Mystery Girl

About a girl who has had a difficult life, her dad passing away and mum abandoning all 3 children. She had to start college meeting a boy that could potentially find his way in to her heart with many complications along the way.


6. Chapter 6

I walked down the stairs with Ed, he was talking to me about something but i wasn't really listening. I couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened. I didn't understand any of it, and worrying about if we weren't interrupted what could have happened. I decided to stop thinking about it and focus on something else, "Hey you listening?" I looked at Ed startled "Er yeah sure" he looked at me knowing i wasn't telling the truth. "No you werent, anyway so everybody is sleeping at mine after the party, and i was wondering if you wanted to aswell" I thought about it, would it be such a good idea after what had just happened? But then again i wouldnt be with him i would be with Ed and the others. "Yeah okay" Ed smiled widley at me "Good". I know Ed liked me, but i wasn't sure if i liked him in that way yet. He was my friend, did i really want more? We went into the garden and joined everyone else, to find most were passed out and others having make out sessions it really wasn't very nice to watch. Me and Ed looked at eachother and laughed. "Where's Lila?" he then pointed over to the shed where i saw her talking to Ryan "Oh" we both continued laughing. "Seems like i was missing out on a lot" i said sarcastically and he nudged me. We went and sat on the sofa in the livingroom, "You've changed top?" "Yeah this girl decided to puke over the other one so..." "You should have said i would have leant you a top" i smiled at him "ah its cool jack lent me one instead" obviously this would annoy ed but he didnt seem too bothered by it which was good, maybe that was because he was partially drunk. It grew cold, so i went in my bag and put on the jumper i bought, which so happened to be jack's, only because it was big and comfortable. I curled up on the sofa, and became tired. Me and Ed talked for a while until i fell asleep.

Ed's POV
I wanted to ask her out, but i knew it was too soon and we hadn't got to know eachother properly yet. She seems like a girl who doesnt just go out with anyone. I might wait for a while to see how things go and then ask? I don't know why i'm acting like this, i'm never shy around anyone. I watched her sleep on the sofa and decided to get her a blanket, i put it gentley over her. I sat beside her and decided to watch some tv, nothing good was on so i then turned it off and sat there for a few moments. I went and got myself a blanket and i curled up next to her and fell alseep.

Jack's POV
I woke up beside Lydia, she was still asleep and i was bored so i decided to get up and make myself a cup of coffee. I put it down on the kitchen table, and rememberd i left my phone downstairs. I creeped down the stairs not wanting to wake anyone up, i went into the livingroom and saw my phone sitting on the table. I looked over at Louise and Ed sleeping, jealousy over took me, but i knew me and her have something that we could never have with anyone else. I grabbed my phone and went back up to the kitchen. I sat down and started to think about last night and the events that occured. What did happen with me and Louise? I can't trust myself when i'm around her, i know i should try and keep my distance but i can't. Lydia came and sat beside me in the kitchen. "Morning" she groaned. I smiled at her without answering.

I woke up next to Ed on the sofa, as i sat up he woke up too. "Morning" he smiled. "Morning" I stretched my arms and leaned back on the sofa. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and saw Lydia and Jack. She looked very grumpy, and they both sat down opposite us without saying a word. I felt extremley awkward, i looked around the room finding something to talk about and then jack broke the silence. "I see you like my jumper then?" he laughed, knowing that he has probably just made it 10x awkward i laughed with him and tried to change the subject. Lydia made a rude comment but i didn't listen. I didn't even want to look at Ed's expression. I got up off the sofa and walked out into the garden to see if i could find Lila. I saw her sleeping on the grass, i couldn't help but laugh. I decided not to bother her, and sat down on the bench outside. They really did have a massive house, i couldn't quite believe how big it was. I was joined by ed who seemed annoyed "You alright ed?" "Er yeah" i could tell he wasn't be he clearly didn't want to say so i left it. "Do you want to go out some time, maybe for something to eat or anything?" I knew this was coming, what could i say to him? "It's not a date" he said after looking at my face, i felt relieved but did he want it to be a date? "Sure" i smiled. I did like him, he was nice, genuine, caring, he was good looking no question about it, so what was my problem? I clearly couldn't be with Jack, he has a girlfriend, i don't even know if i wanted to be with him either, it's complicated with us, i've never even had a boyfriend, how do i know if i liked any of them?

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