Mystery Girl

About a girl who has had a difficult life, her dad passing away and mum abandoning all 3 children. She had to start college meeting a boy that could potentially find his way in to her heart with many complications along the way.


8. Chapter 8

It was the next day, and i was still going over what happened with me and ed. I have always liked him, but never in that way, but that kiss it was something special. I have always had my heart set on Jack, i don't know why, but now Ed has come in to the equation. With Ed nothing was complicated, i could be happy without having to worry about a single thing and that is what i need in my life right now. I met Ed before college, and as soon as i saw him i ran up to him and kissed him. I could tell he was tooken back by my actions but i couldn't help it. We carried on kissing till we were interuppted by snarls behind us. I looked back to see Lydia standing there, i then turned to see Jack, a weird feeling entered my stomach. For those few moments before, i was happy nothing could ruin it, and now seeing Jack everything has changed. But why would he care? He is dating Lydia, if he didn't love her then surley he wouldn't still be with her. I thought about ignoring them and carry on kissing Ed, but i knew i would regret it. I looked at Ed "I'm going to go class, i'll see you at break yeah?" he seemed pissed off that Lydia interuppted us but he tried his best to hide it "See you later" he leaned forward and kissed me. I walked to class feeling terrible, i don't know what is wrong with me i feel like i have cheated on Jack, after we had that moment in the kitchen. But i don't know what he expects from me, i sat down in my usual seat, unfortunaley we had to carry on with out assingments today and we had a new task that we had to do. I was dreading working with Jack today. Ryan and Lila came in and sat opposite me, great now i would be sitting next to him. I heard Jack sit down beside me, i didn't dare to look his way. Ryan and Lila were caught up in their own conversation, ever since they first met they grew closer and closer, i wasn't sure if they were going out or what, but whatever it was they seemed cute together. My top was then placed infront of me, "You left your top at Lydia's" i turned to face Jack, "I completley forgot about that, thanks" I want to ask him what was wrong, what have i done that was so bad? he is putting me in a horrible position which i still don't really understand. "I will give you your shirt and jumper back tomorrow" "thanks, but why the jumper?" he seemed confused. "You seem annoyed at me, so i thought it would be weird me keeping your jumper" he smiled to hiself like he was having some sort of inside joke which only he knew about. "What gave you the idea that i was annoyed at you? and besides i said you can keep it" I was flattered that he still wanted me to have his jumper, it really was a nice jumper afterall. "By the way you're acting, i guess i never know where i stand with you, you keep giving me mix signals" "Like what?" he made me feel like i was stupid, like nothing has ever happend with us, and that everything was fine when i know for sure it isn't. "Never mind" the conversation then ended there was nothing left to say. We were both annoyed, so there was no point in carrying it on.

Jack's POV
'Me and her have something that we don't have with anyone else' remembering previous thoughts i once had. In some ways i still believed it, but she now seemed happy with Ed. Eurgh even thinking his name annoys me. It feels like he has stolen something from me, i don't see Louise as my possession, but i don't know. I see that i am always sending her mix signals, but that's just the way i am i can't help that. What i really want to know is that does she like me? and more importantly does she really like Ed? I suppose i could talk to her at break clear the air, knowing we won't have enough time to talk properly but it's better than nothing. After lesson i decided to approach her "Urm Louise can we talk for a sec" "Yeah sure" we both walked out of class ignoring everyone around us, i can see Lydia and Ed from the corner of my eyes, but i didn't care i needed to speak to her.

I saw Ed waiting for me, but i could tell Jack needed to speak to me, so i went with him to the other end of the hallway. "Look, i can see i am coming off rude, that's just part of my personality, it's complicated, i have nothing against you.." before he could finish speaking Lydia came up to us "Jack? what are you even doing with her?" she looked at me disgusted. "We're just friends Lydia get over it" hearing the word friends come out of his mouth hurt me, it's true we are friends, but i've never wanted to label it, i've always felt we don't have the normal type of friendship. Lydia and Jack started to have a tiff, and i grew uncomfortable. Lydia stormed off, jack went after her but before he went he said something "Meet me after school" after that he left. Meet him after school? i was ament to be going to ed's after school but instead i told ed that i had alot of work to do at home, and i'll call him later, he understood and kissed me goodbye. Why was i lying to him? Jack changes me, i never lie i hate liars, but all of a sudden i'm lying to ed? ditching him to meet jack? As i waited by the front of the school i saw a blue car drive infront of me and stop, the door opened and i saw Jack "Get in" i hesitated, and then ignored my instincts and got in the car.

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