Mystery Girl

About a girl who has had a difficult life, her dad passing away and mum abandoning all 3 children. She had to start college meeting a boy that could potentially find his way in to her heart with many complications along the way.


4. Chapter 4

How could he even say that to me!? I sat on my bed going over this in my head. I really did like him eurgh. Charlie walked in my room and sat on the bed beside me. "You okay lou?" "Yeah shit happens i guess". He put his arm around me, i then leant my head on his shoulder. "It will get better" "How many times have you said that to me Charlie?" He looked sympathetically at me, then hugged me. Kayla popped her head through the door and walked over to me and Charlie. I picked her up and put her on my lap. Our family is pretty much broken, but we love eachother and thats the strongest thing a family could have. I got a text at that moment, and saw ed asking me to ring him. I gave my brother and sister the hint that i want them to go, so Charlie picked up Kayla and they went. I typed in ed's name to find him in my contacts and then rang him. I thought he was never going to answer, which suprised me as he did just text me. Then i heard his voice "Hello" "Hey" "Okay, louise i am sorry, i know what i said was harsh, i guess i just didnt want you knowing she was my sister". I didn't really understand what went on with them, but no ones life is ever simple, i accepted what he said and changed the subject. "It's okay i understand".

Ed's POV
I am suprised that she accepted my apology, i thought she would atleast be annoyed at me for a while longer. I'm happy she forgave me. We talked for another hour, and then we both grew tired so we said our good byes. I brushed my teeth and then decided to go to bed, as i was walking to my room i saw Lydia standing there. "What are you doing with the new girl?" "What do you mean? and her name is Louise" "You better watch your back Ed, i know she isnt good for you". I laughed and walked past her shutting my door behind me. I saw a text from her saying 'Night xx' and i replied 'Nanight (: xxx' before going to sleep.

I woke up the next morning and realised it was 8.30 "SHIT!!!!" I Jumped out of bed, and put on a crop top with a black skirt, and my converse's. I didnt really focus on what clothes i was putting on, so hopefully i looked vaguely decent. I left my hair in plaits so my hair would curl for the morning, i took it out of the plaits and left it. I put on some mascarra and left the rest of my face. My brother had already left for work so there was no hope in getting a lift. I half ran to college in hope i wouldnt be ridiculously late. I finally arrived and it was 9.20, mm 20 minutes late isnt so bad i suppose... I had Mr Lang again today to finish our assignment. I walked into class to see everybody else working, i tried to slip into class without anyone noticing me, but as soon as i stepped in the class everyone turned round and stared. I did an awkward smile and made my way to my seat. "LOUISE FINALLY!" Ryan shouted. I sat down next to Jack and apologised to the three of them for being late. Lila and Ryan were sitting together today, i wasnt sure why they all changed places but i didnt let it bother me. "Morning" i turned round and faced jack "Morning" he looked down at what i was wearing. "I see you havent really dressed for the weather again today" He started to laugh. I looked at my crop top and skirt and then the window seeing the rain pore down. I felt slightly embarassed "I guess not.. i was in a rush" He smiled and reached over to my hair pulled my hairtye from the ends of my hair "I can tell" We both laughed. He reached his hand in his bag and pulled out a grey jumper. He then passed it to me "I thought i'd bring it just incase, and this time keep it" Remembering the events of yesterday when i gave him back his jacket i nodded. "Thank you" I smiled widley at him and put on the jumper. It was very long so my skirt looked really short but i didnt care, atleast i would be warm. It smelled of jack which in a way was comforting. We managed to finish our assingment with the rest of the day left, so we could relax and talk for the rest. It was a massive relief to know i had the day to do nothing. Jack got out his phone from his pocket and began to text. He looked rather annoyed at the message he had recieved, but maybe i was over analyzing his face? Everyone was on their phones so i decided to get mine out. I saw a message from Ed 'You in college today? xxx' I replied 'Yeah you? xx' I saw jack glaring at my phone, i turned and looked at him without saying a word,he understood and looked away. It was break time, i scrolled out with Lila, with Jack and Ryan talking behind us. I saw Ed standing talking to a bunch of girls, and i wandered over to him. "Hey" I smiled at him, instantly feelind unwanted by the girls that stood before me. "Hey!" he smiled excitedly, i stood there awkwardly with Lila beside me, Ed then introduced me to them. "Oh this is Louise by the way, and..." He looked at Lila not knowing what to say so i spoke for him, "Lila". I went to walk off with Lila, but Ed shouted at us "Guys wait for a sec". We then waited for him to catch up to us, we found a patch on the grass and sat down. I felt weird having a 'group' but it was nice sitting with people who actually wanted to talk to me.

Ed's POV
I want to spend more time with her, but its impossible with college and everything. Maybe if i invited her round? It's saturday tomorrow so we had no college. I could have a gathering of some sort? Many ideas entered my head. I thought the best idea was a gathering so i didnt seem too desperate. I asked her and Lila i think her name was to come, and then i asked all my friends so altogether there would be about 40 people. Louise said yes, so this made me happy. I'll make a facebook invite later tonight and give everyone the details. I went home later that day and made a facebook event. I got lots of replies saying they were all going, but i was more interested in seeing Louise answer. I didn't think she was going to answer, but then the next morning as i was looking through the posts i saw her comment 'See you there bro!' I smiled. I posted on the event saying 'BRING ALCOHOL!' and then 'Good music?' Someone said they would make a playlist so that was one thing i didnt have to sort. I text Louise saying she should come before, and she said she would but she is coming with Lila.



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