i can't help it cause i love him

Ashley and her friends go on their first trip and they have no idea they will find in love Genean admits it she's in love but ashley has had trouble with love will she fall or will she run away from love. who will they fall for?
so this is my first fan fiction so its not gonna be the best i have many mistakes sorry but ill try my best to make it a good fan fiction. enjoy


3. last day in london


Melissa's P.O.V

So a week had gone by so fast today was our last day in London because tomorrow at 3:30pm jasmine and me would head back to L.A. We really didn't get time to see historical places here we had gone shopping for most timeand Ashley had texted Liam for most part. So today we would eat nandos and then go see some historical places or at least popular places. So I went to wake up the girls and they all got dressed we called a taxi and went to nandos we avoided all accidents and made it to nandos with out any didisasters we got there and waited to be seated Ashley was texting and genean was looking through facebook mean while me and jasmine looked through a map and decided how we would work this day out. So then we sat at our table an examined the menu and just decide to get some pasta. So Ashley said shed be back she neede a bathroom brake and genean led her to the bathroom. When they were heading towards the bathroom genean triped or somthing because I herd her curse.

Geneans P.O.V

As I lead Ashley to the bathroom she saw the bathroom sign and ran toward the bathroom it seemed, as she had to go really badly. So I cuntinued walking and unintentional triped over someones leg. I cursed a little because I kinda dropped my drink on the person’s leg. So as I got up I began to apologize but when I looked at who I had dropped my drink on I froze. I dropped my drink on one directions Louis tommilson how could I have done that. Then I came back to reality when Liam said "hi genean."

I said "hey Liam it nice seeing you again" then I apologized again and heard Ashley yell my name as she walked towards me then she asked what had happened. When she heard Liam say "oh hey Ashley" she was gonna blow up I could see it I. Her eyes but she mange to control her emotions and said "hey your Liam Payne from one direction aren't you" he nodded and she aske " how do you know my name?" he said don't you remember we have been texting for about a week we met at the park when you triped over me." now she was really gonna blow up so I guess she diced to go back to our table because she began to walk back to our table. I apoligized once more and was about to head back when Liam suggested we shared a table. I said I had to ask my friends when he said, "I'll do that have a seat next to Niall." I sat next to Niall theater was an awkward silence at the table.

Ashley's P.O.V

 I really had to go to the bathroom so when I saw the sign I ran to it. Then when I began to walk back I saw genean standing at the same spot I had left her a minute ago so i yelled at her then went up to her and asked if there was something wrong when all of a sudden I heard a familiar voice say "hi Ashley" i tured to see who it was when I saw it was one direction and Liam Payne knew my name. I was going to blow up but then decide to keep calm because it was weird how did Liam Payne know my name. So I said "hey your Liam Payne from one direction aren't you" he nodded and I decide to ask "how do you know my name?" then I herd him say "don't you remember we have been texting for about a week we met at the park when you triped over me." so I was gonna freak out I had triped over liam payne then i had been texting him for a week wow this was amazing now I was really gonna blow up so I decide I would go back to my table befor I blew up.So I got back to my table and saw that Melissa and jasmin had began to eat the salad we had ordered with our plates. I sat down and they asked me were genean was I said she is talking to one direction the laughed at me as if I were joking when all of a sudden Liam came and asks "if we would like to share table with the lads" I just looked down at my salad and poked it with a fork when Melissa agreed so the got up and went to sit with genean i still sat at the table poking my salad i thought I was there alone when Liam asked aren't you coming. I didnt wanna sound mean but it was to much for me to handle so I said no and can you please move as I began to head to the door. When genean grabed my arm and dragged me to the table where the boys were seated and she said boys this is Ashley she is a bit confused at this time so maybe she could join us later. I said what join you guys later I thought we were gonna go see historical places. Genean said we are louis suggested we went together just so that we could get to know each other a little more I was frustrated at this point I ran off and I think I had tears in my eyes.

Geneans P.O.V

Ashley ran out crying what was up with her she really had issues I thought she would like the idea of bonding with one direction. But I seemed as if it was to muche for her to handle since she ran out. So we all ran out looking for her but she just dint seem to be any where near so I decided that Melissa, jasmine and I should split up to find her and the boys decided to join in. At this point all I thought was she blew it she had just blown up for no simple reason but I under stood her she had many problems. First her ex then her brother she needed a shoulder to cry on but she wouldn't let any one help her. She was so reserved and mysterious I just didnt understand her so I began to search for her I was scared she might have gone to LA So I went to the airport bur she wasn't there.

Ashley's P.O.V

I was frustrated so manny problems my brother who hadent talked to me in a week because he broke up with his girlfriend. My brake up with Austin and what he had done to me. it was all to much to handle myself I couldn't take it any more. I just had to run I took off and ran till my feet hurt and I ende up in a ally I saw stairs and climed up to see if I found a silent place to cry. i got to the roof and cryed for about an hour i began to feel a little sleepy. So I cryed my self to sleep.

Nialls P.O.V

I thought maybe she would be in an ally or park so I went to an ally wher i went when I felt home sick or I just need space from the boys. The ally led to some stairs which eventually led to a roof with a view to the London bridge. It was only an hour or two away from nandos I thought maybe she had just gone there so I got on a taxi and headed toward the ally when I got ther I heard nothing but I still climed up to see if maybe she had been here. Just as I climed up I heard some one talk it sounded lik a girl. I climed a little faste and when I got to the last step I saw her she was laying there asleep and she was talking. She was saying something that sounded like no get off me but I didn't understand her who was she talking to. So I decided to wake her up I called her name and shake he a little. She woke up and looked at me with a scared face I said hey Ashley I'm she cut me off and said I know who you are what are you doing here. I told her I came here when I need to spend alone time and I was looking for her. She said why would you look for me? I answered your friend was worried about you and asked us to help her find you. She turned her back to me and I didn't know what to do so I sat next to her and said you should go back to your friends the are really worried. She looked at me and said yea I know but I just whant to spend more time alone. I asked her if she wanted to talk about her problems she said I barley know you and I just can't tell you my problems. So I asked if she was hungry she said no I said I felt like ice cream she agreed and I asked her to wait for me ther I'd be back with some ice cream.

Geneans P.O.V

I was really worried about ashley when my phone rang i got it out of my pocket and picked i up it was Niall he told me he had found her I felt realved to know  she was safe and with  Niall. So that left me calmed down.

Ashley P.O.V

 I would have left back to LA if it wasent for the stupid cast. The worst part was when Niall found me I wanted to run off a gain but I assumed I wouldn't get any were if I ran because eventually they would find me. So I got my cell phone and called genean. When she picked up I told her to stop looking for me Niall had found me and I was fine I think she was a little pissed at me and I didn't blame her. What kind of friend would run off because she couldn't sit and chill with one direction. So as I hung up I saw Niall comming up the stairs I got up to help him but he only had one banana split and 2 spoons. I looked at him and said u don't mind sharing do you. I smiled and said not at all then we began to talk about food then he told me he heard I was talking during my dream and I was telling some one no get off me. I said yah I was having a bad dream. He asked what it was about I said it was a memorie that had changed my life.

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