Mystery Girl

About a girl who has had a difficult life, her dad passing away and mum abandoning all 3 children. She had to start college meeting a boy that could potentially find his way in to her heart with many complications along the way.


5. Chapter 5

PARTY TIME!! I'm rather excited to go to ed's tonight, i've never really been to a party like this before. Most people would laugh at this but i dont really care. Lila knocked on my door and i went and greeted her with a warming smile. "Hey" she said, she didnt seem her usual happy self today. I smiled and opened the door wider for her to come in. She wandered in and sat on the sofa. She looked really pretty, she was wearing a pink dress and her hair in plaits. she stared at me in dismay. I decided to ask what was wrong no harm in that? "Hey er Lila, whats up?" she stopped for a moment before she decided to speak. "I'm nervous" i stared at her shockingly, Lila the girl who approached me the first day when no one else did is nervous!? "Why?" she didnt answer. "Come on i wont judge you can be completley honest with me" she looked up at me "I've never been to a party before" I started to laugh, knowing instantly she would take it in the wrong way i tried my hardest to stop. "Neither have I" "Seriously!?" "Yeah, you are actually my first proper friend" she seemed to calm down when i told her this. We seem to be both in the same situation. "You look amazing by the way" I smiled at her "Thank you, so do you" She looked down "I dont but thanks" I hated that she wasn't confident in herself no one should ever feel like that. I looked up at the clock and saw it was time to go, Ed wanted me to go early god knows why, but i guess its better being one of the first ones there compared to one of the last..... After about 20 minutes we arrived at Ed's, he greeted us at the door and took our things. He stared at me for a few moments before speaking "You look beautiful" I smiled at him. He turned to Lila "You also look beautiful" This made me even happier she really needed some reassurance. About an hour later everyone had arrived and was hanging in the kitchen/garden/livingroom. Pretty much half of the people was drunk and the other half was almost drunk even Lila! who had completley relaxed and was hanging with some people in the garden. I sat on my own for a bit, everyone decided to play spin the bottle but i wasn't really up for it. The thought of kissing random people made me want to vomit. Ed came up to me and asked me if i was playing, i said i wasn't he looked sad, but i told him i might join in later. This made him happy and he went over to play. A girl then decided to puke all over my top, i needed to take it off immediatley eurgh. I decided to wander around as everyone else was playing spin the bottle, i walked up the stairs, their house was massive they had 2 kitchens, 2 bathrooms, god knows how many bedrooms. If only they saw mine... As i went into one of the kitchens to get a glass of water i saw a man standing there shirtless only wearing a pair of shorts, i stood there frozen not knowing whether to leave or say something. As he shut the fridge i realised it was Jack, my heart started beating faster than usual. "Jesus you made me jump!" he almost shouted as he dropped his drink. "Shit im sorry" i apologised, he then cleared his eyes and he began to smile "Louise?" "Yeah?" "Sorry i didnt know that was you, i'm guessing you are at ed's party?" "eurgh yeah" "not really fitting in aye?" I smiled answering his question. He noticed i had puke down my top "Someone vomitted over you?" I almost forgot about that "Yeah unfortunatley" i laughed. "Well you can't wear that!" "I don't have anything else" I was slightly embarassed knowing i would have to spend the night in either my bra or top that had sick all over it. He went out the room for a second and came back with a shirt "Wear this" I took the top from him "You can't keep giving me all of your clothes" We both laughed. I stood awkwardly for a moment, should i take my top off now? should i go out the room? I didn't know what to do.

Jack's POV
"Oh sorry i will turn around" I began to shiver in the thought Louise would be in the same room as me with her bra on. There's something about her that stops her from escaping my mind. "You can turn back now" I turned to see her doing up the shirt "Looks good on you" She smiled "People will probably think i dress like a man soon.." I laughed she looks amazing no matter what she wears. She went and sat down at the table, and i joined her making us cups of tea's. We both drunk the tea in silence. I have been waiting to be alone with her for a while now and i'm not talking!? "Where's Lydia?" "Asleep, which is suprising as the noise downstairs is very loud" She laughed "Yeah i noticed.. so do you sleep her often?" "Mm i suppose, rather be here then home i suppose" "Life's a bitch aye?" i smiled "Something like that"

I am curious about him, why he is the way he is? why is home so bad? so many questions entering my mind but not daring to ask. I thought of one that seemed not to bad, "Do you live with your mum and dad?" He seemed taken back by that, maybe it was a little deep... "Just dad, my mum died when i was 14 since then its me, my dad and brother, i've wanted to get my own place for a while but i can't leave my brother with him" "How old's your brother?" "10" "How about you, do you live with yours?" This question i always dread, but then again i did ask him. "Neither, just me my brothers and sister". "Do you like it?" That was a hard question do i like it? sure i enjoy spending time with my brothers and sister but it doesnt feel right. "Yeah i suppose, i feel like there is something missing but i don't know what" "How so?" wow he asks as many questions as i do, i guess we both want to get to know eachother. "There feels like there's a peice of me that is not complete, something is not right, it's slowly filling day by day i suppose" I then went on to change the subject before anymore questions based on that topic was asked. "So you and ed aye?" I could tell this bothered him but i wasnt sure why. "We're just friends" "Really? that's not what it looks like" "Mmm I can't change what it looks like, but i do now how i feel, i've never had a boyfriend so i don't know what to feel about someone" He stared at me in disbelief "You have never had a boyfriend?" i laughed "nope" I couldn't quite read the expression on his face, whether he was confused, happy, sad i'll never know. "Have you ever liked anyone before?" I couldnt help but be honest with him "I don't know, i feel like i have feelings for someone but i don't know if they are real or not, and things would be too complicated". I don't really know who i was talking about, could it be about jack? "How about you aye? Do you love Lydia?" Seeing as he is being personal with me, i felt i could be the same. "Love is a strong word don't you think? how do you really know if you love someone?" "I don't know, i suppose you just know, you can't live without that person, you can't stop thinking about them, you would do anything and everything to spend even a second with them, you love them that much" "You sound like you have been in love?" I laughed "I watch a lot of movies i guess" He laughed with me. But what he said stuck in my mind, surely if he loved Lydia he would have said he did right? Silence came over us and we stared eachother, i could feel the tension rising. I had so many mixed feelings i didn't know what to do. He leaned a bit closer i could hear his heavy breathing my heart started racing, what was happening? a moment pass and we were still in this position, i could move away but something stopped me, i wanted to move closer but i couldn't i just froze. He looked down at my lips and smiled, he then stared into my eyes, we were suddenly interuppted by foot steps coming up the stairs we both turned to see Ed standing there, Jack grunted quitely, "Hey you coming downstairs?" i smiled at Ed "Er yeah sure" I stood up, and followed ed i turned back to see Jack staring at me, i had to look away, there was something about his stare that lured me in. I wasn't quite sure what happened back there, and i wasn't sure if i liked it or not.

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