Mystery Girl

About a girl who has had a difficult life, her dad passing away and mum abandoning all 3 children. She had to start college meeting a boy that could potentially find his way in to her heart with many complications along the way.


12. Chapter 12

For the second time this week I found myself back in Jack's car. This time I was hoping we didn't talk about us, I really couldn't deal with it. He barley spoke to me throughout the journey, he pulled up to the field, and I saw Lila sitting there on the grass kissing Ryan. I smiled to myself, I had something like them, I had Ed but everything was so complicated. The annoying thing was that Ed wasn't the one making it complicated it was me. Me and Jack got out of the car and walked up to Ryan and Lila, they didn't notice us so we stood awkwardly by them. "Lila" I shouted, she turned to face me "Lou hey" "You guys really didn't need to come today me and Ryan can do it" I groaned to myself, instead I could be in bed curled up to Ed. Jack read my mind but twisted my thoughts "I thought you wasn't ready?" I stared at him in anger "Excuse me?" "Well that's what you told me last night, i'm guessing he changed your mind" "For once can you stop being jealous!? I'm still a virgin if this makes you so happy" I wasn't aware I was shouting until I realised everyone was staring at me. I stormed off getting myself away from him, how could someone make you feel so many emotions? I lived close to here so I walked home, I started to sprint unaware Jack was following me. I arrived home, luckily everyone was out, I needed to be alone. Then there was a knock at my door, the anger inside of my was getting worse, I opened the door "What?" I shouted. Jack was standing there with my bag, "You forgot something" I snatched it off him. "Wow you really don't like me do you?" "You have a habit of telling me what I think don't you? You have no idea" I wasn't sure if I was angry or upset, he made me feel so weak, I was mentally drained. "Please go" I began to shut the door but he put his hand in the way. "What the fuck is your problem Jack!?" I started to cry but raised my voice at the same time. "You are..." he also shouted "How can you do this to someone? Make them like you and act like it's nothing?" "Stop telling me what I think" I almost screamed. He came closer to me "Tell me" "Tell you what?" "What you think" "No" My memory became cloudier the closer he came "Move back" I tried to say, but I wasn't convincing him. "Why are you doing this?" I shouted. He was now at touching distance "Doing what?" He came closer to me, our noses almost touching "I can't" He didn't listen and kissed me, it was gentle nothing to what I imagined it to be. I suddenly realised what was happening and I pushed him away "No" I shouted, he stood further away, but I couldn't take it anymore, I give in. I pulled myself closer to him, kissing him it was much rougher this time which is what I imagined. He slammed the door shut, I undid his shirt, showing me his bare chest. "Are you sure?" he whispered in my ear, but I took no notice and carried on kissing him. The next thing I remembered, I was lying on the floor next to Jack and we were both naked. I couldn't get enough of him, I looked desperatley into his eyes and he began to kiss me again. "I've been waiting so long for this to happen" I was exhasuted but managed to say something "So have I" I then heard my brother outside "Shit" I quickly shoved on my clothes throwing Jack's his. We then ran out the back door and started laughing, we sat in the garden. "What's going to happen now?" "Nothing" It was harsh me saying this, but what could? deep down he knew it too even if he didn't want to admit it. He put his hand on my leg, I then put my hand over his. My phone beeped, ah crap I looked to see it was Ed, my heart sunk what have I done? He doesn't deserve this. 'I love you' I stared in horror at my phone, I couldn't hide if from Jack as i froze, all he managed to say was one word "Oh" he then got up and went. I banged my head against the wall in annoyance. I couldn't ignore the text but I also couldn't say it back, because the truth was, I didn't feel that way towards him. I decided to go over to Ed's that night, tell him the truth it was the right thing to do.

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