Mystery Girl

About a girl who has had a difficult life, her dad passing away and mum abandoning all 3 children. She had to start college meeting a boy that could potentially find his way in to her heart with many complications along the way.


1. Chapter 1

I miss how things used to be, i was home schooled and spent all my time with my family. Everything was perfect I didn't bother with anyone else cause I felt they weren't as important as them. But then everything changed, my dad passed away leaving my mum to raise 3 children and she couldn't handle it. She then left us to look after ourselves, there's me, my 2 older brothers Charlie and Liam and my younger sister Kayla. I could no longer be home schooled so I had to start going to 6 form, I managed to find somewhere but I have already missed a month so there will be a lot of catching up to do.

First day:
My brother Charlie drove me on my first day just incase I got lost. I put my earphones in my ears pressed play on my phone and started listening to the script, I leant my head back on my seat and closed my eyes. I heard muttering so I opened my eyes and saw Charlie was trying to say something, I took out one earphone so I could hear more clearly. "Lou" he said with an irritated voice. "Yeah?" "It will be fine, if you need me call me ok?" It was cute seeing my brother worry, but he really had nothing to worry about. "Okay" I then looked over to see we were parked right near a sign that said 'East High' here we go I thought to myself whilst hugging Charlie good bye. "See ya later lou" I waved at him.

Jack's POV
I stumbled over the pile of dirty washing as I ran to the door, I had 10 minutes to meet Lydia before College. I ran out of the door and got in my car, I got there 5 minutes to spare, I almost ran over this girl who wasn't paying attention to the road, but in the end I managed to park my car. I got out and saw Lydia who was with her friends, I smiled at her as I approached. They were busy talking about this new girl for me to say anything so I kissed Lydia on the cheek and went off to class. I sat down in my chair and leaned back on my chair preparing myself for a boring lesson. Everyone was midway in their conversations when it suddenly went silent everyone looked to the door, curiosity took over me and I too looked over. I froze looking at the girl, no doubt about it she was hot, but there wasn't something about her that was different. She went and sat down at the back without saying a word. I looked over at her and I thought about going to introduce myself but she looked like she wanted to be left alone.

I looked at a blank desk and stared down at it, a man came over to me "my name is mr Lang" "hello" I was hoping he would go away but he just stood there, and dumped aload of papers on my desk, I stared at him in disbelief "you have a lot of catching up to do, I want this done by Friday" I resisted the urge to laugh "Sorry, you want me to do all of these by Friday!?" "Do you have trouble hearing Louise?" "Afraid not" he then walked off, argh I don't like him, which is no surprise to me as I don't really like people. "Hi" I looked up again not wanting to talk "hello?" "Wow someone's grumpy, my names lila" "okay hi can I help you?" The girl instantly backed away, I realised I was being harsh "sorry my names Louise" she smiled "nice to meet you" before I let her say anything else I got up and walked to the door "going somewhere Louise" shouted my Lang. "Toilet" I mumbled and walked off, I needed to get out of there before I said something I would regret. I leant on the lockers and sat on the floor, a group of girls approached me 'hey new girl' that instantly annoyed me, I have a name so don't label me? I tried to ignore them but they all stood infront of me 'do you wanna come hang with us at lunch?' I looked up at the tall girl with blonde hair trying to think of an excuse 'er' I began to say before she interrupted me 'oh sorry my name is Lydia..' She pointed to the other girls 'this is Katy, Jess and Liz' 'Louise' I went to shake her hand but she sort of rejected it so I quickly put my hand back down. 'Meet us by the pond at lunch' then they walked off'. They gave me no option to turn them down, I guess they were the type of people who always got what they wanted.

Lydia's POV
I can sum up anyone in 2 seconds but I can't quite sum up Louise. She could have the potential to be one of us! But she seems sort of weird but you never know. I went to meet jack after his class, I saw him and wrapped my arms around his waist "hey babe" I smiled at him "hey" we walked over to our usual spot by the pond and sat down. We were then joined by the rest of the group. I saw Louise and called out to her "Louise over here!"

Jacks POV
I was startled to see Louise coming over to us, I honestly didn't think they were the type of people she would hang around with. I couldn't take my eyes off her, I know I have a girlfriend and I would never cheat on her but I couldn't help but stare at this mysterious girl. She had purple hair, her nose was pierced and she had dark brown eyes, she was quite pale almost resembling a vampire.

Shit.. She noticed me, I thought about walking away pretending I hadn't heard her but it is my first day I do need to sort of blend in. I pulled myself together and walked over to them. As I got over to them I noticed there was no seat empty, so I stood awkwardly next to them. Suddenly a man stood up bringing me to look in to his eyes, he stopped for a second and then spoke "I'm jack" a smile creeped over my face, it's the first time today my smile was real "Louise" he held out his hand for me to shake it. I took his hand and shook it, as soon as our hands touched I had a shiver down my spine. I noticed we were still holding hands so I pulled my hand away. He offered me his seat but Lydia pulled him down next to her so I carried on standing. I just wanted to get away from there as far as possible. They were all in conversation whilst jack was sitting there quietly. He looked at me again and we stared awkwardly at each other, my phone started to ring and I saw it was my brother Charlie, I was really relieved "I'm gonna take this" I wasn't sure if anyone heard but I took off anyway and pressed the green button on my phone "hey.."
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