left for the X factor and never looked back, leaving Lacie alone to deal with everything alone. So when she runs into Harry at a local bar she wants nothing to do with him. But Harry's determined to win her friendship... and her heart.


1. awkward

I lean foward attempting to put on Mascara without toatally spearing my eyes out as i search for a parking spot."Come on, come on" i mutter to  myself as i start making my way down another lane, filled with a myraid of cars. I shift uncomfortably in my seat trying to adjust my skirt. I immediately begin to regret my choice of a black pencil skirt, a size to small, making my butt look amazing, but giving me the ultimate wedgie. I let out a small squeal of excitement as i spot an open space and jerk the wheel to the left. At the same time another car is turning into the same spot. "Aw hell no" I quickly hit the accelerator and swirve into the lot. The driver honks and flips me off, but i don't care. I just give them a cocky smile and they drive away. I park the car, the engine gasps and sputters to a stop exhaling a puff of black smoke. I hop out and immediately the icy fingers of February wrap around my bare legs. I know it sounds rediculous wearing a pencil skirt in the middle of winter, and believe me if i didn't have to i wouldn't, but it was part of my job. I worked at this place called Lula's Lounge. It isn't as hard core as a stripping bar, but lets just say men didn't go there for the food. All the servers, including me, were just a bunch of pretty girls in skanky clothes. I'm not proud of the fact i work here, but I needed the job to pay for my college tuition. Lets face it, working at a place like this, you get some pretty high tips and thats what I needed.

As soon as I walk inside music blares in my ears and my vision becomes clouded with smoke.  "Lacie, I need you serving at table 5" my manager Tiffany says handing me a pen and pad. I look over in that direction. A bunch of boys with their backs facing me sit at the table, they're  huddled close to each other discusing something. I run my fingers through my rich chocalate hair, letting it cascade down my shoulders. I adjust my skirt one more time and assume the "bitch walk". When I first applied to work at Lula's the first thing they tested me on was my "bitch walk". Basically what it is, is walking with your chin up, stomach in, and boobs out. The most important part of this job is making sure the guys know they're place, and if you have a confident walk, they'll be good.

I approach the table putting on a fake smile " What can i get for you boys tonight?"                         "Lacie?Is that you?" My heart stops. I know that voice. That sweet, beautiful voice. That voice that would tell me everything would be ok whenever I came to him crying. That voice that reminded me I was important in this world, that encouraged me to never get up. That voice that left for the X factor telling me he would text me every night but never did. "Harry?" I whisper. He stares at me with furrowed eyebrows. I can see his beautifull green eyes filled with shock, dissapointment, maybe even sorrow. And why wouldn't he be dissapointed of me, he had made something out of his life and here I was standing before him looking like a total slut. Well this is awkward...

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