Mystery Girl

About a girl who has had a difficult life, her dad passing away and mum abandoning all 3 children. She had to start college meeting a boy that could potentially find his way in to her heart with many complications along the way.


2. Chapter 2

It was the next day and horror hit me, I had to spend another day at this place? Eurgh. I've been up most of the night doing the work mr Lang gave me. I'm not very smart but I have always worked hard and won't stop till I've finished. People in the past have called me a dork or nerd, but I'm just me. I put on my denim shorts and black top, I scraped my hair back so it resembled some sort of bun, I put on my makeup and my black converse shoes. Do I bring a coat? I looked out the window and it looked sunny so I left it. I decided to walk to college today, I had an hour till I had to be there so if I got lost it wasn't the end of the world I had enough time. I ate a slice of toast that Charlie made and I hugged him, Liam and Kayla good bye. "Love you all" I shouted at them as I walked out the door. I looked at my phone and put on some music to get me through the journey. The weather was nice, it was sunny with a gentle breeze. I wish I could stay out here all day. Unfortunately 30 minutes later I arrived at east high, I had another 30 minutes to spare, I found a patch of grass and sat on it I leaned on the brick wall and closed my eyes. I felt peaceful and calm. A shadow appeared and blocked my sun, I took no notice of it until someone sat beside me. I opened my eyes in annoyance and turned to the left of me. He was rather handsome, he had light brown hair, green eyes and a cute smile. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a deep voice "hey my name is ed" he continued to smile at me. My annoyance left my body and I decided to be polite "hello I'm Louise" "I know, half the college is talking about you" confusion swept across my face "why?" "Everyone loves or hates a new girl I suppose". I laughed even though nothing about what he said was funny, I was more pissed off that people have decided to label me as the 'new girl' the 30 minutes passed by slowly but finally it came to 9 where I had to go class. "I have to go now, so I guess I'll see you around" "I'd like that" he smiled revealing to me his strikingly white teeth. I turned from him and walked to class. As I got there I noticed everyone was standing up I didn't really understand this but I decided to join them not wanting to draw any unwanted attention to myself. Mr Lang spoke "we are starting our assignment today and this involves us working into groups". For a minute I thought we had to choose them, and I always find that bit awkward as everyone pairs off leaving me standing there desperately looking for someone. But he had already chosen our groups. "Kelly Mia Reece and Shaun group A" he continued to do this then he called out group F "Jack, Ryan, Lila and... Louise" I looked up startled by him saying my name. He pointed to the table we would be sitting at and I went and sat down. I hadn't heard who I was working with so I sat patiently wondering who it would be. Then 2 guys sat infront of me and a girl next to me. I recognised the girl, she was the girl who Introduced herself to me yesterday and I recognised one of the guys, Lydia's boyfriend.

Jack's POV
Mr Lang gave us our assignment and left us to get on with it. I was excited to see Louise was in my group. Ryan and Lila started talking about the assignment, pretending I was listening I began nodding at what they were saying, I continued to do this while looking over at Louise. She sat there not speaking, was she shy? Or did she really not want to be here? She began to speak to Ryan giving her ideas on the assignment, I could tell she was more of a girl who would get along with guys better than girls judging by yesterday and today. She suddenly turned to face me and began to speak "have you got a pen?" It took me back for a second and then I searched my pockets for one, I gave her the first one I could find. She smiled at me "thanks" I smiled back not knowing what to say. I don't know what was happening to me, why am I being so shy!? How was this girl making such an impact on my life, and she barley noticed me?

I scribbled something down on some paper to look like I was paying attention, I was thankful to jack for lending me his pen. Ryan was the 'leader' of the group as he took charge, lila I suppose was the next person in charge, me and jack didn't really contribute much. "Where did you go yesterday?" It shocked me that someone noticed I left "my brother called me and I decided to leave" "oh" he looked sad but confused "not liking Lydia's group aye?" "Not really..." Not meaning to be rude. But he reacted in the opposite way I thought he would and smiled widely. Surely someone saying they don't like hanging out with his girlfriend would offend them right? "I didn't think they were the type of people you would hang around with" I was confused but intrigued "who are the type of people I would be hanging around with then?" "Well not meaning to offend but you look more of a loner, like you don't fit anywhere, you're different to everyone else" well he managed to sum me up in about 5 seconds. "Different?" Wondering what he meant by that. "I like different" he half smiled letting out a laugh. Something about him confused me, but I liked him he 'got' me and not many people do.
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