Mystery Girl

About a girl who has had a difficult life, her dad passing away and mum abandoning all 3 children. She had to start college meeting a boy that could potentially find his way in to her heart with many complications along the way.


3. Chapter 3

This lesson dragged on, we were in this lesson for the whole day as we had to do our assignments before the end of the day. It was time for a break now so I quickly shot up from my seat and almost ran out of the door stumbling over ed. "watch yourself there" I looked up to see it was ed, I laughed. "Don't like the lesson?" "Er not really but it has its good moments" I looked over to see jack walking out the door. He looked back at me, he seemed annoyed but I wasn't sure. I turned back to ed smiling at me, "wanna hang out?" "Yeah sure" it had to be better than hanging out with Lydia and her 'group'. We went to the shop and bought a sandwich and went and sat on a bench. It was right near the pond where Lydia would be but I didn't care. "So where are you from? I've never seen you round here before" "I'm from everywhere, I'm always moving but me and my family have finally settled I suppose"

Ed's POV
She looked uncomfortable talking about her past, so I stopped talking about it. I felt a budge past me and saw it was Lydia and jack, I grunted. Louise noticed "what's up?" "Let's just see I'm not a massive fan of Lydia, jack and her group" She looked understanding but also confused. "What's wrong with jack?" I don't know why but that annoyed me, why does she care about him? "He just has it all doesn't he, he's the most popular boy he has the girl people want, I personally don't know what he see's in her" she began to laugh but stopped. "I've met them all, Lydia I can understand she is not my type of person to hang around with, but jack he has always seemed nice I suppose, like he doesn't get involved with the bitchy drama". "Yeah that's true, I guess he has a lot of drama of his own" "hmm I suppose". I liked this girl, she was different but complicated. I couldn't help but stare at her, she was beautiful in her own unique way. She wasn't common like the rest of the girls.

It hurt me when he said that about jack I don't know why... Maybe he is different to what I thought. I looked at my phone and saw it was 1.30 crap I need to go back to lesson. "I need to go"... He pressed his hand on my arm "Wait, what's your number?" He blushed a little, which made me laugh. I gave him my number and walked off. I walked into lesson and saw my group was already there except jack. I went and sat down and carried on doing some work. "Hey Lou.." It shocked my for a second the only person who has ever called me that was my family. "...I was wondering if you would come sit with me at lunch times". I smiled, I do like Lila, even though I wanted to be left alone and it did annoy me her coming up to me, she seems nice and genuine. "Sure". I noticed jack walk through the door eating an ice cream. I looked at him confused I don't know if it was because he was eating an ice cream when it was freezing, but also because I may have got him all wrong and I didn't know him at all. He noticed me looking at him, and I thought I should speak otherwise it would have been awkward. But then I didn't know what to say, luckily he spoke first. "Are you okay?" I laughed at his confused face, "Yeah I'm fine, I was just shocked to see you eating an icecream in this weather". "Huh, random" "yeah" I smiled. "It's no surprise you're cold from what you're wearing" he started to laugh. I looked down at my vest top and shorts, and laughed with him. "Yeah I suppose" He took off his jacket and handed it to me "Wear this" I froze for a second, and then took the jacket "Thanks, I'll give it back at the end of the day" We both smiled and then he took his seat opposite me. I wanted to get to know him more but I didn't know how.. My phone beeped and I looked down at it. It was Ed, I smiled instantly, there was something about him that just made me smile. I text back and then put my phone back in my pocket. I got my drink and took a sip, jack continued to look at me until he spoke. "It was weird seeing you with Lydia's brother earlier" I Instantly spat out my drink in shock, I looked apologetically at him as I realised he had water over him but one question was on my mind. "Who is Lydia's brother?" Knowing the answer but not wanting to accept it. "Ed" I felt a mixture of feelings, of course ed never lied to me, I never asked, but he had so much hate towards her and jack, I didn't understand. "I'm guessing they aren't close?" He looked at me as if I was telling a joke, but then remembering this is my second day his expression changed "Er no, they aren't, they live together but they have never liked each other" "why?" "I'm not sure something happened when they were kids I guess" I began to text ed and then I stopped, maybe this is a conversation face to face instead over text.

Jack's POV
I don't know my opinions on Ed, I've never really gotten to know him and I have been dating his enemy for the past year. But he definitely doesn't like me. I don't know why I'm so annoyed about him hanging around with her, I suppose it's because I saw her first, I don't want her with anyone else but I have a girlfriend and I can't ignore that. I want to spend time with her alone, but that probably won't be possible.

It was the end of the day and I walked out with Lila, I text ed saying I needed to speak to him, but he hasn't replied. I saw Jack walk over to Lydia and her group, I suddenly remembered I still had his jacket, I said good bye to Lila, and awkwardly walked up to jack. I could feel all there eyes glaring at me. "Jack, I forgot to give you your jacket" I could tell this pissed Lydia off, so I avoided eye contact. All eyes were on me but my eyes remained on jack. He smiled at me "Thank you, I almost forgot" We both looked at each other before we were interrupted by mumbling and Lydia's comments. I ignored them all, I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder, everyone's faces changed, even jack's, he now looked pissed off. I turned around and saw ed, oh... I wouldn't be surprised if I was Lydia's number 1 enemy now. Oh crap. "I got your text, what's up?" I turned back to jack and said good bye, he tried his best to smile, Lydia looked at me in disgust then looked at Ed. She didn't say anything but her face said it all. I turned to ed and we walked off.

Ed's POV
I'm guessing I know exactly what she wants to talk about. I don't want our relationship to be about Lydia, everything is about Lydia! As she said the words I wasn't surprised at all. "...Why didn't you tell me" was the words that stuck with me "I didn't see why I needed too, I don't want anything to do with her, you are the new girl, nothing to do with her" she looked at me in annoyance, I could see how that may have been offending, but I didn't mean it like that I was just annoyed. She made her excuses saying she had to be somewhere, and I knew what she actually meant she just wanted to get away from me which I guess I deserved.
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