Mystery Girl

About a girl who has had a difficult life, her dad passing away and mum abandoning all 3 children. She had to start college meeting a boy that could potentially find his way in to her heart with many complications along the way.


11. Chapter 11

I went up to Ed's room and stood awkwardly in the corner of his room. He asked me to sit down on his bed so I did. He came and sat down next to me and put his hand on my leg. "I really like you Louise" I knew what he was doing but I couldn't it didn't feel right. "Ed I can't" A big part of him didn't understand "I'm still a virgin, you're my first proper boyfriend, it's too soon" he stared at me in shock "You're a virgin?????" "I didn't think that was a bad thing I am only 17" he looked relieved "I'm sorry I didn't know I just persumed" he really started to piss me off, he persumed I wasn't? "How did you just persume?" he started to look embarassed "Well you're hot, you're look, you're style, everything, I never thought you would have any trouble getting guys" "Well you were wrong" I excused myself from his room and said I needed the toilet, I came into contact with Jack but I just ignored him, I needed to stop the tears from coming out my eyes. Jack began to follow me, I wish he would just leave me alone. "Are you alright?" "I'm fine Jack" he continued to follow me and sat down on the bath while I wiped my face. "No you're not whats up?" I couldn't lie to him, but what was I ament to say? Ed wanted to have sex with me but I told him no, and he then said he thought I would have had sex with lots of other guys? Er I think not. "Seriously Jack, nothing is wrong" he continued to sit there waiting for a proper answer, I gave in and told him but in less words. "Basically Ed thought I wasn't a virgin, but I am, he thought i've had lots of boyfriends but I havent, I just found it insulting" "I'm guessing he wanted to..." he couldn't bring hiself to finish the sentance. "Yes, but i'm not ready" he looked pleased with my decision but still annoyed. "I'm sure it will be okay, you too will make up, and he won't make you do anything you don't want to do" That was true, but it weirded me out hearing this from Jack. "Thanks" I smiled at him and walked back to Ed's room, he was sitting on the bed. "I'm sorry, I always say the wrong thing, I never mean too" "It's okay" I lied on the other side of the bed, and told him I was tired, he went to sleep on the floor "Ed..." I laughed "You are aloud to sleep on your bed too yano" he laughed with me "Oh" he got in the other side of the bed, I pulled myself closer to him and rested my head on his chest "Night" I smiled, he kissed my forhead "Night" We both fell asleep. We were awoken by Lydia opening the door shouting at us "You lovebirds will be late for College if you don't get up" I didn't want to go in, I just wanted to stay here with Ed all day. Jack came through the door "Louise I will drive you, we are doing our assignments in the field today" "wait what?" I didn't understand what he was on about "Yesterday Mr lang, let us go in the fields to do our assignment we are doing it again today, and it's nowhere near college, so hurry up and get ready" He then walked off. "He is so full of himself" I was shocked to see Ed awake, I didn't answer him instead I nodded. I put on my white jumper, and jeans, seeing as i'm spending the day in the field I need to dress for the occasion. I kissed Ed good bye, "i'll see you tomorrow" he pulled a sad face "Bye bye"

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