Torn (Louis Tomlinson Love story)

"Some people meet normally, lead a normal life, are normal. I met the love of my life at the most random place at the most random time. I don't lead a normal life, and I'm probably the totally opposite of normal." ~ Lexi sorry I'm thinking of a better summary, need people to read to tell me if I should continue it! Thanks! :)


1. Chapter One


                Giggling I hid behind a clothing rack. Looking to my right I saw Lexi grinning at me like an idiot. Giving back a smirk I shot up as soon as a shopper walked by.

                “Excuse me, but you can’t be here. I’m terrible sorry but the lion, you know from Narnia, yeah he doesn’t expect crocs and socks.” She gave me a glare and huffed, leaving me alone. “Well someone is on their period!” I screamed at her, she changed her direction and got the security guard. I looked down at Sea. “Why do you think she is getting security?” I questioned her. She rolled her eyes and stood up.

                “If I’m correct you better get ready to run.” She retorted back. I raised my eyebrows at her.

                “Babe if you haven’t checked I was born prepared.” I told her in my fake sassy tone. She began to chuckle but quickly hid it by clearing her throat.

                “Ok then we have about 3 seconds to run.” With that she bolted out of the store leaving me confused.

                “Huh?” I was then grabbed roughly by the arm and as if by reflex I shouted the first thing on my mind. “RAPE SOMEBODY HELP ME!” I screeched as loud as I could. The person that was holding my arm released. Whipping around I saw the badge on their chest. Oh that’s what she meant. I didn’t have to think twice. Turning on my heel I bolted out of the Victoria’s Secret. Wait what was a guy security guard doing in there? Haha pervert! I chuckled at my thought. Quickly focusing on my surroundings I craned my neck a bit to the side to see if he was following and sure enough he was. Gulping I whipped my head back and jumped over a person’s chair. “Sorry!” I yelled back when I heard them let out a string of colorful words.

                “Stop!” The security guards yelled. Ignoring them I pushed myself to the maximum. I got this! Turning a corner I grabbed a pole that was standing up from the ground and turned myself around so I was running back to them. Running straight at them I took a deep breath of air. Please oh dear lord please work! I chanted to myself I then fell to my knees and slid between the-now four- security guards. Sliding to a stop they had to slow down before turning around. Groaning I flipped up to my feet.

                “Leave me alone you weirdo’s!” I called at them, and then I began to run through the mall. Looking to my left I saw escalators. Smiling I turned there. As soon as I stepped on it I began to skip steps to get to the top. Pushing past people. “Excuse me sorry, move it.” Getting frustrated I yelled. “Move it I’m in a hurry!” They instantly side stepped. Giving them all smiles I continued my sprint to the top. I turned around and stopped.

                “I’m sorry but I hate to do this.” With that I pressed a button that made the escalator go down. So the security was going down. Giving them an apologetic smile I sprinted my ways to the doors. Only to run into someone. Falling down I gave a gasp from shock.

                “Ow.” Someone mumbled under me. Instantly I rolled off of them. Standing up I quickly dusted myself off.

                “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry, I was running-“I cut myself off because right now I was staring into the eyes that belong to the one and only Louis Tomlinson.



So should I continue this? Please comment if I should thanks!:)

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