Mystery Girl

About a girl who has had a difficult life, her dad passing away and mum abandoning all 3 children. She had to start college meeting a boy that could potentially find his way in to her heart with many complications along the way.


7. Chapter 7

As soon as i got back from Ed's i fell alseep for about 4 hours, i was going out again with him later on. I decided to have a warm shower, and put on some black skinny jeans with a white top. I left my hair down, and put on some makeup. I didn't want to make too much of an effort as we are going out as just friends. About an hour later he knocked on my door, i ran down the stairs incase i left him standing there too long. I opened the door "I will be one second" I left the door open and went and got my bag. "You look nice" he said happily, "Thanks so do you" i smiled back at him. We walked to this place called Nandos, i've heard so many people talk about it but i have never personally been. Luckily there was a few tables unoccupied so we went and sat down. It was the table right in the corner, we both ordered chicken burgers with chips, i ordered hot peri peri sauce in mine, but ed didn't as he doesn't like spicy food... At first we didn't have much to talk about, but then a women tripped over her own foot and we both couldn't stop laughing. I wanted to get to know him more, but i wasn't sure if he liked talking about hiself or not. "So tell me about yourself?" he paused for a moment before answering "what do you want to know?" "everything" he laughed "Er, well i have a sister... i used to have another sister but she died.." His expression changed and he looked sad., this hurt me i didn't like seeing him sad. "How did she die?" I wan't sure if that was too personal or not, he hestitated for a while but finally decided to answer.

Ed's POV
"She comitted suicide" a pain in my chest occured, a lump in my throat came. Louise stared at me in horror, i didn't want her to give me sympathy, i knew she could never understand. "There aren't any words i can say, the pain will never go away but over time it does get better i suppose" Suprisingly she knew the right words to say, and not many people do. "Is this where you grew apart from Lydia?" "Yeah, i suppose it started before rhi died, i have always blamed her for the death of her, i can't help it but she always bullied her, and rhi always complained to me she wasn't good enough, i always tried to reassure her that she was perfect but i guess i didn't try hard enough" i could see tears in her eyes. "So thats my sob story what about yours?" I tried to laugh clearing the sadness from my voice.

What do i say? he told me his so i should tell him mine? "Hmm well i live with my 2 brothers and sister, its okay" He didn't say anything i know he was expecting more so i carried on "Well my dad died 2 years ago of a heart attack, and then my mum left so it's just us now, but hey our past makes us who we are today and we don't seem too fucked up right?" We both laughed, he gave me a symapthetic look and i smiled. We had finished our food so we left the restaurant, he walked me back to my house, by the time we got there it was about 8.00pm so we sat outside for a bit. We talked for almost an hour, my bum started to go numb from the coldness of the floor. I realised it was time i should probably go in, we both looked at eachother for a second, he leaned in closer i could feel the tension rising, do i kiss him? or do i back away? he moved closer and closer to me, our lips only a few centimeteres apart. This is where i had to make a choice, before i could even think i felt his lips on mine, it was nice, my whole body started to shake. I pulled away and smiled, it was my first proper kiss with a boy, we both stood up and faced eachother i said good night to him, and before leaving he kissed me again, he then pulled back and i went inside. I never expected that to happen from tonight, we went out being friends and came back different, what were we to eachother?

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